Bringing 21st Century technology to square dancing

Bringing 21st Century technology to square dancing

The goal: Modernizing Square Dancing to accommodate a new generation of dancers

The next generation of dancers live on their mobile devices and are never far from being connected.  They are comfortable with online transactions, rarely carry cash, and don’t use checks and postage stamps.    As an art, Square Dancing should welcome and accommodate online lifestyles.  This can be done at relatively little expense and without compromising Square Dancing’s long-standing traditions.   We can help you accomplish these things:

Website Design and Maintenance

Everyone turns to the Web for information. Whether you're a caller, part of a club, or planning an event, you simply must have a website. It's your 24/7/365 brochure.


The latest generation of dancers pay for everything online. Dancers expect the convenience of online payments for classes, dues, and events.


Embrace the awesome power of video and audio to promote your event.


From text messaging to responsive calendars to photo and video media showcases, we can help give Events, Clubs and Callers a professional online presence.

proud to serve these fine FOLKS

Website design

Our focus is bringing square dancing into the modern era.  We realize most clubs and events don’t have access to web designers and ecommerce gurus.    As such, we offer an inexpensive way for a club, caller, or event to have a professional level website.

We believe ecommerce is a vital part of bringing square dancing into the online world. Sites and events should provide convenient methods to allow their members to pay for dues and to register for dances electronically. 

Ecommerce setup and maintenance can be daunting, however.  With an ecommerce site, there is an entire additional ecosystem to maintain, above and beyond an informational-only site.

We have a companion site, Weave The Ring — www.weavethering.comWeave the Ring is already designed as an ecommerce site.  Clubs, callers, and events don’t have to reinvent the wheel.  We can create the item you’re selling (membership, physical item, event registration, etc.) on Weave The Ring and then link to it from your site.

Choosing to process dues, products, and event registrations with Weave The Ring means your website will be easier and less expensive to build and maintain.

Website Build


Plus domain registration costs

E-commerce Website


Plus domain registration costs

E-commerce & Event Registration Website


Plus domain registration costs