2022 Indiana State Dance Convention Schedule

Friday / Saturday / Sunday
November 4-6, 2022

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100FRI5:00 PM5:10 PMWesley FentonMS - Singles Meet & Greet11/4/2022Clifton
200FRI5:10 PM5:20 PMTeresa BergerMS - Singles Meet & Greet11/4/2022Clifton
300FRI5:20 PM5:30 PMTom DavisPlus - Singles Meet & Greet11/4/2022Clifton
400FRI5:30 PM5:40 PMKristy WilliamsMS - Singles Meet & Greet11/4/2022Clifton
500FRI5:40 PM5:50 PMDarrin HenryMS - Singles Meet & Greet11/4/2022Clifton
600FRI5:50 PM6:00 PMChuck WoodsPlus - Singles Meet & Greet11/4/2022Clifton
700FRI6:00 PM6:10 PMJanet LewisMS11/4/2022Windsor
800FRI6:00 PM6:15 PMCarol AndersonRounds - Ph 2/311/4/2022Murdock
900FRI6:10 PM6:20 PMBill GarrisonMS11/4/2022Windsor
1000FRI6:15 PM6:30 PMNancy FulaytarRounds - Ph 2/3/411/4/2022Clifton
1100FRI6:15 PM6:30 PMGene EckleyRounds - Ph 2/311/4/2022Murdock
1200FRI6:20 PM6:30 PMKevin BersingPlus11/4/2022Windsor
1300FRI6:30 PM7:15 PMTom DavisA211/4/2022Taggart
1400FRI6:30 PM6:40 PMCharlene MannRounds11/4/2022Windsor
1500FRI6:30 PM6:45 PMPam StultzRounds - Ph 2/3/411/4/2022Clifton
1600FRI6:30 PM6:45 PMConnie WiseRounds - Ph 2/311/4/2022Murdock
1700FRI6:40 PM6:50 PMMyron HollatzMS11/4/2022Windsor
1800FRI6:45 PM7:00 PMShirley HeinyRounds - Ph 2/3/411/4/2022Clifton
1900FRI6:45 PM7:00 PMNancy FulaytarRounds - Ph 2/311/4/2022Murdock
2000FRI6:50 PM7:00 PMRich McCoyMS11/4/2022Windsor
2100FRI7:00 PM7:10 PMGary HuttonPlus11/4/2022Windsor
2200FRI7:00 PM7:15 PMGene EckleyRounds - Ph 2/3/411/4/2022Clifton
2300FRI7:00 PM7:15 PMElaine WintrowRounds - Ph 2/311/4/2022Murdock
2400FRI7:10 PM7:20 PMCarol AndersonRounds11/4/2022Windsor
2500FRI7:15 PM7:45 PMKevin BersingA211/4/2022Taggart
2600FRI7:15 PM7:30 PMRoger LatchawRounds - Ph 2/3/411/4/2022Clifton
2700FRI7:15 PM7:30 PMCarolyn McCoyRounds - Ph 2/311/4/2022Murdock
2800FRI7:20 PM7:30 PMDennis Clark, Keith DishmanMS11/4/2022Windsor
2900FRI7:30 PM7:40 PMChuck Woods, Wesley FentonMS11/4/2022Windsor
3000FRI7:30 PM7:45 PMCharlene MannRounds - Ph 2/3/411/4/2022Clifton
3100FRI7:30 PM8:00 PMPam StultzRounds - Ph 2/311/4/2022Murdock
3200FRI7:40 PM7:50 PMTeresa Berger, Kristy WilliamsMS11/4/2022Windsor
3300FRI7:45 PM8:00 PMNancy FulaytarRounds - Ph 2/3/411/4/2022Clifton
3400FRI7:50 PM8:00 PMTom Davis, Darrin HenryMS11/4/2022Windsor
3500FRI8:15 PM8:30 PMCharlene MannRounds - Ph 3/4/511/4/2022Clifton
3600FRI8:30 PM8:45 PMElaine WintrowRounds - Ph 3/4/511/4/2022Clifton
3700FRI8:45 PM9:00 PMGene EckleyRounds - Ph 3/4/511/4/2022Clifton
3800FRI9:00 PM9:45 PMDarrin HenryA211/4/2022Taggart
3900FRI9:00 PM9:15 PMCarol AndersonRounds - Ph 3/4/511/4/2022Clifton
4000FRI9:15 PM9:30 PMRoger LatchawRounds - Ph 3/4/511/4/2022Clifton
4100FRI9:30 PM9:45 PMConnie WiseRounds - Ph 3/4/511/4/2022Clifton
4200FRI9:45 PM10:30 PMGary HuttonA211/4/2022Taggart
4300FRI9:45 PM10:00 PMNancy FulaytarRounds - Ph 3/4/511/4/2022Clifton
4400FRI10:00 PM10:15 PMPam StultzRounds - Ph 3/4/511/4/2022Clifton
4500FRI10:15 PM10:30 PMGary HuttonRounds - Ph 3/4/511/4/2022Clifton
4600FRI10:30 PM10:45 PMShirley HeinyRounds - Ph 3/4/511/4/2022Clifton
4700SAT10:00 AM11:00 AMVarious CuersShowcase of Rounds11/5/2022Clifton
4800SAT10:00 AM10:30 AMJanet LewisSicilian Circles11/5/2022Windsor
4900SAT10:30 AM11:30 AMTeresa BergerIntro to Hex11/5/2022Windsor
5000SAT11:00 AM11:30 AMTom DavisIntro to C11/5/2022Murdock
5100SAT11:00 AM11:30 AMGary HuttonIntro to DBD Mainstream11/5/2022Taggart
5200SAT11:00 AM12:00 PMRoger Latchaw, Rosemary LatchawRounds - Teaches11/5/2022Clifton
5300SAT11:30 AM12:00 PMDarrin HenryIntro to A11/5/2022Murdock
5400SAT11:30 AM12:00 PMAmanda SkidmoreIntro to DBD Mainstream11/5/2022Taggart
5500SAT11:30 AM11:40 AMChuck WoodsSmooth Mainstream11/5/2022WindsorMC
5600SAT11:40 AM11:50 AMDennis ClarkSmooth Mainstream11/5/2022Windsor
5700SAT11:50 AM12:00 PMCarolyn McCoyRounds11/5/2022Windsor
5800SAT12:00 PM12:10 PMKevin BersingSmooth Mainstream11/5/2022Windsor
5900SAT12:00 PM12:10 PMJohn HardenSmooth Plus11/5/2022Taggart
6000SAT12:10 PM12:20 PMVictoria BundySmooth Mainstream11/5/2022Windsor
6100SAT12:10 PM12:20 PMMyron HollatzSmooth Plus11/5/2022Taggart
6200SAT12:20 PM12:30 PMPam StultzRounds11/5/2022Windsor
6300SAT12:20 PM12:30 PMKristy WilliamsSmooth Plus11/5/2022Taggart
6400SAT12:30 PM12:40 PMWesley FentonSmooth Mainstream11/5/2022Windsor
6500SAT12:30 PM12:40 PMRich McCoySmooth Plus11/5/2022Taggart
6600SAT12:40 PM12:50 PMBill GarrisonSmooth Mainstream11/5/2022Windsor
6700SAT12:40 PM12:50 PMAndrew BergerSmooth Plus11/5/2022Taggart
6800SAT12:50 PM1:00 PMGary HuttonRounds11/5/2022Windsor
6900SAT12:50 PM1:00 PMKeith DishmanSmooth Plus11/5/2022Taggart
7000SAT1:00 PM1:30 PMTravis Cook, Justin RussellPractice DBD Mainstream11/5/2022Windsor
7100SAT1:00 PM1:45 PMElaine Wintrow, Steve StoehrRounds - Teaches11/5/2022Clifton
7200SAT1:30 PM2:00 PMTravis Cook, Justin RussellCompetition11/5/2022Windsor
7300SAT1:45 PM2:20 PMNancy Fulaytar, Richard FulaytarRounds - Teaches11/5/2022Clifton
7400SAT2:00 PM2:30 PMKevin BersingA211/5/2022Murdock
7500SAT2:00 PM2:10 PMTeresa BergerHigh Energy Mainstream11/5/2022WindsorMC
7600SAT2:10 PM2:20 PMTravis CookHigh Energy Mainstream11/5/2022Windsor
7700SAT2:20 PM2:30 PMAndrew BergerHigh Energy Mainstream11/5/2022Windsor
7800SAT2:20 PM2:30 PMDarrin HenryPlus11/5/2022Taggart
7900SAT2:20 PM2:55 PMGene Eckley, Anita EckleyRounds - Teaches11/5/2022Clifton
8000SAT2:30 PM3:00 PMTom DavisA211/5/2022Murdock
8100SAT2:30 PM2:40 PMAmanda SkidmoreHigh Energy Mainstream11/5/2022Windsor
8200SAT2:30 PM2:40 PMBill GarrisonPlus11/5/2022Taggart
8300SAT2:40 PM2:50 PMJustin RussellHigh Energy Mainstream11/5/2022Windsor
8400SAT2:40 PM2:50 PMRich McCoyPlus11/5/2022Taggart
8500SAT2:50 PM3:00 PMVictoria BundyHigh Energy Mainstream11/5/2022Windsor
8600SAT2:50 PM3:00 PMDennis ClarkPlus11/5/2022Taggart
8700SAT2:55 PM3:35 PMCharlene Mann, James MannRounds - Teaches11/5/2022Clifton
8800SAT3:00 PM3:30 PMAmanda SkidmoreA211/5/2022Murdock
8900SAT3:00 PM3:20 PMGary HuttonDBD Plus11/5/2022Taggart
9000SAT3:00 PM3:10 PMKristy WilliamsHot Hash Mainstream11/5/2022WindsorMC
9100SAT3:10 PM3:20 PMTravis CookHot Hash Mainstream11/5/2022Windsor
9200SAT3:20 PM3:40 PMJustin RussellDBD Plus11/5/2022Taggart
9300SAT3:20 PM3:30 PMDarrin HenryHot Hash Mainstream11/5/2022Windsor
9400SAT3:30 PM4:00 PMGary HuttonA211/5/2022Murdock
9500SAT3:30 PM3:40 PMTom DavisHot Hash Mainstream11/5/2022Windsor
9600SAT3:35 PM4:25 PMShirley Heiny, Diane Martin-Hamilton, Lamont HamiltonRounds - Teaches11/5/2022Clifton
9700SAT3:40 PM4:00 PMKevin BersingDBD Plus11/5/2022Taggart
9800SAT3:40 PM3:50 PMChuck WoodsHot Hash Mainstream11/5/2022Windsor
9900SAT3:50 PM4:00 PMWesley FentonHot Hash Mainstream11/5/2022Windsor
10000SAT4:00 PM4:30 PMTravis CookA211/5/2022Murdock
10100SAT4:00 PM5:00 PMTom DavisExperienced Hex11/5/2022Windsor
10200SAT4:00 PM4:10 PMJohn HardenRelaxed SSD11/5/2022Taggart
10300SAT4:10 PM4:20 PMRuth OlsonRelaxed SSD11/5/2022Taggart
10400SAT4:20 PM4:30 PMMyron HollatzRelaxed SSD11/5/2022Taggart
10500SAT4:25 PM5:00 PMConnie Wise, Robert WiseRounds - Teaches11/5/2022Clifton
10600SAT4:30 PM5:00 PMJustin RussellA211/5/2022Murdock
10700SAT4:30 PM4:40 PMDoris SwainRelaxed SSD11/5/2022Taggart
10800SAT4:40 PM4:50 PMJanet LewisRelaxed SSD11/5/2022Taggart
10900SAT4:50 PM5:00 PMKeith DishmanRelaxed SSD11/5/2022Taggart
11000SAT6:00 PM6:15 PMCarolyn McCoyRounds - Ph 2/311/5/2022Clifton
11100SAT6:15 PM6:30 PMGary HuttonRounds - Ph 2/311/5/2022Clifton
11200SAT6:30 PM6:45 PMElaine WintrowRounds - Ph 2/311/5/2022Clifton
11300SAT6:45 PM7:00 PMCarol AndersonRounds - Ph 2/311/5/2022Clifton
11400SAT7:00 PM7:15 PMGene EckleyRounds - Ph 2/311/5/2022Clifton
11500SAT7:10 PM7:20 PMTeresa Berger, Andrew BergerMS11/5/2022WindsorMC
11600SAT7:15 PM7:30 PMPam StultzRounds - Ph 2/311/5/2022Clifton
11700SAT7:20 PM7:30 PMTravis CookMS11/5/2022Windsor
11800SAT7:30 PM8:00 PMGary HuttonA211/5/2022Murdock
11900SAT7:30 PM7:40 PMBill GarrisonHigh Energy Plus11/5/2022Taggart
12000SAT7:30 PM7:40 PMChuck Woods, Kristy WilliamsMS11/5/2022Windsor
12100SAT7:30 PM7:45 PMRoger LatchawRounds - Ph 2/311/5/2022Clifton
12200SAT7:40 PM7:50 PMRich McCoyHigh Energy Plus11/5/2022Taggart
12300SAT7:40 PM7:50 PMCarolyn McCoyRounds11/5/2022Windsor
12400SAT7:50 PM8:00 PMMyron HollatzHigh Energy Plus11/5/2022Taggart
12500SAT7:50 PM8:00 PMKevin BersingMS11/5/2022Windsor
12600SAT8:00 PM8:30 PMTravis CookA211/5/2022Murdock
12700SAT8:00 PM8:10 PMVictoria BundyHigh Energy Plus11/5/2022Taggart
12800SAT8:00 PM8:10 PMDennis ClarkMS11/5/2022WindsorMC
12900SAT8:00 PM8:15 PMElaine WintrowRounds - Ph 3/4/511/5/2022Clifton
13000SAT8:10 PM8:20 PMAmanda SkidmoreHigh Energy Plus11/5/2022Taggart
13100SAT8:10 PM8:20 PMBill GarrisonMS11/5/2022Windsor
13200SAT8:15 PM8:30 PMCarol AndersonRounds - Ph 3/4/511/5/2022Clifton
13300SAT8:20 PM8:30 PMChuck WoodsHigh Energy Plus11/5/2022Taggart
13400SAT8:20 PM8:30 PMPam StultzRounds11/5/2022Windsor
13500SAT8:30 PM9:00 PMJustin RussellA211/5/2022Murdock
13600SAT8:30 PM8:40 PMKristy WilliamsHigh Energy Plus11/5/2022Taggart
13700SAT8:30 PM8:40 PMRich McCoyMS11/5/2022Windsor
13800SAT8:30 PM8:45 PMNancy FulaytarRounds - Ph 3/4/511/5/2022Clifton
13900SAT8:40 PM8:50 PMAndrew BergerHigh Energy Plus11/5/2022Taggart
14000SAT8:40 PM8:50 PMKeith DishmanMS11/5/2022Windsor
14100SAT8:45 PM9:00 PMConnie WiseRounds - Ph 3/4/511/5/2022Clifton
14200SAT8:50 PM9:00 PMJanet LewisHigh Energy Plus11/5/2022Taggart
14300SAT8:50 PM9:00 PMDarrin Henry, Tom DavisMS11/5/2022Windsor
14400SAT9:00 PM9:30 PMKevin BersingA211/5/2022Murdock
14500SAT9:00 PM9:15 PMCarol AndersonRounds - Ph 3/4/511/5/2022Clifton
14600SAT9:15 PM9:30 PMGene EckleyRounds - Ph 3/4/511/5/2022Clifton
14700SAT9:20 PM9:30 PMGary HuttonPlus11/5/2022WindsorMC
14800SAT9:30 PM10:00 PMDarrin HenryA211/5/2022Murdock
14900SAT9:30 PM9:40 PMJohn HardenHigh Energy SSD11/5/2022Taggart
15000SAT9:30 PM9:40 PMWesley FentonPlus11/5/2022Windsor
15100SAT9:30 PM9:45 PMCharlene MannRounds - Ph 3/4/511/5/2022Clifton
15200SAT9:40 PM9:50 PMRuth OlsonHigh Energy SSD11/5/2022Taggart
15300SAT9:40 PM9:50 PMVictoria BundyPlus11/5/2022Windsor
15400SAT9:45 PM10:00 PMGary HuttonRounds - Ph 3/4/511/5/2022Clifton
15500SAT9:50 PM10:00 PMKeith DishmanHigh Energy SSD11/5/2022Taggart
15600SAT9:50 PM10:00 PMNancy FulaytarRounds11/5/2022Windsor
15700SAT10:00 PM10:30 PMTom DavisA211/5/2022Murdock
15800SAT10:00 PM10:10 PMDoris SwainHigh Energy SSD11/5/2022Taggart
15900SAT10:00 PM10:10 PMJustin RussellPlus11/5/2022Windsor
16000SAT10:00 PM10:15 PMShirley HeinyRounds - Ph 3/4/511/5/2022Clifton
16100SAT10:10 PM10:20 PMDennis ClarkHigh Energy SSD11/5/2022Taggart
16200SAT10:10 PM10:20 PMMyron HollatzPlus11/5/2022Windsor
16300SAT10:15 PM10:30 PMRoger LatchawRounds - Ph 3/4/511/5/2022Clifton
16400SAT10:20 PM10:30 PMWesley FentonHigh Energy SSD11/5/2022Taggart
16500SAT10:20 PM10:30 PMConnie WiseRounds11/5/2022Windsor
16600SAT10:30 PM10:40 PMAmanda SkidmoreMS11/5/2022WindsorMC
16700SAT10:30 PM10:45 PMCharlene MannRounds - Ph 3/4/511/5/2022Clifton
16800SAT10:40 PM10:50 PMJohn HardenMS11/5/2022Windsor
16900SAT10:45 PM11:00 PMShirley HeinyRounds - Ph 3/4/511/5/2022Clifton
17000SAT10:50 PM11:00 PMJanet LewisMS11/5/2022Windsor
17100SUN10:00 AM10:05 AMBill GarrisonMS11/6/2022Windsor
17200SUN10:05 AM10:10 AMRuth OlsonMS11/6/2022Windsor
17300SUN10:10 AM10:20 AMConnie WiseRounds11/6/2022Windsor
17400SUN10:20 AM10:25 AMDennis ClarkPlus11/6/2022Windsor
17500SUN10:25 AM10:30 AMAmanda SkidmorePlus11/6/2022Windsor
17600SUN10:30 AM10:40 AMGene EckleyRounds11/6/2022Windsor
17700SUN10:40 AM10:45 AMMyron HollatzMS11/6/2022Windsor
17800SUN10:45 AM10:50 AMVictoria BundyMS11/6/2022Windsor
17900SUN10:50 AM11:00 AMCarolyn McCoyRounds11/6/2022Windsor
18000SUN11:00 AM11:05 AMDoris SwainMS11/6/2022Windsor
18100SUN11:05 AM11:10 AMDarrin HenryMS11/6/2022Windsor
18200SUN11:10 AM11:15 AMKevin BersingMS11/6/2022Windsor
18300SUN11:15 AM11:20 AMJanet LewisMS11/6/2022Windsor
18400SUN11:20 AM11:25 AMKeith DishmanMS11/6/2022Windsor
18500SUN11:25 AM11:30 AMRich McCoyMS11/6/2022Windsor
18600SUN11:30 AM11:35 AMWesley FentonMS11/6/2022Windsor
18700SUN11:35 AM11:40 AMTom DavisMS11/6/2022Windsor
18800SUN11:40 AM11:45amJohn HardenMS11/6/2022Windsor
18900SUN11:50 AM11:55 AMTeresa Berger, Andrew BergerMS11/6/2022Windsor
19000SUN11:55 AM12:00 PMTravis Cook, Justin RussellMS11/6/2022Windsor
19100SUN11:45am11:50 AMChuck Woods, Kristy WilliamsMS11/6/2022Windsor

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