2022 CALLERLAB Convention Interest Group Schedule

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Session TitlePresentersRoomDayTimeDescription
010Accredited Caller Coaches CommitteeKen Ritucci, Tom MillerLindbergh AMonday10:30 AM1. Review of past actions as stated above 2. Discussion of oral and written exams some candidates have scheduled 3. Anything for the good for the order.
020Adapting Singing CallsLawrence Johnstone, Shauna KaariaAllegheny ABMonday10:30 AMHave you ever wanted to change the figure on your singing call? Yes, you can do that! Come learn how to adjust your singing call figures to fit your program.
030Square Dance PartnershipsAllynn Riggs, Roy Gotta, Pam ClasperEarhart CDMonday10:30 AMHow do you help your partner? How do you contribute to your caller’s teaching/entertainment efforts? Come to this session to learn how others work together to maximize the use of their skills and talents. A strong partnership will benefit both the caller and partner as they strive for success.
040Basic and Mainstream CommitteeDana Schirmer, Michael BraithwaiteLindbergh-BMonday10:30 AMChairman, Dana Schirmer, and Vice Chairman, Michael Braithwaite. All Basic and Mainstream Committee members, and other interested parties, are invited to attend the Basic and Mainstream Committee meeting. The meeting will include: Triennial Review changes; discussion of whether there is interest in changing the name of Basic; report on Emphasis calls, and additional items submitted by Committee members.
050Creating a Welcoming Dance EnvironmentWendy VanderMeulen, Ri-Shea Schlitter, Barry ClasperWright AMonday10:30 AMIt is our goal to ensure that everyone experiences pleasant social interactions while attending square dance events. The panel will help you develop awareness of the current social norms in the dance environment and the caller’s role in providing a socially appropriate environment.  
060E Communications, Mail Chimp, Google GroupsPatty Greene, Debbie CederEarhart ABMonday10:30 AMGetting the word out to potential dancers and keeping your current dancers up-to-date requires knowledge of the internet. This session will focus on Google groups and Mailchimp as vehicles for communicating with both current and potential dancers.
070Past Chairmans CommitteeKen RitucciWright BMonday12:00 PMPast Chairman's Committee will meet to discuss the current letter that was written by committee members. The committee would be looking at ways they can be of assistance for CALLERLAB by providing new ideas formed within the committee and perhaps guidance for any other business deemed necessary by the EC.
080ModulesBetsy Gotta, Larry Marchese, Jerry GilbreathAllegheny ABMonday1:00 PMCome learn how modules can be a valuable and effective choreographic management tool and help add variety and spice to your dances. The panel will talk about the different types of modules and how to effectively and creatively use them in your program.
090Utilizing a WebsiteRay Owens, Brian FreedEarhart ABMonday1:00 PMDo you have a website? Does your club have a website? What does your web presence look like? This panel will discuss the practical aspects of setting up an internet presence. Topics will include reserving a domain name, setting up a web hosting account, and demonstrating how to add content to a simple website.
100Open House/Party NightDottie Welch, Rick Hampton, Bob RiggsEarhart CDMonday1:00 PMMany times the first exposure to the square dance activity is through a community dance night, private party or open house. Come and learn how to program for an enjoyable dance experience while keeping things simple and fun.
110Advanced CommitteeRay Brendzy, Jeremy ButlerLindbergh-BMonday1:00 PMWill complete and send to Home office in the next few days.
320Self-Promotion SkillsDick Otis, Deborah Carroll-JonesAllegheny ABTuesday10:30 AMWould you like to book more dances or be a busier caller? Ever wonder how to get better known to be booked for clubs, festivals, or federation dances? The panel will share specific tactics to improve self-awareness, develop your skill level and promote your skills. This session will include real life examples of a caller promoting themselves on a regional and national basis.
130SqView 1Mike Preskitt, Jack PladdysEarhart ABMonday2:30 PMAre you new to using SqView? This panel will discuss the basics of SqView – how to get it, how to use it, and how to fix some common problems you may encounter with the program.
140Calling in the LGBTQ* CommunityVic Ceder, Darren GallinaEarhart CDMonday2:30 PMLGBTQ* square dance clubs are both high energy and great examples of sociability in action. If you are interested in calling for LGBTQ* clubs but don't have any experience in this area come and learn the dynamics and unique characteristics of calling for the LGBTQ* community.
150New Caller CommitteeVernon JonesLindbergh AMonday2:30 PMBOF: Are you a New Caller and interested in expressing your thoughts about the calling process? If so the attend this short session and let’s talk about it.
160Definitions CommitteeGuy Steele, Dottie WelchLindbergh-BMonday2:30 PMThe agenda for the Definitions Committee meeting at the 2022 CALLERLAB Convention will include the following items: report on changes to program documents, including changes made as a result of the 2021 Triennial Review; discussion of the draft proposed update to the Formations document; and discussion of the draft Additional Details Document.
170VoiceDeborah Carroll-Jones, Tony OxendineWright AMonday2:30 PMIn this session, we will focus on the healthiest way to use your voice as a square dance caller.   The panel will discuss techniques to improve your voice,  take care of your voice, and various tools to use your voice more effectively, including pitch, resonance, breath, and timbre.  We will explore various vocal ideas and techniques to best use your most important tool, your voice. 
200Reconnect: Square Dancing OverseasTom Rainer, Jeannette Staeuble, Walt Burr, Juli BurrAllegheny ABMonday4:00 PMHave you ever wondered about square dancing overseas? Come visit with these callers to learn about the similarities and differences in square dancing around the world.
210SqView 2Justin Russell, Barry JohnsonEarhart ABMonday4:00 PMDo you want to get more out of the SqView program? Are you using all the features SqView has to offer? Come to this session to learn how you can more fully utilize SqView features including choreography, alternate lyrics, and markers.
220Sight Calling - Take a PictureKen Ritucci, Ed FooteEarhart CDMonday4:00 PMAre you looking for creative get outs during your sight calling? This session will emphasize quick, fast, and creative ways to resolve the square using snapshot resolutions.
230Music Producers CommitteeShauna Kaaria, Ted LizotteLindbergh AMonday4:00 PMThis will be a closed meeting for active music producers. Discussion regarding Clearing House and Music for Callers website business, protections, etc.
240Choreographic Applications CommitteeDottie Welch, Doren McBroomLindbergh-BMonday4:00 PMDo you use choreographic games or gimmicks to enhance sociability at dances? Do you insert favorite phrases into your patter or singers to encourage eye contact and smiles? We are compiling such ideas for sharing in the Online Teaching Resource.
250Reconnect: Caller/Club RelationsRon Giuliana, Wayne Wade, Lura WadeWright AMonday4:00 PMWhat is your relationship with your club? It is imperative that you understand your club's personality and how to work with it. This panel will explore ways to successfully build a stronger, more collaborative relationship between the caller and club.
260Creative ChallengeRay Brendzy, Harlan Kerr, Jeremy ButlerAllegheny ABTuesday9:00 AMThis panel will delve into three calls/concepts from the C-1 Program, presenting teaching tips and creative ways to use them while staying within the bounds of good Challenge usage. The presentation is intended for existing Challenge callers looking for fresh approaches and for those who dance Challenge but are not yet calling it. The calls that will be looked at are: 1. Tally Ho, 2. Blocks 3. Modifiers and Weird Stuff.
180Calling As a BusinessJim Wass, Tom DavisWright AMonday2:30 PMCome for a discussion focused on the business side of calling. Topics include: Do you treat your calling career as a business? Do you do sales and marketing? How do you make purchasing decisions? How do you manage your businesses finances, i.e. record keeping, reporting? Do you utilize research and development? Do you maintain yourself and your equipment? How do you manage the personnel in your business (partner, club personnel, and dancers)? How do you manage your schedule and contracts?
270Restart: SSDVernon Jones, James Cha, Barry JohnsonEarhart CDTuesday9:00 AMCome learn about CALLERLAB’s newest program. This panel will explore the SSD philosophy and help you utilize the tools and resources available in this alternative entry level program. There will be a particular focus on how to utilize SSD in starting up after the pandemic.
190Creative SSDJeremy Butler, Bear Miller, Tom ManningAllegheny ABMonday2:30 PMThis panel will present creative and unique approaches to designing and using an SSD Program. By design, most SSD dancing is good, smooth, standard applications choreography, in flowing Dance Mode (instead of stop-and-go Learn Mode). Learn how you can keep dancers long-term, using only 50 calls!
280Social Connections CommitteeMike Seastrom, Lisa SeastromLindbergh ATuesday9:00 AMBring your ideas to the Social Connections Committee Meeting. We've got plans to make and fun to plan and your suggestions can be just what we're looking for!
290Caller Training CommitteeBetsy Gotta, John MarshallLindbergh-BTuesday9:00 AMThe Caller Training Committee will be meeting to discuss ideas to create a social atmosphere in classes and dances. Please come and share your successes so that the committee can create a reference source for use by other callers. We also will be discussing how to help experienced callers to become comfortable with using the SSD program.
300Reconnect: MarketingJack Pladdys, Mike HoganWright ATuesday9:00 AMAre you looking for more successful ways to recruit new dancers? Come learn about the journey non-dancers go through when they know nothing about the existence of square dancing. The panel will share steps to entice potential dancers down this path.
310Restore: Relationship CallingKen Ritucci, Buddy WeaverEarhart ABTuesday9:00 AMWith much attention put on Formations and Arrangements, not much time is spent on the importance of the Relationships of the dancers within the square when calling. This session will concentrate on understanding the relationships of the dancers to each other while calling. The panel will discuss the importance of Relationship Calling and how it can positively impact your calling career.
330Digital MarketingTed Lizotte, Ray OwensEarhart ABTuesday10:30 AMSocial media platforms are always evolving. Hence, social media marketing is always changing, too. Creating a robust strategy for your social marketing goes a long way towards developing an effective social media presence. The panel will discuss strategies for using social media to reach your marketing goals.
340Restart: BasicBob Asp, Jon Jones, Dana SchirmerEarhart CDTuesday10:30 AMThis panel will highlight three calls from the Basic Program. It will present teaching tips and creative ways to work with both standard and extended application usages. It will take a fresh look at how you might use new ways to feature the uniqueness of these calls in your Basic choreography. The calls presented will be 1. Stars 2. DoPaso & 3. Square Thru.
350Ways & Means CommitteeJuli Burr, John SloperLindbergh ATuesday10:30 AMThe committee will meet to develop and to exchange ideas for future fund raising activities.
360Committee for Comunity and Traditional DanceBob Riggs, Mike PreskittLindbergh-BTuesday10:30 AMThe meeting will provide a status to those attending. Ask for volunteers to help with both the CDJournal and the Dances.Callerlab.org sites. Ask for volunteers to help with the development of the resource guide.
370Dealing with Adverse SituationsMike Seastrom, Harlan KerrWright ATuesday10:30 AMUnfortunately as callers and leaders we are called on at times to address difficult situations. These include concerns about dancer roughness, hygiene, behavior and, at times, harassment. In addition we sometimes have to address concerns about the caller. Learn effective approaches to dealing with challenging situations, concerns and complaints in a manner that will de-escalate tension, and produce positive, productive outcomes.
380Teaching in the Real WorldBob Riggs, Mike OlivieriAllegheny ABTuesday1:00 PMBeyond understanding learning styles, how do we simultaneously use a range of teaching approaches to address all of the learning styles of the dancers in the room? A range of teaching examples will be used to show how to make your classes more effective, successful and fun. The panel will discuss lesson planning, teaching philosophy, and the teaching process (dancer/caller preparation, execution, completion) to ensure that successful learning takes place.
390Calling techniques to enhance sociabilityJerry Junck, Michael Braithwaite, Mike SeastromEarhart ABTuesday1:00 PMDo you want to learn to enhance the sociability of your dance by using square dance variations? Attend to learn how to use 2-couple dancing, Sicilian circles, mixers, contra lines and creative square patterns and language to increase the sociability of the dance. The panel will demonstrate how to set-up these dances and make this a fun way to increase interaction between all those attending a dance.
400Restart: MainstreamTerry Hebert, Walt Burr, Jeff PalmerEarhart CDTuesday1:00 PMThis panel will highlight three calls from the Mainstream Program. It will present teaching tips and creative ways to use the calls with both standard and extended application usages. It will take a fresh look at how you might use new ways to feature the uniqueness of these calls in your Mainstream choreography. The calls presented will be 1. Eight Chain Family 2. Scootback & 3. Cloverleaf.
410Women In CallingJuli BurrLindbergh ATuesday1:00 PMThe committee will meet to exchange experiences, discuss difficulties encountered by women in calling and to develop ideas to support women in calling.
420Partner CommitteeAllynn Riggs, Ri-Shea SchlitterLindbergh-BTuesday1:00 PMThe Partner Committee meeting will recap the progress on the updating and editing of the Partner resource document, propose the creation of personalized “Welcome to Convention” and “Invitation to Attend the Partner Committee Meeting” cards for all partners attending a convention to be placed in the convention packets beginning with the 2023 convention. We will also discuss having a Partner dangle available as desired for identification to hang from the CALLERLAB badges. We appreciate input from and participation by all.
430Reconnect: Square Dance Music and YouBuddy Weaver, Scott BennettWright ATuesday1:00 PMMusic is an essential part of dancing yet it is often overlooked or misunderstood. This panel will give you the fundamentals of music in an easy to understand way. Music is an integral part of every successful program, especially in clubs so our panelists will guide you through techniques to reconnect your dancers with dancing and the caller.
440Music: Not Just Background NoiseTed Lizotte, Paul CoteAllegheny ABTuesday2:30 PMLearn the tools needed to more effectively utilize music in your calling. What is the feel of the song? How can callers use music to create a better experience for dancers? Use the basics you learned in the Square Dance Music and You session to enhance your calling.
450Hex DancingEric Henerlau, Vernon JonesEarhart ABTuesday2:30 PMIt doesn't take just 8 people - come learn creative ways to utilize 12 dancers in hexagons. The panel will discuss how to present and teach this type of dancing.
460Restart: PlusBill Harrison, Ed FooteEarhart CDTuesday2:30 PMThis panel will highlight three calls from the Plus Program. It will present teaching tips and creative ways to use the calls with both standard and extended application usages. It will take a fresh look at how you might use new ways to feature the uniqueness of these calls in your Plus choreography. The calls presented will be 1. Load the Boat & 2. Dixie Grand.
470Public Relations CommitteeWendy VanderMeulen, Ron GiulianaLindbergh ATuesday2:30 PMCome and join us as we begin discussing two new projects: (1) Do we give too much away? We'll discuss how many resources should be for members only. (2) We will initiate discussion on video ads on: Positive Stories; Why go to Convention: and Why be a Member.
480Marketing CommitteeJack Pladdys, Justin RussellLindbergh-BTuesday2:30 PM1. Old Business - We plan to present the web site design project, promotional video, and marketing manual updates to committee members for final approval before submitting the the EC. 2. New Business - Review, discuss, and decide on new projects for the 2022/23 year.
490Online ResourcesBarry Clasper, Dottie WelchWright ATuesday2:30 PMNeed to know how to do something? Need a great idea? Need teaching tools? Need an answer but don't know who to ask? Visit this session! All of that information (and more) is available at your fingertips. The presenters will discuss resources available from CALLERLAB and other online sources, i.e. BLOGS, the Square Dance History Project, the Internet Archive and other archives available to the CALLERLAB and Square Dance community.
500Restart: Building a new clubJerry Junck, Bruce HolmesAllegheny ABTuesday4:00 PMSo you’d like to develop a club: what do you need to do? Do you have a license and proof of licensing and insurance? How will you market your club and dances? Do you have a core group of dancers? How can your partner assist?
510Restart: AdvancedMike Sikorsky, John MarshallEarhart ABTuesday4:00 PMThis panel will highlight three calls from the Advanced Program. It will present teaching tips and creative ways to use the calls with both standard and extended application usages. It will take a fresh look at how you might use new ways to feature the uniqueness of these calls in your Advanced choreography.
520Caller JudgementTony Oxendine, Patty GreeneEarhart CDTuesday4:00 PMCaller judgment plays a significant role at dance events and your success as a professional. Many issues arise from poor caller judgment. This panel will address areas such as choreography, stage presence, and professionalism over the microphone.
530SSD CommitteeBarry JohnsonLindbergh-BTuesday4:00 PMJoin the SSD Committee for their first committee meeting as an approved CALLERLAB program!
540Restore: Social InteractionTed Lizotte, Justin RussellWright ATuesday4:00 PMIs your club a social group? Learn how callers and clubs can enhance social interaction between your members both while dancing and on breaks. Come and learn some new and fresh ideas to build social interaction and relationships as we explore ways you can initiate, encourage and support your clubs social activities. Learn to be a role model for sociability.
120Organizational Welcome & Planning MeetingHarlan KerrLindbergh AMonday1:00 PMThese guidelines are designed to help those who have the responsibility of acting as moderator for a panel discussion, meeting, or any gathering which uses a disinterested or neutral person to regulate the discussion. The guidelines are not meant to be all-inclusive to cover every contingency, but should be used with judgment and some flexibility.
005Special Meeting for Moderators and PanelistsHarlan KerrWright AMonday8:30 AMThese guidelines are designed to help those who have the responsibility of acting as moderator for a panel discussion, meeting, or any gathering which uses a disinterested or neutral person to regulate the discussion. The guidelines are not meant to be all-inclusive to cover every contingency, but should be used with judgment and some flexibility.

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