2022 Ohio State Dance Convention Schedule

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700FriAlexandra WroblewskiPlus6-May-221:20 PM1:30 PMMcKinley A & B Room
3200FriAlexandra WroblewskiMainstream6-May-222:50 PM3:00 PMMcKinley C Room
4500FriAlexandra WroblewskiMainstream6-May-223:40 PM3:50 PMMcKinley C Room
6800FriAlexandra WroblewskiPlus6-May-224:50 PM5:00 PMMcKinley A & B Room
11000FriAlexandra WroblewskiMainstream6-May-229:50 PM10:00 PMMcKinley C Room
14900SatAlexandra WroblewskiMainstream7-May-2211:50 AM12:00 PMMcKinley C Room
18200SatAlexandra WroblewskiMainstream7-May-221:50 PM2:00 PMMcKinley C Room
19500SatAlexandra WroblewskiPlus7-May-222:30 PM2:40 PMMcKinley A & B Room
21000SatAlexandra WroblewskiMainstream7-May-223:20 PM3:30 PMMcKinley C Room
22400SatAlexandra WroblewskiMainstream7-May-224:10 PM4:20 PMMcKinley C Room
23200SatAlexandra WroblewskiPlus7-May-224:40 PM4:50 PMMcKinley A & B Room
27100SatAlexandra WroblewskiMainstream7-May-229:40 PM9:50 PMMcKinley C Room
1600FriBarbara MacDonaldMainstream6-May-222:00 PM2:10 PMMcKinley C Room
3300FriBarbara MacDonaldPlus6-May-223:00 PM3:10 PMMcKinley A & B Room
4700FriBarbara MacDonaldPlus Meet & Greet6-May-223:45 PM4:00 PMHayes Prefunction
5800FriBarbara MacDonaldPlus6-May-224:20 PM4:30 PMMcKinley A & B Room
6900FriBarbara MacDonaldMainstream6-May-224:50 PM5:00 PMMcKinley C Room
13900SatBarbara MacDonaldMainstream7-May-2211:20 AM11:30 AMMcKinley C Room
15600SatBarbara MacDonaldPlus7-May-2212:20 PM12:30 PMMcKinley A & B Room
18500SatBarbara MacDonaldMainstream7-May-222:00 PM2:10 PMMcKinley C Room
21400SatBarbara MacDonaldPlus7-May-223:30 PM3:40 PMMcKinley A & B Room
2000FriBen PurkettMainstream6-May-222:10 PM2:20 PMMcKinley C Room
4300FriBen PurkettAdvanced6-May-223:30 PM3:45 PMGrant Room
7100FriBen PurkettAdvanced6-May-225:15 PM5:30 PMGrant Room
8300FriBen PurkettPlus6-May-228:30 PM8:40 PMMcKinley A & B Room
10400FriBen PurkettAdvanced6-May-229:30 PM9:45 PMGrant Room
13200SatBen PurkettChallenge7-May-2211:00 AM11:15 AMHayes Prefunction
14100SatBen PurkettChallenge7-May-2211:30 AM11:45 AMHayes Prefunction
16400SatBen PurkettDBD7-May-221:00 PM1:15 PMHayes Prefunction
18000SatBen PurkettAdvanced7-May-221:45 PM2:00 PMGrant Room
19900SatBen PurkettAdvanced7-May-222:45 PM3:00 PMGrant Room
22900SatBen PurkettAdvanced7-May-224:30 PM4:45 PMGrant Room
23800SatBen PurkettAdvanced7-May-228:00 PM8:15 PMGrant Room
25000SatBen PurkettMainstream7-May-228:30 PM8:40 PMMcKinley C Room
25700SatBen PurkettDBD7-May-229:00 PM9:15 PMHayes Prefunction
27600SatBen PurkettChallenge7-May-2210:00 PM10:15 PMHayes Prefunction
1200FriBob AspMainstream6-May-221:40 PM1:50 PMMcKinley C Room
2200FriBob AspAdvanced6-May-222:15 PM2:30 PMGrant Room
3100FriBob AspDBD6-May-222:45 PM3:00 PMHayes Prefunction
4600FriBob AspPlus6-May-223:40 PM3:50 PMMcKinley A & B Room
6600FriBob AspAdvanced6-May-224:45 PM5:00 PMGrant Room
8500FriBob AspAdvanced6-May-228:30 PM8:45 PMGrant Room
9800FriBob AspDBD6-May-229:15 PM9:30 PMHayes Prefunction
11900FriBob AspPlus6-May-2210:20 PM10:30 PMMcKinley A & B Room
16200SatBob AspAdvanced7-May-2212:45 PM1:00 PMGrant Room
18300SatBob AspDBD7-May-222:00 PM2:15 PMHayes Prefunction
20200SatBob AspAdvanced7-May-223:00 PM3:15 PMGrant Room
24600SatBob AspPlus7-May-228:20 PM8:30 PMMcKinley A & B Room
26700SatBob AspAdvanced7-May-229:30 PM9:45 PMGrant Room
2100FriDave StuthardPlus – Hot Hash6-May-222:10 PM2:20 PMMcKinley A & B Room
2800FriDave StuthardDBD6-May-222:30 PM2:45 PMHayes Prefunction
4900FriDave StuthardMainstream6-May-223:50 PM4:00 PMMcKinley C Room
6000FriDave StuthardMainstream6-May-224:30 PM4:40 PMMcKinley C Room
7500FriDave StuthardDBD6-May-228:00 PM8:15 PMHayes Prefunction
8700FriDave StuthardMainstream6-May-228:40 PM8:50 PMMcKinley C Room
10000FriDave StuthardPlus6-May-229:20 PM9:30 PMMcKinley A & B Room
12400SatDave StuthardIntro to DBD7-May-2210:15 AM10:30 AMGrant Room
14300SatDave StuthardPlus7-May-2211:30 AM11:40 AMMcKinley A & B Room
15900SatDave StuthardPlus Progressive Squares7-May-2212:30 PM12:50 PMMcKinley A & B Room
17800SatDave StuthardMainstream7-May-221:40 PM1:50 PMMcKinley C Room
20400SatDave StuthardMainstream7-May-223:00 PM3:10 PMMcKinley C Room
23900SatDave StuthardDBD7-May-228:00 PM8:15 PMHayes Prefunction
25900SatDave StuthardPlus7-May-229:00 PM9:10 PMMcKinley A & B Room
100FriDavid HeffronMainstream6-May-221:00 PM1:10 PMMcKinley C Room
1400FriDavid HeffronAdvanced6-May-221:45 PM2:00 PMGrant Room
3600FriDavid HeffronPlus – Hot Hash6-May-223:10 PM3:20 PMMcKinley A & B Room
6200FriDavid HeffronAdvanced6-May-224:30 PM4:45 PMGrant Room
8100FriDavid HeffronPlus6-May-228:20 PM8:30 PMMcKinley A & B Room
10500FriDavid HeffronDBD6-May-229:30 PM9:45 PMHayes Prefunction
12100SatDavid HeffronPlus – Hex Squares7-May-2210:00 AM10:30 AMMcKinley A & B Room
13800SatDavid HeffronChallenge7-May-2211:15 AM11:30 AMHayes Prefunction
14700SatDavid HeffronChallenge7-May-2211:45 AM12:00 PMHayes Prefunction
17400SatDavid HeffronAdvanced7-May-221:30 PM1:45 PMGrant Room
20000SatDavid HeffronDBD7-May-222:45 PM3:00 PMHayes Prefunction
21100SatDavid HeffronPlus7-May-223:20 PM3:30 PMMcKinley A & B Room
22600SatDavid HeffronAdvanced7-May-224:15 PM4:30 PMGrant Room
24800SatDavid HeffronDBD7-May-228:30 PM8:45 PMHayes Prefunction
25800SatDavid HeffronAdvanced7-May-229:00 PM9:15 PMGrant Room
27300SatDavid HeffronChallenge7-May-229:45 PM10:00 PMHayes Prefunction
28200SatDavid HeffronChallenge7-May-2210:15 PM10:30 PMHayes Prefunction
800FriDavid SmithMainstream6-May-221:20 PM1:30 PMMcKinley C Room
2900FriDavid SmithMainstream6-May-222:40 PM2:50 PMMcKinley C Room
3800FriDavid SmithPlus Meet & Greet6-May-223:15 PM3:30 PMHayes Prefunction
10200FriDavid SmithMainstream6-May-229:30 PM9:40 PMMcKinley C Room
12200SatDavid SmithMainstream – Retro Calls7-May-2210:00 AM10:20 AMMcKinley C Room
15100SatDavid SmithMainstream7-May-2212:00 PM12:10 PMMcKinley C Room
19700SatDavid SmithMainstream7-May-222:40 PM2:50 PMMcKinley C Room
25600SatDavid SmithMainstream7-May-228:50 PM9:00 PMMcKinley C Room
1700FriEd LaudenschlagerPlus6-May-222:00 PM2:10 PMMcKinley A & B Room
4400FriEd LaudenschlagerPlus Meet & Greet6-May-223:30 PM3:45 PMHayes Prefunction
5000FriEd LaudenschlagerMainstream6-May-224:00 PM4:10 PMMcKinley C Room
8200FriEd LaudenschlagerMainstream6-May-228:20 PM8:30 PMMcKinley C Room
10600FriEd LaudenschlagerPlus6-May-229:40 PM9:50 PMMcKinley A & B Room
13400SatEd LaudenschlagerMainstream7-May-2211:00 AM11:10 AMMcKinley C Room
17900SatEd LaudenschlagerPlus7-May-221:40 PM1:50 PMMcKinley A & B Room
20600SatEd LaudenschlagerMainstream7-May-223:10 PM3:20 PMMcKinley C Room
23500SatEd LaudenschlagerPlus7-May-224:50 PM5:00 PMMcKinley A & B Room
25200SatEd LaudenschlagerMainstream7-May-228:40 PM8:50 PMMcKinley C Room
26900SatEd LaudenschlagerMainstream7-May-229:30 PM9:40 PMMcKinley C Room
900FriEddie RicheyMainstream6-May-221:30 PM1:40 PMMcKinley C Room
3900FriEddie RicheyPlus6-May-223:20 PM3:30 PMMcKinley A & B Room
6300FriEddie RicheyPlus Meet & Greet6-May-224:30 PM4:45 PMHayes Prefunction
8400FriEddie RicheyMainstream6-May-228:30 PM8:40 PMMcKinley C Room
10700FriEddie RicheyMainstream6-May-229:40 PM9:50 PMMcKinley C Room
13500SatEddie RicheyPlus7-May-2211:00 AM11:10 AMMcKinley A & B Room
16100SatEddie RicheyMainstream7-May-2212:40 PM12:50 PMMcKinley C Room
17200SatEddie RicheyPlus7-May-221:20 PM1:30 PMMcKinley A & B Room
19600SatEddie RicheyMainstream7-May-222:30 PM2:40 PMMcKinley C Room
22700SatEddie RicheyMainstream7-May-224:20 PM4:30 PMMcKinley C Room
26100SatEddie RicheyPlus7-May-229:10 PM9:20 PMMcKinley A & B Room
28000SatEddie RicheyMainstream7-May-2210:10 PM10:20 PMMcKinley C Room
400FriEdward PabstMainstream6-May-221:10 PM1:20 PMMcKinley C Room
1300FriEdward PabstPlus6-May-221:40 PM1:50 PMMcKinley A & B Room
3500FriEdward PabstPlus Meet & Greet6-May-223:00 PM3:15 PMHayes Prefunction
5400FriEdward PabstPlus – Hot Hash6-May-224:10 PM4:20 PMMcKinley A & B Room
9600FriEdward PabstPlus6-May-229:10 PM9:20 PMMcKinley A & B Room
12900SatEdward PabstIntro to Plus7-May-2210:40 AM11:00 AMMcKinley C Room
15300SatEdward PabstMainstream7-May-2212:10 PM12:20 PMMcKinley C Room
16800SatEdward PabstMainstream7-May-221:10 PM1:20 PMMcKinley C Room
19100SatEdward PabstPlus7-May-222:20 PM2:30 PMMcKinley A & B Room
20500SatEdward PabstPlus7-May-223:00 PM3:10 PMMcKinley A & B Room
24000SatEdward PabstMainstream7-May-228:00 PM8:10 PMMcKinley C Room
27000SatEdward PabstPlus7-May-229:30 PM9:40 PMMcKinley A & B Room
28400SatEdward PabstMainstream7-May-2210:20 PM10:30 PMMcKinley C Room
200FriGene HammondPlus6-May-221:00 PM1:10 PMMcKinley A & B Room
1800FriGene HammondAdvanced6-May-222:00 PM2:15 PMGrant Room
7000FriGene HammondAdvanced6-May-225:00 PM5:15 PMGrant Room
8900FriGene HammondDBD6-May-228:45 PM9:00 PMHayes Prefunction
10800FriGene HammondAdvanced6-May-229:45 PM10:00 PMGrant Room
12800SatGene HammondPlus – Rectangular Squares7-May-2210:30 AM11:00 AMMcKinley A & B Room
14400SatGene HammondMainstream7-May-2211:30 AM11:40 AMMcKinley C Room
17000SatGene HammondDBD7-May-221:15 PM1:30 PMHayes Prefunction
19300SatGene HammondAdvanced7-May-222:30 PM2:45 PMGrant Room
21200SatGene HammondAdvanced7-May-223:30 PM3:45 PMGrant Room
22500SatGene HammondPlus – Hot Hash7-May-224:10 PM4:20 PMMcKinley A & B Room
25100SatGene HammondPlus7-May-228:30 PM8:40 PMMcKinley A & B Room
26800SatGene HammondDBD7-May-229:30 PM9:45 PMHayes Prefunction
27700SatGene HammondAdvanced7-May-2210:00 PM10:15 PMGrant Room
500FriGeorge FergusonPlus6-May-221:10 PM1:20 PMMcKinley A & B Room
3700FriGeorge FergusonMainstream6-May-223:10 PM3:20 PMMcKinley C Room
5100FriGeorge FergusonPlus6-May-224:00 PM4:10 PMMcKinley A & B Room
7300FriGeorge FergusonMainstream6-May-228:00 PM8:10 PMMcKinley C Room
9700FriGeorge FergusonMainstream6-May-229:10 PM9:20 PMMcKinley C Room
14500SatGeorge FergusonPlus7-May-2211:40 AM11:50 AMMcKinley A & B Room
16600SatGeorge FergusonMainstream7-May-221:00 PM1:10 PMMcKinley C Room
21600SatGeorge FergusonMainstream7-May-223:40 PM3:50 PMMcKinley C Room
22800SatGeorge FergusonPlus7-May-224:20 PM4:30 PMMcKinley A & B Room
24200SatGeorge FergusonMainstream7-May-228:10 PM8:20 PMMcKinley C Room
27800SatGeorge FergusonMainstream7-May-2210:00 PM10:10 PMMcKinley C Room
6400FriHoward WilliamsonPlus6-May-224:40 PM4:50 PMMcKinley A & B Room
8800FriHoward WilliamsonPlus6-May-228:40 PM8:50 PMMcKinley A & B Room
25300SatHoward WilliamsonPlus7-May-228:40 PM8:50 PMMcKinley A & B Room
7400FriJack PladdysPlus6-May-228:00 PM8:10 PMMcKinley A & B Room
9000FriJack PladdysAdvanced6-May-228:45 PM9:00 PMGrant Room
10900FriJack PladdysChallenge6-May-229:45 PM10:00 PMHayes Prefunction
11700FriJack PladdysChallenge6-May-2210:15 PM10:30 PMHayes Prefunction
12600SatJack PladdysIntro to Challenge7-May-2210:30 AM10:45 AMHayes Prefunction
13300SatJack PladdysSicilian Circles7-May-2211:00 AM11:30 AMGrant Room
14600SatJack PladdysMainstream7-May-2211:40 AM11:50 AMMcKinley C Room
15500SatJack PladdysAdvanced7-May-2212:15 PM12:30 PMGrant Room
16900SatJack PladdysPlus – Hot Hash7-May-221:10 PM1:20 PMMcKinley A & B Room
18900SatJack PladdysAdvanced7-May-222:15 PM2:30 PMGrant Room
20300SatJack PladdysChallenge7-May-223:00 PM3:15 PMHayes Prefunction
21300SatJack PladdysChallenge7-May-223:30 PM3:45 PMHayes Prefunction
22200SatJack PladdysPlus7-May-224:00 PM4:10 PMMcKinley A & B Room
24900SatJack PladdysAdvanced7-May-228:30 PM8:45 PMGrant Room
26300SatJack PladdysDBD7-May-229:15 PM9:30 PMHayes Prefunction
28500SatJack PladdysPlus7-May-2210:20 PM10:30 PMMcKinley A & B Room
2400FriJaye FitchPlus6-May-222:20 PM2:30 PMMcKinley A & B Room
4100FriJaye FitchMainstream6-May-223:30 PM3:40 PMMcKinley C Room
6700FriJaye FitchPlus Meet & Greet6-May-224:45 PM5:00 PMHayes Prefunction
10300FriJaye FitchPlus6-May-229:30 PM9:40 PMMcKinley A & B Room
11500FriJaye FitchMainstream6-May-2210:10 PM10:20 PMMcKinley C Room
13600SatJaye FitchPlus7-May-2211:10 AM11:20 AMMcKinley A & B Room
16700SatJaye FitchPlus7-May-221:00 PM1:10 PMMcKinley A & B Room
19200SatJaye FitchMainstream7-May-222:20 PM2:30 PMMcKinley C Room
21500SatJaye FitchMainstream7-May-223:30 PM3:40 PMMcKinley C Room
23000SatJaye FitchMainstream7-May-224:30 PM4:40 PMMcKinley C Room
24700SatJaye FitchMainstream7-May-228:20 PM8:30 PMMcKinley C Room
26500SatJaye FitchMainstream7-May-229:20 PM9:30 PMMcKinley C Room
7600FriKenny CampbellAdvanced6-May-228:00 PM8:15 PMGrant Room
9200FriKenny CampbellPlus6-May-229:00 PM9:10 PMMcKinley A & B Room
11800FriKenny CampbellAdvanced6-May-2210:15 PM10:30 PMGrant Room
13000SatKenny CampbellIntro to Advanced7-May-2210:45 AM11:00 AMGrant Room
15200SatKenny CampbellPlus7-May-2212:00 PM12:10 PMMcKinley A & B Room
16500SatKenny CampbellAdvanced7-May-221:00 PM1:15 PMGrant Room
18700SatKenny CampbellPlus – Hot Hash7-May-222:10 PM2:20 PMMcKinley A & B Room
21800SatKenny CampbellAdvanced7-May-223:45 PM4:00 PMGrant Room
27400SatKenny CampbellAdvanced7-May-229:45 PM10:00 PMGrant Room
1100FriKevin BersingAdvanced6-May-221:30 PM1:45 PMGrant Room
2600FriKevin BersingMainstream6-May-222:30 PM2:40 PMMcKinley C Room
4200FriKevin BersingPlus6-May-223:30 PM3:40 PMMcKinley A & B Room
5600FriKevin BersingAdvanced6-May-224:15 PM4:30 PMGrant Room
7900FriKevin BersingDBD6-May-228:15 PM8:30 PMHayes Prefunction
9900FriKevin BersingAdvanced6-May-229:15 PM9:30 PMGrant Room
12300SatKevin BersingIntro to DBD7-May-2210:00 AM10:15 AMGrant Room
15000SatKevin BersingAdvanced7-May-2212:00 PM12:15 PMGrant Room
17100SatKevin BersingAdvanced7-May-221:15 PM1:30 PMGrant Room
18100SatKevin BersingDBD7-May-221:45 PM2:00 PMHayes Prefunction
19400SatKevin BersingDBD7-May-222:30 PM2:45 PMHayes Prefunction
20700SatKevin BersingPlus – Hot Hash7-May-223:10 PM3:20 PMMcKinley A & B Room
24400SatKevin BersingDBD7-May-228:15 PM8:30 PMHayes Prefunction
25400SatKevin BersingAdvanced7-May-228:45 PM9:00 PMGrant Room
27900SatKevin BersingPlus7-May-2210:00 PM10:10 PMMcKinley A & B Room
1000FriMike GormleyPlus6-May-221:30 PM1:40 PMMcKinley A & B Room
3400FriMike GormleyMainstream6-May-223:00 PM3:10 PMMcKinley C Room
5200FriMike GormleyPlus Meet & Greet6-May-224:00 PM4:15 PMHayes Prefunction
7700FriMike GormleyMainstream6-May-228:10 PM8:20 PMMcKinley C Room
11100FriMike GormleyMainstream6-May-2210:00 PM10:10 PMMcKinley C Room
12500SatMike GormleyMainstream – Grand Colonel Spin7-May-2210:20 AM10:40 AMMcKinley C Room
13700SatMike GormleyMainstream7-May-2211:10 AM11:20 AMMcKinley C Room
16300SatMike GormleyMainstream7-May-2212:50 PM1:00 PMMcKinley C Room
18600SatMike GormleyPlus7-May-222:00 PM2:10 PMMcKinley A & B Room
22000SatMike GormleyMainstream7-May-223:50 PM4:00 PMMcKinley C Room
23300SatMike GormleyMainstream7-May-224:40 PM4:50 PMMcKinley C Room
26200SatMike GormleyMainstream7-May-229:10 PM9:20 PMMcKinley C Room
28100SatMike GormleyPlus7-May-2210:10 PM10:20 PMMcKinley A & B Room
300FriRay WilesAdvanced6-May-221:00 PM1:15 PMGrant Room
4800FriRay WilesAdvanced6-May-223:45 PM4:00 PMGrant Room
6100FriRay WilesPlus6-May-224:30 PM4:40 PMMcKinley A & B Room
8600FriRay WilesDBD6-May-228:30 PM8:45 PMHayes Prefunction
11300FriRay WilesAdvanced6-May-2210:00 PM10:15 PMGrant Room
14800SatRay WilesAdvanced7-May-2211:45 AM12:00 PMGrant Room
17500SatRay WilesDBD7-May-221:30 PM1:45 PMHayes Prefunction
20800SatRay WilesAdvanced7-May-223:15 PM3:30 PMGrant Room
23400SatRay WilesAdvanced7-May-224:45 PM5:00 PMGrant Room
24500SatRay WilesAdvanced7-May-228:15 PM8:30 PMGrant Room
25500SatRay WilesDBD7-May-228:45 PM9:00 PMHayes Prefunction
26600SatRay WilesPlus7-May-229:20 PM9:30 PMMcKinley A & B Room
1900FriRay WilesDBD6-May-222:00 PM2:15 PMHayes Prefunction
2700FriRex ParkerPlus6-May-222:30 PM2:40 PMMcKinley A & B Room
4000FriRex ParkerMainstream6-May-223:20 PM3:30 PMMcKinley C Room
5700FriRex ParkerPlus Meet & Greet6-May-224:15 PM4:30 PMHayes Prefunction
9100FriRex ParkerMainstream6-May-228:50 PM9:00 PMMcKinley C Room
11925FriRex ParkerMainstream6-May-2210:20 PM10:30 PMMcKinley C Room
14000SatRex ParkerPlus7-May-2211:20 AM11:30 AMMcKinley A & B Room
16000SatRex ParkerMainstream7-May-2212:30 PM12:40 PMMcKinley C Room
17600SatRex ParkerMainstream7-May-221:30 PM1:40 PMMcKinley C Room
21700SatRex ParkerPlus7-May-223:40 PM3:50 PMMcKinley A & B Room
23600SatRex ParkerMainstream7-May-224:50 PM5:00 PMMcKinley C Room
26000SatRex ParkerMainstream7-May-229:00 PM9:10 PMMcKinley C Room
27200SatRex ParkerPlus7-May-229:40 PM9:50 PMMcKinley A & B Room
3000FriSteve AveryPlus6-May-222:40 PM2:50 PMMcKinley A & B Room
5500FriSteve AveryMainstream6-May-224:10 PM4:20 PMMcKinley C Room
6500FriSteve AveryMainstream6-May-224:40 PM4:50 PMMcKinley C Room
10100FriSteve AveryMainstream6-May-229:20 PM9:30 PMMcKinley C Room
11200FriSteve AveryPlus6-May-2210:00 PM10:10 PMMcKinley A & B Room
15700SatSteve AveryMainstream7-May-2212:20 PM12:30 PMMcKinley C Room
17700SatSteve AveryPlus7-May-221:30 PM1:40 PMMcKinley A & B Room
18800SatSteve AveryMainstream7-May-222:10 PM2:20 PMMcKinley C Room
20100SatSteve AveryMainstream7-May-222:50 PM3:00 PMMcKinley C Room
22300SatSteve AveryMainstream7-May-224:00 PM4:10 PMMcKinley C Room
23100SatSteve AveryPlus7-May-224:30 PM4:40 PMMcKinley A & B Room
27500SatSteve AveryMainstream7-May-229:50 PM10:00 PMMcKinley C Room
7800FriTom DavisPlus6-May-228:10 PM8:20 PMMcKinley A & B Room
9400FriTom DavisAdvanced6-May-229:00 PM9:15 PMGrant Room
11400FriTom DavisChallenge6-May-2210:00 PM10:15 PMHayes Prefunction
13100SatTom DavisIntro to Challenge7-May-2210:45 AM11:00 AMHayes Prefunction
14200SatTom DavisAdvanced7-May-2211:30 AM11:45 AMGrant Room
15400SatTom DavisPlus – Hot Hash7-May-2212:10 PM12:20 PMMcKinley A & B Room
17300SatTom DavisMainstream7-May-221:20 PM1:30 PMMcKinley C Room
18400SatTom DavisAdvanced7-May-222:00 PM2:15 PMGrant Room
19800SatTom DavisPlus7-May-222:40 PM2:50 PMMcKinley A & B Room
20900SatTom DavisChallenge7-May-223:15 PM3:30 PMHayes Prefunction
21900SatTom DavisChallenge7-May-223:45 PM4:00 PMHayes Prefunction
24100SatTom DavisPlus7-May-228:00 PM8:10 PMMcKinley A & B Room
28300SatTom DavisAdvanced7-May-2210:15 PM10:30 PMGrant Room
600FriTom ManningAdvanced6-May-221:15 PM1:30 PMGrant Room
1500FriTom ManningMainstream6-May-221:50 PM2:00 PMMcKinley C Room
2300FriTom ManningDBD6-May-222:15 PM2:30 PMHayes Prefunction
5300FriTom ManningAdvanced6-May-224:00 PM4:15 PMGrant Room
8000FriTom ManningAdvanced6-May-228:15 PM8:30 PMGrant Room
9500FriTom ManningDBD6-May-229:00 PM9:15 PMHayes Prefunction
11600FriTom ManningPlus6-May-2210:10 PM10:20 PMMcKinley A & B Room
12700SatTom ManningIntro to Advanced7-May-2210:30 AM10:45 AMGrant Room
15800SatTom ManningAdvanced7-May-2212:30 PM12:45 PMGrant Room
19000SatTom ManningDBD7-May-222:15 PM2:30 PMHayes Prefunction
22100SatTom ManningAdvanced7-May-224:00 PM4:15 PMGrant Room
24300SatTom ManningPlus7-May-228:10 PM8:20 PMMcKinley A & B Room
26400SatTom ManningAdvanced7-May-229:15 PM9:30 PMGrant Room
2500FriVelma DoyleMainstream6-May-222:20 PM2:30 PMMcKinley C Room
5900FriVelma DoyleMainstream6-May-224:20 PM4:30 PMMcKinley C Room
9300FriVelma DoyleMainstream6-May-229:00 PM9:10 PMMcKinley C Room
7200FriOpening Ceremonies6-May-227:00 PM8:00 PMMcKinley A & B Room
23700SatOpening Ceremonies7-May-227:00 PM8:00 PMMcKinley A & B Room
23650SatCleveland Heights Group of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society07-May-226:30 PM7:00 PMMcKinley A & B Room
11950SatJack PladdysEducation — How To Recruit New Callers07-May-229:00 AM10:00 AMPaws Restaurant Club Room
1350FriCarol PabstRounds06-May-221:50 PM2:00 PMMcKinley A & B Room
3050FriLinda WarrenRounds06-May-222:50 PM3:00 PMMcKinley A & B Room
4650FriLinda BishopRounds06-May-223:50 PM4:00 PMMcKinley A & B Room
8850FriDave BlaskisRounds06-May-228:50 PM9:00 PMMcKinley A & B Room
10650FriAmy RiehlRounds06-May-229:50 PM10:00 PMMcKinley A & B Room
14550SatNathan ParrottRounds07-May-2211:50 AM12:00 PMMcKinley A & B Room
15950SatGene EckleyRounds07-May-2212:50 PM1:00 PMMcKinley A & B Room
17950SatChuck BerryRounds07-May-221:50 PM2:00 PMMcKinley A & B Room
19850SatRich JohnsonRounds07-May-222:50 PM3:00 PMMcKinley A & B Room
21750SatAmy RiehlRounds07-May-223:50 PM4:00 PMMcKinley A & B Room
25350SatMark JohnsonRounds07-May-228:50 PM9:00 PMMcKinley A & B Room
27850SatShirley HeinyRounds07-May-229:50 PM10:00 PMMcKinley A & B Room
DayDateCuerTypeLevelStart TimeLocationEnd Time
100Fri5/6/2022BlaskisWZII7:30 PMHall A7:35 PM
200Fri5/6/2022HiltonBOLIII7:30 PMHall B7:35 PM
300Fri5/6/2022BlaskisTSII7:35 PMHall A7:40 PM
400Fri5/6/2022HiltonFTIV7:35 PMHall B7:40 PM
500Fri5/6/2022BlaskisCHAIII7:40 PMHall A7:45 PM
600Fri5/6/2022HiltonTGIII + 27:40 PMHall B7:45 PM
700Fri5/6/2022BlaskisFTIII7:45 PMHall A7:50 PM
800Fri5/6/2022HiltonMBIII + 27:45 PMHall B7:50 PM
900Fri5/6/2022BishopTSII7:50 PMHall A7:55 PM
1000Fri5/6/2022FulaytarJVIII + 17:50 PMHall B7:55 PM
1100Fri5/6/2022BishopWZII7:55 PMHall A8:00 PM
1200Fri5/6/2022FulaytarCHAIV + 0 + 17:55 PMHall B8:00 PM
1300Fri5/6/2022BishopRBIII + 18:00 PMHall A8:05 PM
1400Fri5/6/2022FulaytarRBV8:00 PMHall B8:05 PM
1500Fri5/6/2022BishopCHAIII + 18:05 PMHall A8:10 PM
1600Fri5/6/2022FulaytarBOLV8:05 PMHall B8:10 PM
1700Fri5/6/2022WarrenWZII8:10 PMHall A8:15 PM
1800Fri5/6/2022WintrowWZIII8:10 PMHall B8:15 PM
1900Fri5/6/2022WarrenTSII8:15 PMHall A8:20 PM
2000Fri5/6/2022WintrowFTIV8:15 PMHall B8:20 PM
2100Fri5/6/2022WarrenFTIII8:20 PMHall A8:25 PM
2200Fri5/6/2022WintrowSTSIV8:20 PMHall B8:25 PM
2300Fri5/6/2022WarrenCHAIII8:25 PMHall A8:30 PM
2400Fri5/6/2022WintrowCHAV8:25 PMHall B8:30 PM
2500Fri5/6/2022PabstWZII8:30 PMHall A8:35 PM
2600Fri5/6/2022ReinhardWZIII8:30 PMHall B8:35 PM
2700Fri5/6/2022PabstTSII8:35 PMHall A8:40 PM
2800Fri5/6/2022ReinhardRBIV + 2 + 18:35 PMHall B8:40 PM
2900Fri5/6/2022PabstCHAIII + 18:40 PMHall A8:45 PM
3000Fri5/6/2022ReinhardCHAIV + 1 + 18:40 PMHall B8:45 PM
3100Fri5/6/2022PabstRBIII + 18:45 PMHall A8:50 PM
3200Fri5/6/2022ReinhardFTIV8:45 PMHall B8:50 PM
3300Fri5/6/2022Johnson, RTSII8:50 PMHall A8:55 PM
3400Fri5/6/2022LewisBOLIII8:50 PMHall B8:55 PM
3500Fri5/6/2022Johnson, RWZII8:55 PMHall A9:00 PM
3600Fri5/6/2022LewisSTSIII8:55 PMHall B9:00 PM
3700Fri5/6/2022Johnson, RCHAIII9:00 PMHall A9:05 PM
3800Fri5/6/2022LewisJVIV9:00 PMHall B9:05 PM
3900Fri5/6/2022Johnson, RFTIII9:05 PMHall A9:10 PM
4000Fri5/6/2022LewisFTIV9:05 PMHall B9:10 PM
4100Fri5/6/2022BoozTSII9:10 PMHall A9:15 PM
4200Fri5/6/2022BerrySTSIII9:10 PMHall B9:15 PM
4300Fri5/6/2022BoozWZII + 19:15 PMHall A9:20 PM
4400Fri5/6/2022BerryCHAIV + 29:15 PMHall B9:20 PM
4500Fri5/6/2022BoozCHAIII9:20 PMHall A9:25 PM
4600Fri5/6/2022BerryWZIV + 29:20 PMHall B9:25 PM
4700Fri5/6/2022BoozRBIII + 29:25 PMHall A9:30 PM
4800Fri5/6/2022BerryRBV9:25 PMHall B9:30 PM
4900Fri5/6/2022EckleyWZII9:30 PMHall A9:35 PM
5000Fri5/6/2022MannTGIII + 29:30 PMHall B9:35 PM
5100Fri5/6/2022EckleyTSII + 19:35 PMHall A9:40 PM
5200Fri5/6/2022MannBOLIV + 29:35 PMHall B9:40 PM
5300Fri5/6/2022EckleyFTIII9:40 PMHall A9:45 PM
5400Fri5/6/2022MannCHAIV + 19:40 PMHall B9:45 PM
5500Fri5/6/2022EckleyCHAIII + 29:45 PMHall A9:50 PM
5600Fri5/6/2022MannRBV9:45 PMHall B9:50 PM
5700Sat5/7/2022Showcase of Rounds10:00 AMHall A11:00 AM
5800Sat5/7/2022Showcase of Rounds10:00 AMHall B11:00 AM
5900Sat5/7/2022LewisCHAIII11:00 AMHall A12:30 PM
6000Sat5/7/2022ReinhardTGIV + 211:00 AMHall B12:30 PM
6100Sat5/7/2022MannRBIII + 21:30 PMHall A3:00 PM
6200Sat5/7/2022HiltonJVIV + 11:30 PMHall B3:00 PM
6300Sat5/7/2022ParrotWZII3:00 PMHall A3:05 PM
6400Sat5/7/2022HiltonQSIII3:00 PMHall B3:05 PM
6500Sat5/7/2022ParrotTSII + 13:05 PMHall A3:10 PM
6600Sat5/7/2022HiltonRBIII3:05 PMHall B3:10 PM
6700Sat5/7/2022ParrotRBIII3:10 PMHall A3:15 PM
6800Sat5/7/2022HiltonCHAIV3:10 PMHall B3:15 PM
6900Sat5/7/2022ParrotCHAIII3:15 PMHall A3:20 PM
7000Sat5/7/2022HiltonFTIV3:15 PMHall B3:20 PM
7100Sat5/7/2022Johnson, MTSII3:20 PMHall A3:25 PM
7200Sat5/7/2022ReinhardMBIII3:20 PMHall B3:25 PM
7300Sat5/7/2022Johnson, MWZII3:25 PMHall A3:30 PM
7400Sat5/7/2022ReinhardSTSIII3:25 PMHall B3:30 PM
7500Sat5/7/2022Johnson, MRBIII3:30 PMHall A3:35 PM
7600Sat5/7/2022ReinhardBOLIV3:30 PMHall B3:35 PM
7700Sat5/7/2022Johnson, MFTIII3:35 PMHall A3:40 PM
7800Sat5/7/2022ReinhardWZIV3:35 PMHall B3:40 PM
7900Sat5/7/2022BishopTSII3:40 PMHall A3:45 PM
8000Sat5/7/2022WintrowRBIII3:40 PMHall B3:45 PM
8100Sat5/7/2022BishopWZII3:45 PMHall A3:50 PM
8200Sat5/7/2022WintrowJVIII3:45 PMHall B3:50 PM
8300Sat5/7/2022BishopFTIII3:50 PMHall A3:55 PM
8400Sat5/7/2022WintrowCHAIV + 2 + 13:50 PMHall B3:55 PM
8500Sat5/7/2022BishopCHAIII + 13:55 PMHall A4:00 PM
8600Sat5/7/2022WintrowWZIV3:55 PMHall B4:00 PM
8700Sat5/7/2022HeinyTSII4:00 PMHall A4:05 PM
8800Sat5/7/2022BoozFTIV4:00 PMHall B4:05 PM
8900Sat5/7/2022HeinyWZII4:05 PMHall A4:10 PM
9000Sat5/7/2022BoozJVIV4:05 PMHall B4:10 PM
9100Sat5/7/2022HeinyCHAIII4:10 PMHall A4:15 PM
9200Sat5/7/2022BoozWZIV4:10 PMHall B4:15 PM
9300Sat5/7/2022HeinyRBIII + 24:15 PMHall A4:20 PM
9400Sat5/7/2022BoozCHAIV4:15 PMHall B4:20 PM
9500Sat5/7/2022Johnson, RWZII4:20 PMHall A4:25 PM
9600Sat5/7/2022FulaytarBOLIII + 14:20 PMHall B4:25 PM
9700Sat5/7/2022Johnson, RTSII4:25 PMHall A4:30 PM
9800Sat5/7/2022FulaytarCHAIV + 2 + 14:25 PMHall B4:30 PM
9900Sat5/7/2022Johnson, RCHAIII4:30 PMHall A4:35 PM
10000Sat5/7/2022FulaytarRBIV + 14:30 PMHall B4:35 PM
10100Sat5/7/2022Johnson, RWZIII4:35 PMHall A4:40 PM
10200Sat5/7/2022FulaytarTGIII + 24:35 PMHall B4:40 PM
10300Sat5/7/2022PabstTSII4:40 PMHall A4:45 PM
10400Sat5/7/2022MannQSIII4:40 PMHall B4:45 PM
10500Sat5/7/2022PabstWZII + 14:45 PMHall A4:50 PM
10600Sat5/7/2022MannFTIV4:45 PMHall B4:50 PM
10700Sat5/7/2022PabstCHAIII + 14:50 PMHall A4:55 PM
10800Sat5/7/2022MannJVIV4:50 PMHall B4:55 PM
10900Sat5/7/2022PabstFTIII + 14:55 PMHall A5:00 PM
11000Sat5/7/2022MannRBV4:55 PMHall B5:00 PM
11100Sat5/7/2022EckleyWZII + 17:30 PMHall A7:35 PM
11200Sat5/7/2022HiltonJVIV7:30 PMHall B7:35 PM
11300Sat5/7/2022EckleyTSII + 17:35 PMHall A7:40 PM
11400Sat5/7/2022HiltonFTIV7:35 PMHall B7:40 PM
11500Sat5/7/2022EckleyCHAIII7:40 PMHall A7:45 PM
11600Sat5/7/2022HiltonBOLIII7:40 PMHall B7:45 PM
11700Sat5/7/2022EckleyFTIII + 27:45 PMHall A7:50 PM
11800Sat5/7/2022BerryTSII7:50 PMHall A7:55 PM
11900Sat5/7/2022LewisCHAIII7:50 PMHall B7:55 PM
12000Sat5/7/2022BerryWZII + 27:55 PMHall A8:00 PM
12100Sat5/7/2022LewisRBIV7:55 PMHall B8:00 PM
12200Sat5/7/2022BerryRBIII8:00 PMHall A8:05 PM
12300Sat5/7/2022LewisWZIV8:00 PMHall B8:05 PM
12400Sat5/7/2022BerryWZIII + 18:05 PMHall A8:10 PM
12500Sat5/7/2022ParrotTSII + 18:10 PMHall A8:15 PM
12600Sat5/7/2022MannJV/FTIII + 28:10 PMHall B8:15 PM
12700Sat5/7/2022ParrotWZII + 28:15 PMHall A8:20 PM
12800Sat5/7/2022MannBOLIV8:15 PMHall B8:20 PM
12900Sat5/7/2022ParrotFTIII + 28:20 PMHall A8:25 PM
13000Sat5/7/2022MannWZIV + 18:20 PMHall B8:25 PM
13100Sat5/7/2022ParrotCHAIII + 18:25 PMHall A8:30 PM
13200Sat5/7/2022MannFTV8:25 PMHall B8:30 PM
13300Sat5/7/2022BoozWZII8:30 PMHall A8:35 PM
13400Sat5/7/2022WintrowTGIII8:30 PMHall B8:35 PM
13500Sat5/7/2022BoozTSII8:35 PMHall A8:40 PM
13600Sat5/7/2022WintrowMBIV8:35 PMHall B8:40 PM
13700Sat5/7/2022BoozRBII8:40 PMHall A8:45 PM
13800Sat5/7/2022WintrowWZIV8:40 PMHall B8:45 PM
13900Sat5/7/2022BoozCHAIII8:45 PMHall A8:50 PM
14000Sat5/7/2022WintrowRBV8:45 PMHall B8:50 PM
14100Sat5/7/2022BlaskisWZII8:50 PMHall A8:55 PM
14200Sat5/7/2022ReinhardCHAIII8:50 PMHall B8:55 PM
14300Sat5/7/2022BlaskisTSII8:55 PMHall A9:00 PM
14400Sat5/7/2022ReinhardFTIV + 28:55 PMHall B9:00 PM
14500Sat5/7/2022BlaskisCHAIII9:00 PMHall A9:05 PM
14600Sat5/7/2022ReinhardJVIV + 2 + 19:00 PMHall B9:05 PM
14700Sat5/7/2022BlaskisRBIII9:05 PMHall A9:10 PM
14800Sat5/7/2022ReinhardWZV + 29:05 PMHall B9:10 PM
14900Sat5/7/2022WarrenTSII + 29:10 PMHall A9:15 PM
15000Sat5/7/2022FulaytarSTSIII + 19:10 PMHall B9:15 PM
15100Sat5/7/2022WarrenWZII + 29:15 PMHall A9:20 PM
15200Sat5/7/2022FulaytarCHAIV + 19:15 PMHall B9:20 PM
15300Sat5/7/2022WarrenFTIII9:20 PMHall A9:25 PM
15400Sat5/7/2022FulaytarBOLIV9:20 PMHall B9:25 PM
15500Sat5/7/2022WarrenCHAIII9:25 PMHall A9:30 PM
15600Sat5/7/2022FulaytarMBIV9:25 PMHall B9:30 PM
15700Sat5/7/2022HeinyJVIV9:30 PMHall B9:35 PM
15800Sat5/7/2022HeinyWZIV9:35 PMHall B9:40 PM
15900Sat5/7/2022HeinyCHAIV + 29:40 PMHall B9:45 PM
16000Sat5/7/2022HeinyRBV9:45 PMHall B9:50 PM

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