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Club / EventLast UpdatedPhotosVideo Playlist
2022 General Butler Bash2022-01-29PhotosVideos
2022 Snowball Dance2022-02-28PhotosVideos
Square Dance Time2020/04/09Video
Hitler Upset 2020 Ohio Square Dance Convention Cancelled2020/04/01Video
Grove City Western Squares2020/03/012020 Photos
Miami Valley Dance Council2020/02/28Videos
Westerville Promenaders2020/02/152020 Photos
2020 Snowball Dance2020/02/09PhotosVideos
2020 General Butler Bash2020/01/25PhotosVideos
Midwest Caller's College Graduation2020/01/18PhotosVideos
Cardinal Squares / KittyHawks New Year's Eve Dance2019/12/31PhotosVideos
Wiggle Wave
2019 Montage Video2019/12/24Video
Nancy Daye Remembrance Dance2019/12/14PhotosVideos
Grove City Western Squares2019/12/14All Grove City Videos
2019 Day of "A"2019/12/08Photos
Double H Squares Veterans Dance2019/11/15Photos
2019 Yellow Rock Dance2019/11/10PhotosVideos
Dance To Find A Cure2019/10/27PhotosAll Videos
Naw Naw Stuart
Newbie Wes
Blue Ribbon Backtrackers2019/10/182019 PhotosAll Videos
COCDC Demo2019/10/12All Videos
Smokin' In Rail City (2019)2019/09/28Photos
Little Brown Jug2019/09/202019 Photos
Little Brown Jug2019/09/20All LBJ Videos
Buckeye A2s2019/09/152019 Photos
Buckeye A2s2019/09/15All Buckeye A2 Videos
Fusion Square Dance2019/09/08PhotosVideos
360 Degree Videos
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2019/09/08All 360 Degree Videos
Orbiting Squares2019/09/072019 Photos
Orbiting Squares2019/09/07All Orbiting Videos
Grove City Western Squares2019/08/312019 Photos
Maple Leaf Squares2019/08/25Dancer Appreciation -- Tony Oxendine Photos
Maple Leaf Squares2019/08/25All Maple Leaf Videos
COCDC: Columbus Clippers2019/08/19Columbus Clippers PhotosColumbus Clippers Videos
Frontier Squares2019/07/032019 Photos
GSI Caller School (2019)2019/07/01Atlanta PhotosAtlanta Videos
National Square Dance Convention (2019 -- Atlanta)2019/06/30Atlanta Round Dance Showcase Photos2019 Atlanta Round Dance Videos
National Square Dance Convention (2019 -- Atlanta)2019/06/30Atlanta Photo Montage Video
National Square Dance Convention (2019 -- Atlanta)2019/06/30All 2019 Atlanta Videos
National Square Dance Convention (2019 -- Atlanta)2019/06/29Atlanta Fashion Show PhotosAtlanta Fashion Show Video
National Square Dance Convention (2019 -- Atlanta)2019/06/28Atlanta Pedestrian Bridge Dance PhotosAtlanta Pedestrian Bridge Video
National Square Dance Convention (2019 -- Atlanta)2019/06/276/27/2019
Atlanta Photos
National Square Dance Convention (2019 -- Atlanta)2019/06/27Atlanta Clogger Demo PhotosAtlanta Clogger Demo Video
National Square Dance Convention (2019 -- Atlanta)2019/06/266/26/2019
Atlanta Photos
National Square Dance Convention (2019 -- Atlanta)2019/06/256/25/2019
Atlanta Photos
Cardinal Squares2019/06/1740th Anniversary Photos40th Anniversary Videos
Malabar Farms2019/05/26All Malabar Farm Videos
Friendly Ties2019/05/252019 Photos
Malabar Farms2019/05/252019 Photos
Friendly Ties2019/05/21All Friendly Ties Videos
Ohio State Convention (2019)2019/05/072019 Videos
Ohio State Convention (2019)2019/05/04Aurora -- 5/4/19 Photos
Ohio State Convention (2019)2019/05/03Aurora -- 5/3/19 Photos
Ohio State Convention (2019)2019/05/02Aurora -- 5/2/19 Photos
Bucks and Does2019/04/162019 Photos
Bucks and Does2019/04/16All Bucks and Does Videos
Westerville Promenaders2019/04/07All Westerville Videos
Westerville Promenaders2019/04/062019 Photos
Maple Leaf Squares2019/03/242019 Photos
Pam Courts Benefit2019/03/18PhotosVideos
Hi Timers2019/03/07All Hi Timers Videos
St. Mary's Tri-Squares2019/02/2550th Anniversary Photos50th Anniversay Videos
2019 Snowball Dance2019/02/102019 PhotosAll Snowball Videos
Dixie Squares2019/02/082019 Photos
Dixie Squares2019/02/08All Dixie Squares Videos
Wes Fenton Benefit2019/02/03PhotosLive Feed Video
COCDC: 2019 Pre-Snowball2019/01/262019 PhotosAll Pre-Snowball Videos
Orbiting Squares2019/01/012018 Photos
Grove City Western Squares2018/12/292018 Photos
Bucks and Does2018/12/282018 Photos
Little Brown Jug2018/12/212018 Photos
Friendly Ties2018/12/162018 Photos
Westerville Promenaders2018/12/152018 Photos
COCDC: 2018 Toys for Tots2018/12/092018 Photos2018 Videos
Frontier Squares2018/11/302018 Photos
Rambling House2018/11/222018 Photos
Rambling House2018/11/21All Rambling House Videos
Hicks and Chicks2018/11/21All Hicks and Chicks Videos
Maple Leaf Squares2018/10/282018 Photos
Hicks and Chcks2018/10/202018 Photos
Charity Defib Fundraiser2018/10/14PhotosVideos
Malabar Farms2018/09/292018 Photos
Johnny Appleseed2018/09/232018 Photos
Johnny Appleseed2018/09/22All Appleseed Videos
National Singles Square Dance (2018)2018/09/032018 PhotosVideos
Michigan State Convention (2018)2018/08/20Videos
Michigan State Convention (2018)2018/08/188/18/2018 Photos
Michigan State Convention (2018)2018/08/178/17/2018 Photos
Michigan State Convention (2018)2018/08/168/16/2018 Photos
COCDC: Ohio State Fair Demo2018/07/28Photos
Hi Timers2018/07/182018 Photos
National Square Dance Convention (2018 -- Kansas City)2018/06/306/30/2018
Kansas City Photos
National Square Dance Convention (2018 -- Kansas City)2018/06/302018 Kansas City Videos
National Square Dance Convention (2018 -- Kansas City)2018/06/296/29/2018
Kansas City Photos
National Square Dance Convention (2018 -- Kansas City)2018/06/286/28/2018
Kansas City Photos
National Square Dance Convention (2018 -- Kansas City)2018/06/276/27/2018
Kansas City Photos
National Square Dance Convention (2018 -- Kansas City)2018/06/266/26/2018
Kansas City Photos
HOOTS2018/06/192018 Photos
Ohio State Convention (2018)2018/05/05Columbus -- 5/5/2018 Photos
Ohio State Convention (2018)2018/05/052018 Videos
Ohio State Convention (2018)2018/05/04Columbus -- 5/4/2018 Photos
Ohio State Convention (2018)2018/05/03Columbus -- 5/3/2018 Photos
National Singles Square Dance (2017)2017/09/012017 Photos
A Sharps Virtual Zoom Dance2020/06/25Videos
Virus Be Damned Dance2021-02-28PhotosVideos
Blue Ribbon Backtrackers2020/06/202020 PhotosAll  Videos
Clinton County Country Squares2020-09-032020 PhotosAll Videos
2020 Dale Hollow Dance2020-08-30Photos

2020 Montage

All Videos

Jaye Fitch's 90th Birthday Parade2020-09-27Photos

Birds eye view of the whole parade

Car by Car With Jaye's Reaction

Cleveland Federation Dance2020-10-31PhotosVideos
RIP Jerry Story2020-12-20Video
2020 Montage2020-12-24Video
Columbus Square Dance Video News January 20212021-01-16Video
Columbus Square Dance Video News March 20212021-02-21Video
Columbus Square Dance Video News May 20212021-04-24Video
Columbus Square Dance Video News April 20212021-03-22Video
2 Old Goats and the Kid (2021)2021-04-10PhotosVideos
Caller Ken Roberts Memorial Video2021-05-20Video
Setting Up to Record the June 2021 Video News2021-05-23Video
Columbus Square Dance Video News November 20212021-10-23Video
Columbus Square Dance Video News October 20212021-09-28Video
Columbus Square Dance Video News September 20212021-08-22Video
Columbus Square Dance Video News July / August 20212021-07-04Video
Columbus Square Dance Video News March / April 20222022-03-01Video
Columbus Square Dance Video News December 20212021-11-30Video
Columbus Square Dance Video News June 20212021-05-24Video
Dancers' Day Out -- Wes Dyer Celebration2021-05-30PhotosVideos
GSI Caller School -- Jackson NSDC2021-06-21Photos
National Square Dance Convention (2021 -- Jackson) Tuesday Trail End Dance2021-06-22Photos
National Square Dance Convention (2021 -- Jackson) 6/25/2021 Photos2021-06-25Photos
National Square Dance Convention (2021 -- Jackson) 6/26/2021 Photos2021-06-26Photos
National Square Dance Convention (2021 -- Jackson) Videos2021-06-26Videos
National Square Dance Convention (2021 -- Jackson) Photo Montage2021-06-28Video
National Square Dance Convention (2021 -- Jackson) 6/24/2021 Photos2021-06-24Photos
2021 Rockin' Dance Fest2021-07-17PhotosVideos
Some Heroes Don't Wear Capes (Square Dance Marketing Video)2021-07-19Video
2021 Bucks and Does / Orbiting Squares2021-07-24PhotosVideos
Square Dance Flyer Creation using -- Video 1 of 32021-07-24Video
Hicks and Chicks2021-07-26PhotosVideos
Ed and Carol's 50th Anniversary2021-07-31PhotosVideo
2021 Friendly Ties2021-08-01PhotosVideos
2021 Tennessee State Convention2021-08-07Photos
2021 Grove City Western Squares2021-08-15PhotosVideos
Buddy Weaver: A November 2021 Columbus Square Dance News Leftover2021-10-25Video
Bloopers: September 2021 Video News2021-08-24Video
COCDC Fundraiser Church for Gahanna Congregational Church2021-08-30PhotosVideos
Chuck N Ray -- Marietta Dance Weekend2021-09-04Video
Dance Between The Lakes2021-10-10PhotosMontage Video
2022 Ohio Convention Kick Off Dance2021-10-17PhotosVideos
2021 Indiana Convention2021-11-08PhotosVideos
A2 Dance With A Little Help From The Movie Stars2021-10-26Video
2 Old Goats and the Kid 2.02021-10-20Video
One Word . . . and more2021-11-11Video
2021 Day of A2021-12-04PhotosVideos
2021 Christmas Card2021-12-16PhotosVideo
Art Gallery2021-12-11Photos
2021 Federama2021-12-13PhotosVideos
2021 Year in Review Montage2021-12-14Video
Merry Christmas -- 71nsdc.org2021-12-16Video
Gem City 2021 New Year's Eve Dance2021-12-31PhotosVideos
Square Dance Geek2021-11-26Video
Jaye Fitch -- Square Dance Caller2022-02-22Video
Kitty Hawks Black Light Night2022-03-18Videos
2022 Ohio Convention -- Celebrating 330 Registrations2022-03-21Video
2022 Turkey Run2022-03-27PhotosMontage Video
Sherry Pladdys -- Cold Shower
Honeysuckle Heaven -- Mobile
Cardinal Squares Prom Night2022-04-16Dance Photos
Prom Photos
CALLERLAB 47th Annual Convention2022-04-17Photos -- Sunday April 10, 2022
Photos -- Monday, April 11, 2022
Photos -- Tuesday, April 12, 2022
After Hours Dance Montage Video
Some Lectures
2020 / 2022 COCDC Honoree Dance2022-04-23PhotosVideos
2022 Ohio Convention -- Not A Lot of Time Left!2022-04-25Video
Spring 2022 SSD -- Social Square Dancing News2022-05-01Video
January 2022 SSD -- Social Square Dancing News2022-01-01Video
Just For Fun Squares2022-06-05PhotosVideos
Frontier Squares 2022 Picnic in the Park2022-06-05PhotosAll Videos
2022 Friendly Ties2022-06-05PhotosVideos
Nothing At All To Do With Square Dancing2022-06-12Video
2022 Nationals (Evansville) Trail End Dance2022-06-21Photos
2022 GSI Caller School Graduation2022-06-22Photos
2022 Nationals (Evansville) (6/23/2022)2022-06-23Photos
2022 Nationals (Evansville) (6/24/2022)2022-06-24Photos
2022 Nationals (Evansville) Videos2022-06-28Videos
2022 Nationals (Evansville) Advanced Hall (6/22/2022)2022-06-22Photos
2022 Nationals (Evansville) Photo Montage2022-06-30Video
2022 Grove City Western Squares2022-10-30PhotosVideos
2022 Tennessee State Convention2022-08-06Photos
Grove City Western Squares2022-08-2820th Anniversary Video
Westerville Promenaders2023-02-182022 PhotosVideos
Marietta Labor Day Weekend (Grand Scratch Tour)2022-09-05Grand Scratch Tour Video
Fall 2022 SSD News2022-09-29Video
Faye Laudenschlager -- Jingle Bells2022-10-04Video
2022 Indiana State Convention2022-11-06Photos
Completely Amazing Computer Generated Art (Not really anything to do with square dancing, but it's my site, so, ya know, I can do what I want!)2023-01-01Photos
2022 Yellow Rock Dance2022-11-16PhotosVideos
2022 Grand Sqauares2022-11-26Photos
2022 St. Mary's Tri-Squares2022-11-27Photos
2022 Day of A2022-12-05PhotosVideos
Kati Raleigh Benefit Dance (Columbus) (12/4/22)2022-12-06PhotosVideos
Grove City Western Squares2023-01-01PhotosVideos
2022 Year End Video Montage2022-12-16Video
2022 Year End Picture Montage2022-12-16Video
2023 General Butler Bash2023-02-03PhotosVideos
Worthington Christian School Demo2023-02-11PhotosVideo
2023 Honoree Bios2023-02-24Videos
St. Mary's Tri-Squares2023-02-25PhotosVideos
Miami Valley Callers' Assn Caller School2023-02-25PhotosVideos
American Square Dance Magazine -- Square Dance Tech Articles2024-01-05Videos
2023 COCDC Honoree Dance2023-03-13PhotosCeremony Video
2023 Cardinal Squares Prom Dance2023-04-15PhotosVideo
2023 CALLERLAB (4/23/23)2023-04-23Photos
2023 CALLERLAB (4/25/23)2023-04-25Photos
2023 CALLERLAB (4/24/23)2023-04-24Photos
65th New England Square Dance Convention2023-04-29Photos (Day 1 - 4/28/23)

Photos (Day 2 - 4/29/23)
2025 New England Convention Digital Marketing / Website Presentation2023-04-28Video
2023 Ohio Convention2023-05-04Trail End Dance Photos (5/4/2023)

Friday (5/5/2023)

Saturday (5/6/2023)
2023 Nationals (Mobile) (Closing Ceremony -- 6/24/23)2023-06-24Photos
2023 Nationals (Mobile) (Day 4 - 6/23/23)2023-06-23Photos
2023 Nationals (Mobile) (Day 3 - 6/22/23)2023-06-22Photos
2023 Nationals (Mobile) (Day 2 - 6/21/23)2023-06-21Photos
2023 Nationals (Videos)2023-06-24Videos
2023 Nationals (Mobile) (Day 1 - 6/20/23)2023-06-20Photos
Hicks and Chicks 2023 Media2023-11-19PhotosVideos
A2 Weekend Pride Resort Maggie Valley, NC2023-09-10PhotosVideos
Mixer Blues -- When Equalizers Go Bad2023-09-18Video
2023 Smokin' In Rail City2023-09-23PhotosVideos
Makes Me Dance (September 2023)2023-09-09Video
Makes Me Dance (November 20232023-11-23Video
Makes Me Dance (October 2023)2023-10-14Video
CALLERLAB Executive Committee Dance2023-10-16PhotosVideos
The "A" Team2023-10-17PhotosVideos
Special Moment Featuring Buddy & Kathy2023-10-18Video
2023 Grove City Western Squares2023-10-30PhotosVideos
Teresa and Those Old Guys2023-11-03Video
2023 Yellow Rock Dance2023-11-12Photos
Goodbye 20232023-12-30Video
Ronald McDonald House Visit by COCDC2024-01-12Photos
2024 General Butler2024-01-28PhotosVideos
2024 Grove City Western Squares2024-02-11Photos
Top Of The Line Cruise2024-02-11PhotosVideos
Top Of The Line Cruise -- Flash Mob2024-02-12Video
Buckeye A2s2024-02-25Photos
2024 COCDC Honoree Dance2024-03-10PhotosProgressive Squares
Honoree Ceremony
2024 CALLERLAB Convention2024-03-27Photos:  3/24/24
Photos:  3/25/24
Photos:  3/26/24
2024 Women in Calling Institute2024-03-24Photos
2024 Ohio Convention (Trail End 5/9/24)2024-05-09Photos - 5/9/24
2024 Ohio Convention (Saturday 5/11/24)2024-05-11Photos - 5/11/24
2024 Ohio Convention2024-05-15Videos
2024 Ohio Convention (Friday 5/10/24)2024-05-10Photos - 5/10/24
You Might Be A Square Dance Caller2024-06-02Video
Columbus Arts Festival Exhibition2024-06-09PhotosVideos
2024 Nationals -- Milwaukee -- 6/29/242024-06-29Photos
2024 Nationals -- Milwaukee -- Videos2024-06-29Videos
2024 Nationals -- Milwaukee -- 6/28/242024-06-28Photos
2024 Nationals -- Milwaukee -- 6/27/242024-06-27Photos
2024 Nationals Trail In Dance -- Milwaukee -- 6/25/242024-06-25Photos
2024 GSI Caller School -- 2024 Nationals -- Milwaukee2024-06-26Photos
Ray Brendzy Keynote Address -- 2024 Nationals -- Milwaukee2024-06-28Photos
Homer Magnet Memorial Scholarship Dance2024-07-13PhotosVideo