Promotional Videos

Non-Customizable Promotional Videos You Can Put on Social Media

Here are a few promotional videos you can use in your social media accounts.  They are 45 to 90 seconds in length.  They don’t carry a crawler, so if you post to social media, you’ll need to include contact information within your post.

The videos are “attention grabbers.”  Use the videos to grab a viewer’s attention and then provide information within the post.  Just link directly to the video using the links under the video display.

There is no sound to these videos.

Customizable Promotion Videos for Social Media

Videos which appear here can be customized to include your contact information at the end of the video.  Use the form at the bottom of this page to request a customization.

When the customization is complete you’ll receive a link to download the video.  In addition, you’ll receive a license permitting the use of the music within the video.  The music comes from  I have a subscription which allows me to use digital media in commercial ventures.  I will create a license which will cover your use on social media.

There is (obviously) sound to these videos, but the sound is muted here.  Feel free to turn the sound on to get the full experience.

Long (30+ Minute) Customizable Promotional Video

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then a video should be worth at least a million, right?

The crawler information as shown on the sample above can be customized for your organization.  There is no cost.

Many clubs, councils, federations, and organizations hold demonstration and exhibition dances throughout the year.  By toting along a computer and a monitor or two, you can display attractive promotion videos to help draw attention.  By providing contact information on the video, you’ll be able to reach more potential students.

In the form below please provide me with the information you’d like on the crawler.  As a suggestion, you may want to consider leaving the information as generic as possible.  For example, don’t include a specific contact PERSON, a specific DATE, or specific class LOCATION.  This way, the video can be reused even if that specific person leaves the organization, the date passes, or the venue changes.  Provide contact information which is unlikely to change, i.e., a website URL, or a generic contact email address.

Once the customization has been completed, you’ll receive an email providing you with a link to download the video.  

The photo montage is 30:09 minutes.  There are approximately 450 pictures in the montage.   The completed video will be between 1.7 GB and 2.0 GB in size.  Special thanks to Tony Oxendine for allowing me to use Royal  Records’ music throughout this video.  Give Tony a big Yellow Rock the next time you see him!

The video is in MP4 format.  If you don’t have a good video player on your computer, download VLC Player.  It’s completely free, works on every kind of operating system, and it can display any kind of video.  You can download VLC player by clicking here.  The video has sound, but if you don’t want the sound, simply turn your monitor speakers off.