Promotional Videos

Customizable Promotion Videos for Social Media

Videos which appear here can be customized to include your contact information at the end of the video.  Use the form at the bottom of this page to request a customization.

When the customization is complete you’ll receive an email from Dropbox to download the videos.

One “mistake” to avoid is adding these to your club / organization’s Facebook page(s).  That’s not going to do any good as the only people who go to those pages are the members.  You need to get the videos in front of other eyeballs.  Search for other local dance groups, church groups, “things to do” groups and ask if it’s ok to post those videos in those groups.  Ask your club members to post it to their personal pages to reach out to their friends and family who aren’t square dancers.

Freely add them to your club’s website, however.  Above the fold on a your site’s home page is a good place.

There is sound to these videos, but the sound is muted here.  Feel free to turn the sound on to get the full experience.

If you request more than 4 videos, please include a reason why in the “Other Information” block of the form below.  Many people simply request all the videos since they’re all “free.”  But each video does require me to individually produce it.  If you’ve got a great reason why you need more than four, I’d like to know why — so I can  pass those ideas along.

Take Me Dancing

Epic Square Dance Promo (Turn the sound on for this one.)

Epic Square Dance Promo Without Text / Non-Customizable / Downloadable

Click the download button. When the video appears in a separate window, follow the instructions for your particular browser to download the file.  It’s 435MB.  You will see a message that Google didn’t scan it for viruses as it’s too big.  It’s safe, you can download it.

Mr. Square Dance

Video Walls

We've Seen You Dance

Talking Heads

3D Cube

Laser Logo

Multi Video Square Dance Logo

Text Messaging

Lonely and Bored

Come Square Dance

Why Square Dance


80s Style

Beginner Promo



One Night Party Promo (This one is primarily for callers.)


In the form below please provide me with the information you’d like on the customization.  

As a suggestion, you may want to consider leaving the information as generic as possible.  For example, don’t include a specific contact PERSON, a specific DATE, or specific class LOCATION.  This way, the video can be reused even if that specific person leaves the organization, the date passes, or the venue changes.  Provide contact information which is unlikely to change, i.e., a website URL, or a generic contact email address.

Once the customization has been completed, you’ll receive an email providing you with a link to download the video.  

The video is in MP4 format.  If you don’t have a good video player on your computer, download VLC Player.  It’s completely free, works on every kind of operating system, and it can display any kind of video.  You can download VLC player by clicking here.  The video has sound, but if you don’t want the sound, simply turn your monitor speakers off.