Websites are 24/7/365 brochures.  Your website may literally be the very first impression a potential dancer has of you.

As the web is a visual medium, sites should be bold and colorful.  Square Dance websites for clubs and events should feature pictures of smiling faces and people having fun.  Caller sites should showcase varied talents and examples of your work.  Video is tremendously powerful; it can tell a story far more effectively than a block of boring text.

Just as importantly your site needs to look good on mobile devices.  Full responsiveness is critical to today’s audiences who view everything on small screens.

Here are a select few of the literally dozens of sites created for square dance clubs, callers, councils, federations, conventions, and events.

Tony Oxendine

American Square Dance Magazine

Mike Seastrom

Buddy Weaver

National Square Dance Convention National Executive Committee

Jack Pladdys

Tom Davis

Columbus Square Dance

Hunter Keller

71st National Square Dance Convention

Glastonbury Square Dance Club

Jason Raleigh

General Butler Bash

Gem City Squares

Kristy Woods

TO/TL Recordings

Cleveland Federation of Square and Round Dance Clubs

TO/TL Productions

Georgia State Square Dancers Association

Shauna Kaaria