2022 Virginia Convention Schedule

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100ThuBob ClinebellMainstream5/19/20227:00 PM7:30 PMBallroom B & C
200ThuElbert HarrisonMainstream5/19/20227:00 PM7:30 PMBallroom B & C
300ThuMike McIntryeMainstream5/19/20227:00 PM7:30 PMBallroom B & C
400ThuEileen HopperPhase II-IV5/19/20227:00 PM7:30 PMPetersburg
500ThuOPENING CEREMONY5/19/20227:30 PM8:00 PMBallroom B & C
600ThuJeremy ButlerMainstream 2X25/19/20228:00 PM9:00 PMBallroom B & C
700ThuEd PabstMainstream 2X25/19/20228:00 PM9:00 PMBallroom B & C
800ThuBob WorleyMainstream 2X25/19/20228:00 PM9:00 PMBallroom B & C
900ThuMatt WorleyMainstream 2X25/19/20228:00 PM9:00 PMBallroom B & C
1000ThuMike McIntryeRounds5/19/20228:00 PM9:00 PMBallroom B & C
1100ThuVarious CuersRounds5/19/20228:00 PM9:00 PMPetersburg
1200ThuChristina EumPhase II-IV5/19/20228:00 PM9:00 PMPetersburg
1300ThuDrew ScearcePlus5/19/20229:00 PM10:00 PMBallroom B & C
1400ThuMonk MooreMainstream5/19/20229:00 PM10:00 PMBallroom B & C
1500ThuArt LavignePlus5/19/20229:00 PM10:00 PMBallroom B & C
1600ThuElbert HarrisonMainstream5/19/20229:00 PM10:00 PMBallroom B & C
1700ThuBob ClinebellPlus5/19/20229:00 PM10:00 PMBallroom B & C
1800ThuMike McIntryeMainstream5/19/20229:00 PM10:00 PMBallroom B & C
1900ThuCalvin CroffordPhase II-V5/19/20229:00 PM10:00 PMPetersburg
2000ThuVarious CallersMainstream5/19/202210:00 PM10:30 PMBallroom B & C
2100ThuSue Van HornPhase II-V5/19/202210:00 PM10:30 PMPetersburg
2200FriEileen HopperPhase IV+2 Paso Doble5/20/202210:00 AM12:00 PMPetersburgWorkshop
2300FriVarious CallersMainstream5/20/202210:00 AM10:30 PMBallroom B & C
2400FriChristina EumPhase II-VI5/20/202210:00 AM10:30 PMPetersburg
2500FriArt LavignePlus Workshop5/20/202210:00 AM11:00 AMBallroom B & CWorkshop
2600FriBob WorleyMainstream Workshop5/20/202210:00 AM11:00 AMRichmond AWorkshop
2700FriBob ClinebellPlus5/20/202211:00 AM12:00 PMBallroom B & C
2800FriMonk MoorePlus5/20/202211:00 AM12:00 PMBallroom B & C
2900FriElbert HarrisonMainstream5/20/202211:00 AM12:00 PMRichmond A
3000FriKatherine LawsonMainstream5/20/202211:00 AM12:00 PMRichmond A
3100FriCraft / Sewing Panel5/20/20221:00 PM2:00 PMAmpitheater
3200FriCalvin CroffordPhase II-V5/20/20221:00 PM2:00 PMPetersburg
3300FriGene ChamberlainPlus5/20/20222:00 PM3:00 PMBallroom B & C
3400FriEd PabstPlus5/20/20222:00 PM3:00 PMBallroom B & C
3500FriChristina EumPhase III+2 Cha/STS5/20/20222:00 PM3:00 PMPetersburgWorkshop
3600FriMike McIntryeMainstream5/20/20222:00 PM3:00 PMRichmond A
3700FriDrew ScearceMainstream5/20/20222:00 PM3:00 PMRichmond A
3800FriJeremy ButlerIntro to Advanced5/20/20222:00 PM3:00 PMNew MarketWorkshop
3900FriBob ClinebellPlus5/20/20223:00 PM4:00 PMBallroom B & C
4000FriMonk MoorePlus5/20/20223:00 PM4:00 PMBallroom B & C
4100FriSue Van HornPhase III+2 Rumba5/20/20223:00 PM4:00 PMPetersburgWorkshop
4200FriElbert HarrisonHigh Energy Mainstream5/20/20223:00 PM4:00 PMRichmond A
4300FriMatt WorleyHigh Energy Mainstream5/20/20223:00 PM4:00 PMRichmond A
4400FriArt LavigneAdvanced5/20/20223:00 PM4:00 PMNew Market
4500FriJim KlinePhase II-V5/20/20224:00 PM5:00 PMPetersburg
4600FriJeremy ButlerPlus DBD5/20/20224:00 PM5:00 PMNew Market
4700FriKatherine LawsonMainstream5/20/20227:00 PM7:30 PMBallroom B & C
4800FriMonk MooreMainstream5/20/20227:00 PM7:30 PMBallroom B & C
4900FriBob ClinebellMainstream5/20/20227:00 PM7:30 PMBallroom B & C
5000FriKen RyderPhase II-IV5/20/20227:00 PM7:30 PMPetersburg
5100FriJeremy ButlerAdvanced5/20/20227:00 PM7:30 PMRichmond A
5200FriEvening Ceremony5/20/20227:30 PM8:00 PMBallroom B & C
5300FriDrew ScearcePlus 2X25/20/20228:00 PM9:00 PMBallroom B & C
5400FriGene ChamberlainPlus 2X25/20/20228:00 PM9:00 PMBallroom B & C
5500FriEd PabstPlus 2X25/20/20228:00 PM9:00 PMBallroom B & C
5600FriCarol PabstRounds5/20/20228:00 PM9:00 PMBallroom B & C
5700FriSue Van HornPhase II-V5/20/20228:00 PM9:00 PMPetersburg
5800FriElbert HarrisonMainstream5/20/20228:00 PM9:00 PMRichmond A
5900FriBob WorleyMainstream5/20/20228:00 PM9:00 PMRichmond A
6000FriMatt WorleyMainstream5/20/20228:00 PM9:00 PMRichmond A
6100FriKatherine LawsonMainstream 2X25/20/20229:00 PM10:00 PMBallroom B & C
6200FriJeremy ButlerMainstream 2X25/20/20229:00 PM10:00 PMBallroom B & C
6300FriMike McIntryeMainstream 2X25/20/20229:00 PM10:00 PMBallroom B & C
6400FriMike McIntryeRounds5/20/20229:00 PM10:00 PMBallroom B & C
6500FriEileen HopperPhase II-VI5/20/20229:00 PM10:00 PMPetersburg
6600FriArt LavignePlus DBD5/20/20229:00 PM10:00 PMRichmond A
6700SatVASARDA Annual Meeting5/21/20229:00 AM10:00 AMAmpitheater
6800SatJeremy ButlerPlus Workshop5/21/202210:00 AM11:00 AMBallroom B & CWorkshop
6900SatKen RyderPhase IV+2+1 Bolero5/21/202210:00 AM11:00 AMPetersburgWorkshop
7000SatArt LavigneMainstream Workshop5/21/202210:00 AM11:00 AMRichmond AWorkshop
7100SatElbert HarrisonPlus5/21/202211:00 AM12:00 PMBallroom B & C
7200SatMike McIntryePlus5/21/202211:00 AM12:00 PMBallroom B & C
7300SatKen RyderPhase III+2 Waltz5/21/202211:00 AM12:00 PMPetersburgWorkshop
7400SatBob WorleyMainstream5/21/202211:00 AM12:00 PMRichmond A
7500SatMatt WorleyMainstream5/21/202211:00 AM12:00 PMRichmond A
7600SatSue Van HornPhase II-IV5/21/20221:00 PM2:00 PMPetersburg
7700SatGene ChamberlainPlus 2X25/21/20222:00 PM3:00 PMBallroom B & C
7800SatArt LavignePlus 2X25/21/20222:00 PM3:00 PMBallroom B & C
7900SatChristina EumRounds5/21/20222:00 PM3:00 PMBallroom B & C
8000SatJim KlinePhase IV Rumba5/21/20222:00 PM3:00 PMPetersburgWorkshop
8100SatMonk MooreMainstream5/21/20222:00 PM3:00 PMRichmond A
8200SatElbert HarrisonMainstream5/21/20222:00 PM3:00 PMRichmond A
8300SatJeremy ButlerAdvanced5/21/20222:00 PM3:00 PMNew Market
8400SatDrew ScearcePlus 2X25/21/20223:00 PM4:00 PMBallroom B & C
8500SatEd PabstPlus 2X25/21/20223:00 PM4:00 PMBallroom B & C
8600SatCarol PabstRounds5/21/20223:00 PM4:00 PMBallroom B & C
8700SatJim KlinePhase III HC Waltz5/21/20223:00 PM4:00 PMPetersburgWorkshop
8800SatBob WorleyMainstream5/21/20223:00 PM4:00 PMRichmond A
8900SatMatt WorleyMainstream5/21/20223:00 PM4:00 PMRichmond A
9000SatMike McIntryeIntro to Plus DBD5/21/20223:00 PM4:00 PMNew MarketWorkshop
9100SatGene ChamberlainHigh Energy Mainstream5/21/20224:00 PM5:00 PMBallroom B & C
9200SatElbert HarrisonHigh Energy Mainstream5/21/20224:00 PM5:00 PMBallroom B & C
9300SatJeremy ButlerHigh Energy Mainstream5/21/20224:00 PM5:00 PMBallroom B & C
9400SatChristina EumPhase II-VI5/21/20224:00 PM5:00 PMPetersburgWorkshop
9500SatBob ClinebellContra5/21/20224:00 PM5:00 PMRichmond A
9600SatMatt WorleyPlus DBD5/21/20224:00 PM5:00 PMNew Market
9700SatDrew ScearceMainstream5/21/20227:00 PM7:30 PMBallroom B & C
9800SatElbert HarrisonMainstream5/21/20227:00 PM7:30 PMBallroom B & C
9900SatBob WorleyMainstream5/21/20227:00 PM7:30 PMBallroom B & C
10000SatMatt WorleyMainstream5/21/20227:00 PM7:30 PMBallroom B & C
10100SatCalvin CroffordPhase II-IV5/21/20227:00 PM7:30 PMPetersburg
10200SatJeremy ButlerAdvanced5/21/20227:00 PM7:30 PMRichmond A
10300SatEvening Ceremony5/21/20227:30 PM8:00 PMBallroom B & C
10400SatBob ClinebellMainstream5/21/20228:00 PM9:00 PMBallroom B & C
10500SatGene ChamberlainMainstream5/21/20228:00 PM9:00 PMBallroom B & C
10600SatMonk MooreMainstream5/21/20228:00 PM9:00 PMBallroom B & C
10700SatKen RyderPhase II-VI5/21/20228:00 PM9:00 PMPetersburg
10800SatArt LavignePlus DBD5/21/20228:00 PM9:00 PMRichmond A
10900SatMike McIntryePlus 2X25/21/20229:00 PM10:00 PMBallroom B & C
11000SatEd PabstPlus 2X25/21/20229:00 PM10:00 PMBallroom B & C
11100SatDrew ScearcePlus 2X25/21/20229:00 PM10:00 PMBallroom B & C
11200SatJeremy ButlerPlus 2X25/21/20229:00 PM10:00 PMBallroom B & C
11300SatCalvin CroffordRounds5/21/20229:00 PM10:00 PMBallroom B & C
11400SatJim KlinePhase II-V5/21/20229:00 PM10:00 PMPetersburg
11500SatElbert HarrisonMainstream5/21/20229:00 PM10:00 PMRichmond A
11600SatMatt WorleyMainstream5/21/20229:00 PM10:00 PMRichmond A
11700SatAfter Party5/21/202210:00 PM11:00 AMAmpitheater
11800SunVASARDA / VASCA Wrap Up5/22/20229:00 AM9:30 AMAmpitheater
11900SunVASCA Business Meeting5/22/20229:30 AM10:30 AMAmpitheater

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