Video Flyers

Static paper flyers are boring.  (See my notable exceptions below).

For one thing, they’re generally built by amateurs. Thus, they look . . . amateurish.  (Again, see my notable exceptions below.)

Dancers have seen every combination of clip-art ham-fistedly pasted into a Word document.  Eyes glaze over an endless sea of “Come To Our Festival — It’s The Best!” flyers, printed on pastel colors in the hopes of attracting attention.

Let’s take flyers to a new level, what say.  Let’s get into dancers faces and grab their attention.  Let’s use bright colors, moving graphics, smiling faces, and music with a primal beat.  Let’s stand out in an environment littered with static flyers.  Let’s truly market our events in a 21st century way.


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"Paper" Flyers

Ray’s editorial on flyers:

I really hate them.  Not only for reasons I stated above (that they’re amateurish), but more because they add more “information points” that cannot be easily fixed.

If you print and distribute 100 flyers and then there’s a change to the event on the flyer, you now have 100 “information points” that contain erroneous information.  Who knows how many eyeballs are seeing that incorrect info? It requires a herculean effort to correct that info.  Once the genie’s out of the bottle and all that.

I advocate a strong calendar system, embedded in your website.  That way, there is ONE information source.  You teach your dancers to ALWAYS look at the CALENDAR.  If something needs to be changed, you change it on the CALENDAR.  You make the CALENDAR your SINGLE point of information.

That said, flyers aren’t going any where, much to my dismay.  So let’s address the OTHER point about flyers:  they look terrible.  

Make them entertaining.  Make them something that someone wants to look at.  Don’t make it a big long static block of text.  Throw entertaining pictures on there.  Use  (it’s free!) to start with some professional eye-pleasing templates.  

Use an artificial intelligence (AI) photo generator to create whimsical realistic portraits.  If you’ve got someone who understands Photoshop, it’s an invaluable tool to use.

Put your entertainment front and center on your flyers.  Make them out of pleasing / complimentary colors.  

Basically, your flyers should be at least as entertaining as the event itself.