Video Flyers

Static paper flyers are boring.

For one thing, they’re generally built by amateurs. Thus, they look . . . amateurish.

Dancers have seen every combination of clip-art ham-fistedly pasted into a Word document.  Eyes glaze over an endless sea of “Come To Our Festival — It’s The Best!” flyers, printed on pastel colors in the hopes of attracting attention.

Let’s take flyers to a new level, what say.  Let’s get into dancers faces and grab their attention.  Let’s use bright colors, moving graphics, smiling faces, and music with a primal beat.  Let’s stand out in an environment littered with static flyers.  Let’s truly market our events in a 21st century way.

A Video Flyer created for your event is only $75.  It’ll be between 30 and 90 seconds in length.  You’ll be provided with licenses to use copyrighted material (if required by the copyright holders) if you choose to post the video to social media.

Let’s get your event the attention it deserves.


Click on the name of the video in the playlist.  It will play in the window on the left.  You’ll need to manually turn on sound.  (Hover over the video.  The volume controls are in the bottom left hand of the screen.)