Online Convention Schedules

Online schedules for your event can be easily be produced at no cost.

Because the schedules are embedded on a webpage, your dancers / leaders don’t need to download an app.  Thus, any mobile device that has a browser can view the schedule, no matter the operating system of the device.  Android, IOS, Windows . . . it doesn’t matter.  As long as their device can reach a web page, it will work.  The schedules are, of course, free of charge to use.

(Have we mentioned what a TREMENDOUS tool this is for your dance leaders to know where they’re supposed to be next?  Sure beats having to scan paper schedules to figure that out.)

At least SEVEN DAYS BEFORE YOUR CONVENTION, submit your schedule as a CSV file.  One row per event.  Include the following information on each row.


Day Of The Week

Leader Name

Dance Level

Start Time

End Time


If you are having a non-traditional convention (see the CALLERLAB example at the bottom of this page), I’ll be happy to work with you to come up with a different data structure than above.


2023 Ohio Callers Scheudle

2023 CALLERLAB Convention

2023 WASCA

2022 Georgia State Convention

10FridaySandra HirschlerRounds TS II9/16/20222:00 PM2:05 PMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
20FridayBetsy ChamberlainPlus9/16/20222:00 PM2:10 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
30FridayRandy RamseyMainstream Workshop9/16/20222:00 PM2:15 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
40FridaySandra HirschlerRounds WZ II9/16/20222:05 PM2:10 PMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
50FridaySandra HirschlerRounds CH III9/16/20222:10 PM2:15 PMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
60FridayRichard SmithPlus9/16/20222:10 PM2:20 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
70FridaySandra HirschlerRounds FT III9/16/20222:15 PM2:20 PMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
80FridayPaul HenzeMainstream Workshop9/16/20222:15 PM2:30 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
90FridaySandra HirschlerCuer's Choice9/16/20222:20 PM2:30 PMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
100FridayClyde CouchPlus9/16/20222:20 PM2:30 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
110FridayBob MorrisonMainstream Workshop9/16/20222:30 PM2:45 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
120FridayEarl Collins, Carol CollinsRounds WZ II9/16/20222:30 PM2:35 PMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
130FridayGreg HatmakerPlus9/16/20222:30 PM2:40 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
140FridayEarl Collins, Carol CollinsRounds TS II9/16/20222:35 PM2:40 PMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
150FridayEarl Collins, Carol CollinsRounds WZ III9/16/20222:40 PM2:45 PMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
160FridayDave VieraPlus9/16/20222:40 PM2:50 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
170FridayEarl Collins, Carol CollinsRounds RB IV9/16/20222:45 PM2:50 PMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
180FridayBetsy ChamberlainMainstream Workshop9/16/20222:45 PM3:00 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
190FridayEarl Collins, Carol CollinsCuer's Choice9/16/20222:50 PM3:00 PMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
200FridayRonnie LangleyPlus9/16/20222:50 PM3:00 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
210FridayDean Kinion, Margie KinionRounds TS II9/16/20223:00 PM3:05 PMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
220FridayRandy BradberryLines9/16/20223:00 PM4:00 PMChestatee Hall 1st Floor
230FridayAlan HallHot Hash9/16/20223:00 PM3:10 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
240FridayDave VieraIntro To Hex9/16/20223:00 PM3:30 PMLongstreet Hall 1st Floor
250FridayBob MorrisonMainstream9/16/20223:00 PM3:10 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
260FridayDean Kinion, Margie KinionRounds WZ II9/16/20223:05 PM3:10 PMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
270FridayDean Kinion, Margie KinionRounds CH III9/16/20223:10 PM3:15 PMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
280FridayMarty NorthrupHot Hash9/16/20223:10 PM3:20 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
290FridayRichard SmithMainstream9/16/20223:10 PM3:20 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
300FridayDean Kinion, Margie KinionRounds JV III+29/16/20223:15 PM3:20 PMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
310FridayDean Kinion, Margie KinionCuer's Choice9/16/20223:20 PM3:30 PMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
320FridayKen PerkinsHot Hash9/16/20223:20 PM3:30 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
330FridayGreg HatmakerMainstream9/16/20223:20 PM3:30 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
340FridayBarbara-Lynn SmithRounds TS II9/16/20223:30 PM3:35 PMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
350FridayDarryl McMillanHot Hash9/16/20223:30 PM3:40 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
360FridayClyde CouchMainstream9/16/20223:30 PM3:40 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
370FridayAlan HallIntro To Hex9/16/20223:30 PM4:00 PMLongstreet Hall 1st Floor
380FridayBarbara-Lynn SmithRounds TS/CH III9/16/20223:35 PM3:40 PMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
390FridayBarbara-Lynn SmithRounds RB III9/16/20223:40 PM3:45 PMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
400FridayRandy RamseyHot Hash9/16/20223:40 PM3:50 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
410FridayBetsy ChamberlainMainstream9/16/20223:40 PM3:50 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
420FridayBarbara-Lynn SmithRounds WZ III9/16/20223:45 PM3:50 PMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
430FridayBarbara-Lynn SmithCuer's Choice9/16/20223:50 PM4:00 PMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
440FridayPaul HenzeHot Hash9/16/20223:50 PM4:00 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
450FridayRonnie LangleyMainstream9/16/20223:50 PM4:00 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
460FridayEarl Collins, Carol CollinsRounds WZ II9/16/20224:00 PM4:05 PMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
470FridayRichard SmithPlus9/16/20224:00 PM4:10 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
480FridayGary Chamberlain, Deanna PalumboContra9/16/20224:00 PM5:00 PMChestatee Hall 1st Floor
490FridayMarty NorthrupPlus Workshop9/16/20224:00 PM4:15 PMLongstreet Hall 1st Floor
500FridayDave VieraFun Squares9/16/20224:00 PM4:15 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
510FridayEarl Collins, Carol CollinsRounds CH III9/16/20224:05 PM4:10 PMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
520FridayEarl Collins, Carol CollinsRounds RB III9/16/20224:10 PM4:15 PMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
530FridayClyde CouchPlus9/16/20224:10 PM4:20 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
540FridayEarl Collins, Carol CollinsRounds JV IV9/16/20224:15 PM4:20 PMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
550FridayBetsy ChamberlainPlus Workshop9/16/20224:15 PM4:30 PMLongstreet Hall 1st Floor
560FridayKen PerkinsFun Squares9/16/20224:15 PM4:30 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
570FridayEarl Collins, Carol CollinsCuer's Choice9/16/20224:20 PM4:30 PMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
580FridayDarryl McMillanPlus9/16/20224:20 PM4:30 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
590FridaySusan WolfordRounds TS II9/16/20224:30 PM4:35 PMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
600FridayMarty NorthrupPlus9/16/20224:30 PM4:40 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
610FridayBob MorrisonPlus Workshop9/16/20224:30 PM4:45 PMLongstreet Hall 1st Floor
620FridayPaul HenzeFun Squares9/16/20224:30 PM4:45 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
630FridaySusan WolfordRounds WZ II9/16/20224:35 PM4:40 PMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
640FridaySusan WolfordRounds TS II9/16/20224:40 PM4:45 PMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
650FridayGreg HatmakerPlus9/16/20224:40 PM4:50 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
660FridaySusan WolfordRounds CH IV9/16/20224:45 PM4:50 PMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
670FridayDave VieraPlus Workshop9/16/20224:45 PM5:00 PMLongstreet Hall 1st Floor
680FridayAlan HallFun Squares9/16/20224:45 PM5:00 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
690FridaySusan WolfordCuer's Choice9/16/20224:50 PM5:00 PMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
700FridayRonnie LangleyPlus9/16/20224:50 PM5:00 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
710FridayOpening RemarksOpening Remarks9/16/20226:30 PM6:50 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
720FridayAlan Hall, Darryl McMillanPlus9/16/20226:50 PM7:00 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
730FridayDebbie McClainLines9/16/20227:00 PM8:00 PMChestatee Hall 1st Floor
740FridayRandy RamseyPlus9/16/20227:00 PM7:05 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
750FridayRichard SmithAdvanced, Challenge9/16/20227:00 PM8:00 PMLongstreet Hall 1st Floor
760FridayBetsy ChamberlainMainstream9/16/20227:00 PM7:10 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
770FridayMarty NorthrupPlus9/16/20227:05 PM7:10 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
780FridaySusan WolfordRounds9/16/20227:10 PM7:15 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
790FridaySam RowanMainstream9/16/20227:10 PM7:20 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
800FridayClyde CouchPlus9/16/20227:15 PM7:20 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
810FridaySandra HirschlerRounds Request9/16/20227:15 PM8:00 PMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
820FridayAlan HallPlus9/16/20227:20 PM7:25 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
830FridayRandy BradberryLines9/16/20227:20 PM7:25 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
840FridayCharlie PetreaMainstream9/16/20227:25 PM7:35 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
850FridaySteve HolzhausenPlus9/16/20227:25 PM7:30 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
860FridayDave VieraPlus9/16/20227:30 PM7:35 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
870FridaySusan WolfordRounds9/16/20227:35 PM7:40 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
880FridayKen PerkinsMainstream9/16/20227:35 PM7:45 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
890FridayRonnie LangleyPlus9/16/20227:40 PM7:45 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
900FridayRandy BradberryLines9/16/20227:45 PM7:50 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
910FridayDarryl McMillanPlus9/16/20227:45 PM7:50 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
920FridayJarret WilhoitMainstream9/16/20227:50 PM8:00 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
930FridayGreg HatmakerPlus9/16/20227:50 PM7:55 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
940FridayCharlie PetreaPlus9/16/20227:55 PM8:00 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
950FridayDean Kinion, Margie KinionRounds9/16/20228:00 PM8:05 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
960FridayEarl Collins, Carol CollinsRounds Request9/16/20228:00 PM9:00 PMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
970FridayGary Chamberlain, Deanna PalumboContra9/16/20228:00 PM9:00 PMChestatee Hall 1st Floor
980FridayMarty NorthrupAdvanced, Challenge9/16/20228:00 PM9:00 PMLongstreet Hall 1st Floor
990FridayClyde CouchMainstream9/16/20228:00 PM8:10 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
1000FridayPaul HenzePlus9/16/20228:05 PM8:10 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
1010FridayRandy BradberryLines9/16/20228:10 PM8:15 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
1020FridaySam RowanPlus9/16/20228:10 PM8:15 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
1030FridayDarryl McMillanPlus9/16/20228:15 PM8:20 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
1040FridayAlan HallMainstream9/16/20228:15 PM8:25 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
1050FridayKen PerkinsPlus9/16/20228:20 PM8:25 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
1060FridayDean Kinion, Margie KinionRounds9/16/20228:25 PM8:30 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
1070FridayRonnie LangleyMainstream9/16/20228:25 PM8:35 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
1080FridaySteve HolzhausenPlus9/16/20228:30 PM8:35 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
1090FridayDebbie McClainLines9/16/20228:35 PM8:40 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
1100FridayJarret WilhoitPlus9/16/20228:35 PM8:40 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
1110FridayGreg HatmakerPlus9/16/20228:40 PM8:45 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
1120FridayDave VieraMainstream9/16/20228:40 PM8:50 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
1130FridayRichard SmithPlus9/16/20228:45 PM8:50 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
1140FridayDean Kinion, Margie KinionRounds9/16/20228:50 PM8:55 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
1150FridayKen PerkinsMainstream9/16/20228:50 PM9:00 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
1160FridayBetsy ChamberlainPlus9/16/20228:55 PM9:00 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
1170FridayBarbara-Lynn SmithRounds Request9/16/20229:00 PM10:00 PMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
1180FridayAlan HallFun Squares9/16/20229:00 PM9:15 PMChestatee Hall 1st Floor
1190FridayAnnouncementsAnnouncements9/16/20229:00 PM9:10 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
1200FridayDarryl McMillanAdvanced, Challenge9/16/20229:00 PM10:00 PMLongstreet Hall 1st Floor
1210FridayDebbie McClainLines9/16/20229:00 PM9:05 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
1220FridayGreg HatmakerMainstream9/16/20229:05 PM9:15 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
1230FridayMarty NorthrupPlus9/16/20229:10 PM9:15 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
1240FridayRonnie LangleyFun Squares9/16/20229:15 PM9:30 PMChestatee Hall 1st Floor
1250FridaySam RowanPlus9/16/20229:15 PM9:20 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
1260FridayRichard SmithLines9/16/20229:15 PM9:25 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
1270FridayDave VieraPlus9/16/20229:20 PM9:25 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
1280FridayCharlie PetreaPlus9/16/20229:25 PM9:30 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
1290FridayDebbie McClainMainstream9/16/20229:25 PM9:30 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
1300FridayMike McDonaldRounds9/16/20229:30 PM9:35 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
1310FridaySteve HolzhausenFun Squares9/16/20229:30 PM9:45 PMChestatee Hall 1st Floor
1320FridayBetsy ChamberlainMainstream9/16/20229:30 PM9:40 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
1330FridayKen PerkinsPlus9/16/20229:35 PM9:40 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
1340FridayRichard SmithPlus9/16/20229:40 PM9:45 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
1350FridayJarret WilhoitMain9/16/20229:40 PM9:50 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
1360FridayAlan HallPlus9/16/20229:45 PM9:50 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
1370FridayPaul HenzeHigh Energy9/16/20229:45 PM9:50 PMChestatee Hall 1st Floor
1380FridayRonnie LangleyPlus9/16/20229:50 PM9:55 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
1390FridayClyde CouchHigh Energy9/16/20229:50 PM9:55 PMChestatee Hall 1st Floor
1400FridayDave VieraMainstream9/16/20229:50 PM10:00 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
1410FridayMarty NorthrupPlus9/16/20229:55 PM10:00 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
1420FridayRandy RamseyHigh Energy9/16/20229:55 PM10:00 PMChestatee Hall 1st Floor
1430SaturdayYard SaleYard Sale9/17/20229:00 AM10:30 AMChestatee Hall 1st Floor
1440SaturdayBarbara-Lynn SmithRounds TS II9/17/202210:00 AM10:05 AMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
1450SaturdayPaul HenzePlus Workshop9/17/202210:00 AM10:15 AMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
1460SaturdayElizabeth SandersEducation - GSSDA Club Insurance9/17/202210:00 AM11:00 AMMill Room 1st Floor
1470SaturdayBetsy ChamberlainMainstream Workshop9/17/202210:00 AM10:15 AMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
1480SaturdayBarbara-Lynn SmithRounds RB III9/17/202210:05 AM10:10 AMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
1490SaturdayBarbara-Lynn SmithRounds WZ II9/17/202210:10 AM10:15 AMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
1500SaturdayBarbara-Lynn SmithCuer's Choice9/17/202210:15 AM10:20 AMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
1510SaturdayClyde CouchPlus Workshop9/17/202210:15 AM10:30 AMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
1520SaturdaySteve HolzhausenMainstream Workshop9/17/202210:15 AM10:30 AMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
1530SaturdayBarbara-Lynn SmithRounds CH III9/17/202210:20 AM10:25 AMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
1540SaturdayBarbara-Lynn SmithRounds WZ IV+19/17/202210:25 AM10:30 AMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
1550SaturdayBarbara-Lynn SmithCuer's Choice9/17/202210:30 AM10:40 AMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
1560SaturdayGary Chamberlain, Deanna PalumboIntro To Contra9/17/202210:30 AM1:00 PMChestatee Hall 1st Floor
1570SaturdayMarty NorthrupPlus Workshop9/17/202210:30 AM10:45 AMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
1580SaturdayRandy BradberryLines9/17/202210:30 AM11:00 AMLongstreet Hall 1st Floor
1590SaturdayRandy RamseyMainstream Workshop9/17/202210:30 AM10:45 AMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
1600SaturdaySusan WolfordRounds JV III+29/17/202210:40 AM10:45 AMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
1610SaturdaySusan WolfordRounds FT III9/17/202210:45 AM10:50 AMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
1620SaturdayBob MorrisonPlus Workshop9/17/202210:45 AM11:00 AMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
1630SaturdayRonnie LangleyMainstream Workshop9/17/202210:45 AM11:00 AMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
1640SaturdaySusan WolfordRounds CH/RB III + 1 + 19/17/202210:50 AM10:55 AMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
1650SaturdaySusan WolfordRounds Mixed IV9/17/202210:55 AM11:00 AMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
1660SaturdaySusan WolfordRounds FT/JV III+19/17/202211:00 AM11:05 AMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
1670SaturdayTBAPlus9/17/202211:00 AM11:10 AMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
1680SaturdayBetsy ChamberlainEducation - Class Recruiting9/17/202211:00 AM12:00 PMMill Room 1st Floor
1690SaturdayDave VieraMainstream9/17/202211:00 AM11:10 AMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
1700SaturdaySusan WolfordRounds RB IV+19/17/202211:05 AM11:10 AMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
1710SaturdaySusan WolfordCuer's Choice9/17/202211:10 AM11:20 AMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
1720SaturdayCharlie PetreaPlus9/17/202211:10 AM11:20 AMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
1730SaturdayHal MillerMainstream9/17/202211:10 AM11:20 AMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
1740SaturdayGreg HatmakerPlus9/17/202211:20 AM11:30 AMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
1750SaturdayDebbie McClainLines9/17/202211:20 AM11:25 AMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
1760SaturdaySandra HirschlerRounds TS II9/17/202211:20 AM11:25 AMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
1770SaturdaySandra HirschlerRounds RB III+19/17/202211:25 AM11:30 AMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
1780SaturdayKeith LesterMainstream9/17/202211:25 AM11:35 AMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
1790SaturdaySandra HirschlerRounds FT/TS III+29/17/202211:30 AM11:35 AMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
1800SaturdayDarryl McMillanPlus9/17/202211:30 AM11:40 AMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
1810SaturdaySandra HirschlerRounds WZ IV+19/17/202211:35 AM11:40 AMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
1820SaturdaySam RowanMainstream9/17/202211:35 AM11:45 AMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
1830SaturdayClyde CouchPlus9/17/202211:40 AM11:50 AMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
1840SaturdaySandra HirschlerRounds JV IV+19/17/202211:40 AM11:45 AMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
1850SaturdaySandra HirschlerRounds FT IV+19/17/202211:45 AM11:50 AMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
1860SaturdayDebbie McClainLines9/17/202211:45 AM11:50 AMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
1870SaturdayBetsy ChamberlainMainstream9/17/202211:50 AM12:00 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
1880SaturdayRichard SmithMainstream9/17/202211:50 AM1:00 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
1890SaturdaySandra HirschlerCuer's Choice9/17/202211:50 AM1:00 PMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
1900SaturdayMike McDonaldOpen Practice Rounds9/17/20221:00 PM2:00 PMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
1910SaturdayAlan HallIntro To Hex9/17/20221:00 PM1:45 PMChestatee Hall 1st Floor
1920SaturdaySteve HolzhausenHigh Energy9/17/20221:00 PM1:10 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
1930SaturdayDebbie McClainLines9/17/20221:00 PM2:00 PMLongstreet Hall 1st Floor
1940SaturdayRaiford Peacock, Louis McClure, Marcy Hall, Connie Keener, Bill Jarrett, Betsy ChamberlainEducation - Roundtable: Strategies for Success9/17/20221:00 PM2:00 PMMill Room 1st Floor
1950SaturdayClyde CouchFun Squares9/17/20221:00 PM1:15 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
1960SaturdaySam RowanHigh Energy9/17/20221:10 PM1:20 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
1970SaturdayPaul HenzeFun Squares9/17/20221:15 PM1:30 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
1980SaturdayDarryl McMillanHigh Energy9/17/20221:20 PM1:30 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
1990SaturdayGreg HatmakerHigh Energy9/17/20221:30 PM1:40 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
2000SaturdayRonnie LangleyFun Squares9/17/20221:30 PM1:45 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
2010SaturdayKen PerkinsHigh Energy9/17/20221:40 PM1:50 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
2020SaturdayDave VieraHex9/17/20221:45 PM2:30 PMChestatee Hall 1st Floor
2030SaturdaySteve HolzhausenFun Squares9/17/20221:45 PM2:00 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
2040SaturdayRandy RamseyHigh Energy9/17/20221:50 PM2:00 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
2050SaturdaySusan WolfordRounds RB III+1+1 Workshop9/17/20222:00 PM3:00 PMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
2060SaturdayMarty NorthrupFun Squares9/17/20222:00 PM2:15 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
2070SaturdayDarryl McMillanIntro To Advanced9/17/20222:00 PM2:30 PMLongstreet Hall 1st Floor
2080SaturdayLouis McClureEducation - Future National Conventions9/17/20222:00 PM3:00 PMMill Room 1st Floor
2090SaturdayCharlie PetreaMainstream9/17/20222:00 PM2:10 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
2100SaturdayKen PerkinsMainstream9/17/20222:10 PM2:20 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
2110SaturdayAlan HallFun Squares9/17/20222:15 PM2:30 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
2120SaturdayRandy BradberryLines9/17/20222:20 PM2:25 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
2130SaturdayKeith LesterMainstream9/17/20222:25 PM2:35 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
2140SaturdayClyde CouchIntro To DBD9/17/20222:30 PM2:45 PMChestatee Hall 1st Floor
2150SaturdayKen PerkinsFun Squares9/17/20222:30 PM2:45 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
2160SaturdayDarryl McMillanAdvanced9/17/20222:30 PM3:00 PMLongstreet Hall 1st Floor
2170SaturdayPaul HenzeMainstream9/17/20222:35 PM2:45 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
2180SaturdayBob MorrisonIntro To DBD9/17/20222:45 PM3:00 PMChestatee Hall 1st Floor
2190SaturdaySteve HolzhausenProgressive Squares9/17/20222:45 PM3:00 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
2200SaturdayRandy BradberryLines9/17/20222:45 PM2:50 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
2210SaturdayBetsy ChamberlainMainstream9/17/20222:50 PM3:00 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
2220SaturdaySam Rowan, Susan RowanRounds CH IV+1 Workshop9/17/20223:00 PM4:00 PMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
2230SaturdayRichard SmithDBD9/17/20223:00 PM3:15 PMChestatee Hall 1st Floor
2240SaturdayRonnie LangleyPlus9/17/20223:00 PM3:10 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
2250SaturdayAlan HallAdvanced9/17/20223:00 PM3:30 PMLongstreet Hall 1st Floor
2260SaturdayRandy RamseyEducation - So You Want To Be A Caller9/17/20223:00 PM3:30 PMMill Room 1st Floor
2270SaturdayGreg HatmakerMainstream9/17/20223:00 PM3:10 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
2290SaturdayJarret WilhoitPlus9/17/20223:10 PM3:20 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
2295SaturdayClyde CouchMainstream9/17/20223:10 PM3:20 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
2300SaturdayDave VieraDBD9/17/20223:15 PM3:30 PMChestatee Hall 1st Floor
2310SaturdayPaul HenzePlus9/17/20223:20 PM3:30 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
2320SaturdayHal MillerMainstream9/17/20223:20 PM3:30 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
2330SaturdayCharlie PetreaPlus9/17/20223:30 PM3:40 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
2340SaturdayRandy BradberryLines9/17/20223:30 PM3:35 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
2350SaturdayBetsy ChamberlainDBD9/17/20223:45 PM4:00 PMChestatee Hall 1st Floor
2360SaturdayMarty NorthrupIntro To Challenge9/17/20223:30 PM4:00 PMLongstreet Hall 1st Floor
2370SaturdayMike McDonaldEducation - So You Want To Be A Cuer9/17/20223:30 PM4:00 PMMill Room 1st Floor
2380SaturdayKeith LesterMainstream9/17/20223:35 PM3:45 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
2390SaturdayDarryl McMillanPlus9/17/20223:40 PM3:50 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
2400SaturdayRandy RamseyDBD9/17/20223:45 PM4:00 PMChestatee Hall 1st Floor
2410SaturdayJarret WilhoitMainstream9/17/20223:45 PM3:55 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
2420SaturdayTBAPlus9/17/20223:50 PM4:00 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
2430SaturdaySusan WolfordLines9/17/20223:55 PM4:00 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
2440SaturdayEarl Collins, Carol CollinsRounds TS II+1+19/17/20224:00 PM7:15 PMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
2450SaturdayClyde CouchHot Hash9/17/20224:00 PM4:10 PMChestatee Hall 1st Floor
2460SaturdayMarty NorthrupChallenge9/17/20224:00 PM4:30 PMLongstreet Hall 1st Floor
2470SaturdayRichard SmithMainstream9/17/20224:00 PM4:10 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
2480SaturdayBob MorrisonPlus9/17/20224:00 PM4:10 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
2500SaturdayKen PerkinsHot Hash9/17/20224:10 PM4:20 PMChestatee Hall 1st Floor
2505SaturdayRonnie LangleyPlus9/17/20224:10 PM4:20 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
2510SaturdayDave VieraMainstream9/17/20224:10 PM4:20 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
2520SaturdayCharlie PetreaPlus9/17/20224:20 PM4:30 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
2530SaturdaySteve HolzhausenHot Hash9/17/20224:20 PM4:30 PMChestatee Hall 1st Floor
2540SaturdaySusan WolfordLines9/17/20224:20 PM4:25 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
2550SaturdayBetsy ChamberlainMainstream9/17/20224:25 PM4:35 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
2560SaturdayAlan HallHot Hash9/17/20224:30 PM4:40 PMChestatee Hall 1st Floor
2570SaturdaySam RowanPlus9/17/20224:30 PM4:40 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
2580SaturdayKeith LesterMainstream9/17/20224:35 PM4:45 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
2590SaturdayGreg HatmakerPlus9/17/20224:40 PM4:50 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
2600SaturdayRandy RamseyHot Hash9/17/20224:40 PM4:50 PMChestatee Hall 1st Floor
2610SaturdaySusan WolfordLines9/17/20224:45 PM4:50 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
2620SaturdayJarret WilhoitHot Hash9/17/20224:50 PM5:00 PMChestatee Hall 1st Floor
2630SaturdayRonnie LangleyMainstream9/17/20224:50 PM5:00 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
2640SaturdayHal MillerPlus9/17/20224:50 PM5:00 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
2650SaturdayWelcome Opening RemarksWelcome Opening Remarks9/17/20226:30 PM6:50 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
2660SaturdayRandy Ramsey, Dave VieraPlus9/17/20226:50 PM7:00 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
2670SaturdayDebbie McClainLines9/17/20227:00 PM8:00 PMChestatee Hall 1st Floor
2680SaturdayAlan HallPlus9/17/20227:00 PM7:05 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
2690SaturdayMarty NorthrupAdvanced, Challenge9/17/20227:00 PM7:30 PMLongstreet Hall 1st Floor
2700SaturdayKeith LesterMainstream9/17/20227:00 PM7:10 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
2710SaturdayKen PerkinsPlus9/17/20227:05 PM7:10 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
2720SaturdayMike McDonaldRounds9/17/20227:10 PM7:15 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
2730SaturdayGreg HatmakerMainstream9/17/20227:10 PM7:20 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
2740SaturdaySteve HolzhausenPlus9/17/20227:15 PM7:20 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
2750SaturdayBarbara-Lynn SmithRounds Request9/17/20227:15 PM8:00 PMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
2760SaturdayRonnie LangleyPlus9/17/20227:20 PM7:25 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
2770SaturdayRandy BradberryLines9/17/20227:20 PM7:25 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
2780SaturdayHal MillerMainstream9/17/20227:25 PM7:35 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
2790SaturdayBetsy ChamberlainPlus9/17/20227:25 PM7:30 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
2800SaturdayCharlie PetreaPlus9/17/20227:30 PM7:35 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
2810SaturdayRichard SmithAdvanced, Challenge9/17/20227:30 PM8:00 PMLongstreet Hall 1st Floor
2820SaturdayMike McDonaldRounds9/17/20227:35 PM7:40 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
2830SaturdayKen PerkinsMainstream9/17/20227:35 PM7:45 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
2840SaturdayDarryl McMillanPlus9/17/20227:40 PM7:45 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
2850SaturdayRandy BradberryLines9/17/20227:45 PM7:50 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
2860SaturdayClyde CouchPlus9/17/20227:45 PM7:50 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
2870SaturdayBetsy ChamberlainMainstream9/17/20227:50 PM8:00 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
2880SaturdayGreg HatmakerPlus9/17/20227:50 PM7:55 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
2890SaturdayRandy RamseyPlus9/17/20227:55 PM8:00 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
2900SaturdayMike McDonaldRounds9/17/20228:00 PM8:05 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
2910SaturdaySusan WolfordRounds Request9/17/20228:00 PM8:30 PMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
2920SaturdayGary Chamberlain, Deanna PalumboContra9/17/20228:00 PM9:00 PMChestatee Hall 1st Floor
2930SaturdayAlan HallAdvanced, Challenge9/17/20228:00 PM8:30 PMLongstreet Hall 1st Floor
2940SaturdayCharlie PetreaMainstream9/17/20228:00 PM8:10 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
2950SaturdayDave VieraPlus9/17/20228:05 PM8:10 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
2960SaturdayRandy BradberryLines9/17/20228:10 PM8:15 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
2970SaturdayTBAPlus9/17/20228:10 PM8:15 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
2980SaturdayPaul HenzePlus9/17/20228:15 PM8:20 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
2990SaturdayJarret WilhoitMainstream9/17/20228:15 PM8:25 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
3000SaturdayMarty NorthrupPlus9/17/20228:20 PM8:25 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
3010SaturdayMike McDonaldRounds9/17/20228:25 PM8:30 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
3020SaturdayHal MillerMainstream9/17/20228:25 PM8:35 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
3030SaturdayRichard SmithPlus9/17/20228:30 PM8:35 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
3040SaturdaySandra HirschlerRounds Request9/17/20228:30 PM9:00 PMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
3050SaturdayDarryl McMillanAdvanced, Challenge9/17/20228:30 PM9:00 PMLongstreet Hall 1st Floor
3060SaturdayDebbie McClainLines9/17/20228:35 PM8:40 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
3070SaturdayKen PerkinsPlus9/17/20228:35 PM8:40 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
3080SaturdaySteve HolzhausenPlus9/17/20228:40 PM8:45 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
3090SaturdaySam RowanMainstream9/17/20228:40 PM8:50 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
3100SaturdayClyde CouchPlus9/17/20228:45 PM8:50 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
3110SaturdayMike McDonaldRounds9/17/20228:50 PM8:55 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
3120SaturdayAlan HallMainstream9/17/20228:50 PM9:00 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
3130SaturdayMarty NorthrupPlus9/17/20228:55 PM9:00 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
3140SaturdayEarl Collins, Carol CollinsRounds Request9/17/20229:00 PM9:30 PMChattahoochee 2nd Floor
3150SaturdaySteve HolzhausenHot Hash9/17/20229:00 PM9:05 PMChestatee Hall 1st Floor
3160SaturdayAnnouncementsAnnouncements9/17/20229:00 PM9:10 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
3170SaturdayDebbie McClainLines9/17/20229:00 PM9:05 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
3180SaturdayRonnie LangleyHot Hash9/17/20229:05 PM9:10 PMChestatee Hall 1st Floor
3190SaturdayRichard SmithMainstream9/17/20229:05 PM9:15 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
3200SaturdaySam RowanPlus9/17/20229:10 PM9:15 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
3210SaturdayPaul HenzeHot Hash9/17/20229:10 PM9:15 PMChestatee Hall 1st Floor
3220SaturdayClyde CouchHot Hash9/17/20229:15 PM9:20 PMChestatee Hall 1st Floor
3230SaturdayKen PerkinsPlus9/17/20229:15 PM9:20 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
3240SaturdayBetsy ChamberlainMainstream9/17/20229:15 PM9:25 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
3250SaturdayGreg HatmakerPlus9/17/20229:20 PM9:25 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
3260SaturdayDarryl McMillanHot Hash9/17/20229:20 PM9:25 PMChestatee Hall 1st Floor
3270SaturdayCharlie PetreaPlus9/17/20229:25 PM9:30 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
3280SaturdayDave VieraHot Hash9/17/20229:25 PM9:30 PMChestatee Hall 1st Floor
3290SaturdayKeith LesterMainstream9/17/20229:25 PM9:30 PMSydney Lanier 2nd Floor
3300SaturdayMike McDonaldRounds9/17/20229:30 PM9:35 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
3310SaturdayPaul HenzePlus9/17/20229:35 PM9:40 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
3320SaturdayDarryl McMillanPlus9/17/20229:40 PM9:45 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
3330SaturdayRonnie LangleyPlus9/17/20229:45 PM9:50 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
3340SaturdayAlan HallPlus9/17/20229:50 PM9:55 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor
3350SaturdayRandy RamseyPlus9/17/20229:55 PM10:00 PMGrand Ballroom 2nd Floor

2022 Kentucky State Convention

100FridayScott BrownMainstream9/9/20222:00 PM2:10 PMMain Hall
200FridayTim LawhornMainstream9/9/20222:10 PM2:20 PMMain Hall
300FridaySteve AveryPlus9/9/20222:20 PM2:30 PMMain Hall
400FridayKristy WilliamsMainstream9/9/20222:30 PM2:40 PMMain Hall
500FridayBill GarrisonMainstream9/9/20222:40 PM2:50 PMMain Hall
600FridayJoe GoinsPlus9/9/20222:50 PM3:00 PMMain Hall
700FridayRein NabarMainstream9/9/20223:00 PM3:10 PMMain Hall
800FridayLisa MintonMainstream9/9/20223:10 PM3:20 PMMain Hall
900FridayTom DavisPlus9/9/20223:20 PM3:30 PMMain Hall
1000FridayWes FentonMainstream9/9/20223:30 PM3:40 PMMain Hall
1100FridayJanet LewisMainstream9/9/20223:40 PM3:50 PMMain Hall
1200FridayChuck WoodsPlus9/9/20223:50 PM4:00 PMMain Hall
1300FridayShawn BrownMainstream9/9/20224:00 PM4:10 PMMain Hall
1400FridayGreg HatmakerMainstream9/9/20224:10 PM4:20 PMMain Hall
1500FridayTravis CookPlus9/9/20224:20 PM4:30 PMMain Hall
1600FridayJarret WilhoitMainstream9/9/20224:30 PM4:40 PMMain Hall
1700FridayJaye FitchMainstream9/9/20224:40 PM4:50 PMMain Hall
1800FridayKristy WilliamsPlus9/9/20224:50 PM5:00 PMMain Hall
2000FridayTim LawhornMainstream9/9/20227:00 PM7:10 PMMain Hall
2100FridayGreg HatmakerMainstream9/9/20227:10 PM7:20 PMMain Hall
2200FridayJaye FitchMainstream9/9/20227:20 PM7:30 PMMain Hall
2300FridaySteve AveryMainstream9/9/20227:30 PM7:40 PMMain Hall
2400FridayOpening CeremonyOpening Ceremony9/9/20227:40 PM8:00 PMMain Hall
2500FridayTravis CookMainstream9/9/20228:00 PM8:10 PMMain Hall
2600FridayTBDPlus High Energy9/9/20228:00 PM8:10 PMSquares 2
2700FridayTom DavisA29/9/20228:00 PM8:30 PMAdvanced
2800FridayKristy WilliamsMainstream9/9/20228:10 PM8:20 PMMain Hall
2900FridayBill GarrisonPlus High Energy9/9/20228:10 PM8:20 PMSquares 2
3000FridayChuck WoodsMainstream9/9/20228:20 PM8:30 PMMain Hall
3100FridayWes FentonPlus High Energy9/9/20228:20 PM8:30 PMSquares 2
3200FridayRein NabarMainstream9/9/20228:30 PM8:40 PMMain Hall
3300FridayJoe GoinsPlus High Energy9/9/20228:30 PM8:40 PMSquares 2
3400FridayDarrin HenryA29/9/20228:30 PM9:00 PMAdvanced
3500FridayScott BrownMainstream9/9/20228:40 PM8:50 PMMain Hall
3600FridayTravis CookPlus High Energy9/9/20228:40 PM8:50 PMSquares 2
3700FridayVictoria BundyMainstream9/9/20228:50 PM9:00 PMMain Hall
3800FridayKristy WilliamsPlus High Energy9/9/20228:50 PM9:00 PMSquares 2
3900FridayWes FentonPlus9/9/20229:00 PM9:10 PMMain Hall
4000FridayJanet LewisMainstream9/9/20229:00 PM9:10 PMSquares 2
4100FridayJoe GoinsA29/9/20229:00 PM9:30 PMAdvanced
4200FridayDarrin HenryPlus9/9/20229:10 PM9:20 PMMain Hall
4300FridayRein NabarMainstream9/9/20229:10 PM9:20 PMSquares 2
4400FridayShawn BrownPlus9/9/20229:20 PM9:30 PMMain Hall
4500FridayJarret WilhoitMainstream9/9/20229:20 PM9:30 PMSquares 2
4600FridayTom DavisPlus9/9/20229:30 PM9:40 PMMain Hall
4700FridayChuck WoodsMainstream9/9/20229:30 PM9:40 PMSquares 2
4800FridayTravis CookA29/9/20229:30 PM10:00 PMAdvanced
4900FridayJoe GoinsPlus9/9/20229:40 PM9:50 PMMain Hall
5000FridayRuth OlsonMainstream9/9/20229:40 PM9:50 PMSquares 2
5100FridayAmanda SkidmorePlus9/9/20229:50 PM10:00 PMMain Hall
5200FridaySteve AveryMainstream9/9/20229:50 PM10:00 PMSquares 2
5300FridayJoe Goins, Greg Hatmaker, Kristy WilliamsMainstream9/9/202210:00 PM10:10 PMMain Hall
5400FridayTravis Cook, Tom Davis, Darrin HenryMainstream9/9/202210:10 PM10:20 PMMain Hall
5500FridayFinale - All StaffMainstream9/9/202210:30 PM10:40 AMMain Hall
5600SaturdayTom DavisMainstream9/10/202210:00 AM10:10 AMMain Hall
5700SaturdayAmanda SkidmoreA29/10/202210:00 AM10:30 AMAdvanced
5800SaturdayJanet LewisMainstream9/10/202210:10 AM10:20 AMMain Hall
5900SaturdayJoe GoinsPlus9/10/202210:20 AM10:30 AMMain Hall
6000SaturdayRuth OlsonMainstream9/10/202210:30 AM10:40 AMMain Hall
6100SaturdayTom DavisA29/10/202210:30 AM11:00 AMAdvanced
6200SaturdayShawn BrownMainstream9/10/202210:40 AM10:50 AMMain Hall
6300SaturdayChuck WoodsPlus9/10/202210:50 AM11:00 AMMain Hall
6400SaturdayJarret WilhoitMainstream9/10/202211:00 AM11:10 AMMain Hall
6500SaturdayTravis CookA29/10/202211:00 AM11:30 AMAdvanced
6600SaturdayVictoria BundyMainstream9/10/202211:10 AM11:20 AMMain Hall
6700SaturdayScott BrownPlus9/10/202211:20 AM11:30 AMMain Hall
6800SaturdayDarrin HenryIntro to Advanced9/10/202211:20 AM11:40 AMSquares 2
6900SaturdayWes FentonMainstream9/10/202211:30 AM11:40 AMMain Hall
7000SaturdayJoe GoinsA29/10/202211:30 AM12:00 PMAdvanced
7100SaturdayLisa MintonMainstream9/10/202211:40 AM11:50 AMMain Hall
7200SaturdayTravis CookIntro to Advanced9/10/202211:40 AM12:00 PMSquares 2
7300SaturdayKristy WilliamsPlus9/10/202211:50 AM12:00 PMMain Hall
7500SaturdayWes FentonMainstream9/10/20221:00 PM1:10 PMMain Hall
7600SaturdayTim LawhornMainstream9/10/20221:10 PM1:20 PMMain Hall
7700SaturdayJoe GoinsPlus9/10/20221:20 PM1:30 PMMain Hall
7800SaturdayShawn BrownMainstream9/10/20221:30 PM1:40 PMMain Hall
7900SaturdayRein NabarMainstream9/10/20221:40 PM1:50 PMMain Hall
8000SaturdayAmanda SkidmorePlus9/10/20221:50 PM2:00 PMMain Hall
8100SaturdayTravis CookMainstream9/10/20222:00 PM2:10 PMMain Hall
8200SaturdayTom DavisIntro to Plus9/10/20222:00 PM2:20 PMSquares 2
8300SaturdayKristy WilliamsA29/10/20222:00 PM2:30 PMAdvanced
8400SaturdayGreg HatmakerMainstream9/10/20222:10 PM2:20 PMMain Hall
8500SaturdayJoe GoinsPlus9/10/20222:20 PM2:30 PMMain Hall
8600SaturdayWes FentonIntro to Plus9/10/20222:20 PM2:40 PMSquares 2
8700SaturdayVictoria BundyMainstream9/10/20222:30 PM2:40 PMMain Hall
8800SaturdayDarrin HenryA29/10/20222:30 PM3:00 PMAdvanced
8900SaturdayJarret WilhoitMainstream9/10/20222:40 PM2:50 PMMain Hall
9000SaturdayKristy WilliamsIntro to Plus9/10/20222:40 PM3:00 PMSquares 2
9100SaturdayChuck WoodsPlus9/10/20222:50 PM3:00 PMMain Hall
9200SaturdayTom DavisPlus9/10/20223:00 PM3:10 PMMain Hall
9300SaturdayDoug ClineMainstream High Energy9/10/20223:00 PM3:10 PMSquares 2
9400SaturdayJoe GoinsA29/10/20223:00 PM3:30 PMAdvanced
9500SaturdayAmanda SkidmorePlus9/10/20223:10 PM3:20 PMMain Hall
9600SaturdaySteve AveryMainstream High Energy9/10/20223:10 PM3:20 PMSquares 2
9700SaturdayScott BrownPlus9/10/20223:20 PM3:30 PMMain Hall
9800SaturdayKristy WilliamsMainstream High Energy9/10/20223:20 PM3:30 PMSquares 2
9900SaturdayDarrin HenryPlus9/10/20223:30 PM3:40 PMMain Hall
10000SaturdayShawn BrownMainstream High Energy9/10/20223:30 PM3:40 PMSquares 2
10100SaturdayAmanda SkidmoreA29/10/20223:30 PM4:00 PMAdvanced
10200SaturdayLisa MintonPlus9/10/20223:40 PM3:50 PMMain Hall
10300SaturdayWes FentonMainstream High Energy9/10/20223:40 PM3:50 PMSquares 2
10400SaturdayJanet LewisPlus9/10/20223:50 PM4:00 PMMain Hall
10500SaturdayVictoria BundyMainstream High Energy9/10/20223:50 PM4:00 PMSquares 2
10600SaturdayJaye FitchMainstream9/10/20224:00 PM4:10 PMMain Hall
10700SaturdayScott BrownPlus High Energy9/10/20224:00 PM4:10 PMSquares 2
10800SaturdayTravis CookA29/10/20224:00 PM4:30 PMAdvanced
10900SaturdayBill GarrisonMainstream9/10/20224:10 PM4:20 PMMain Hall
11000SaturdayJoe GoinsPlus High Energy9/10/20224:10 PM4:20 PMSquares 2
11100SaturdayShawn BrownMainstream9/10/20224:20 PM4:30 PMMain Hall
11200SaturdayDarrin HenryPlus High Energy9/10/20224:20 PM4:30 PMSquares 2
11300SaturdayTim LawhornMainstream9/10/20224:30 PM4:40 PMMain Hall
11400SaturdayChuck WoodsPlus High Energy9/10/20224:30 PM4:40 PMSquares 2
11500SaturdayTom DavisA29/10/20224:30 PM5:00 PMAdvanced
11600SaturdayAmanda SkidmoreMainstream9/10/20224:40 PM4:50 PMMain Hall
11700SaturdayTravis CookPlus High Energy9/10/20224:40 PM4:50 PMSquares 2
11800SaturdayRuth OlsonMainstream9/10/20224:50 PM5:00 PMMain Hall
11900SaturdayRein NabarPlus High Energy9/10/20224:50 PM5:00 PMSquares 2
12100SaturdayRuth OlsonMainstream9/10/20226:30 PM6:40 PMMain Hall
12200SaturdayDoug ClineMainstream9/10/20226:40 PM6:50 PMMain Hall
12300SaturdayVictoria BundyMainstream9/10/20226:50 PM7:00 PMMain Hall
12400SaturdayGreg HatmakerMainstream9/10/20227:00 PM7:10 PMMain Hall
12500SaturdayJanet LewisMainstream9/10/20227:10 PM7:20 PMMain Hall
12600SaturdayLisa MintonMainstream9/10/20227:20 PM7:30 PMMain Hall
12700SaturdayJaye FitchMainstream9/10/20227:30 PM7:40 PMMain Hall
12800SaturdayOpening CeremonyOpening Ceremony9/10/20227:40 PM7:50 PMMain Hall
12900SaturdayShawn BrownMainstream9/10/20227:50 PM8:00 PMMain Hall
13000SaturdaySteve AveryMainstream9/10/20228:00 PM8:10 PMMain Hall
13100SaturdayKristy WilliamsPlus High Energy9/10/20228:00 PM8:10 PMSquares 2
13200SaturdayJoe GoinsA29/10/20228:00 PM8:30 PMAdvanced
13300SaturdayWes FentonMainstream9/10/20228:10 PM8:20 PMMain Hall
13400SaturdayTom DavisPlus High Energy9/10/20228:10 PM8:20 PMSquares 2
13500SaturdayAmanda SkidmoreMainstream9/10/20228:20 PM8:30 PMMain Hall
13600SaturdayTravis CookPlus High Energy9/10/20228:20 PM8:30 PMSquares 2
13700SaturdayChuck WoodsMainstream9/10/20228:30 PM8:40 PMMain Hall
13800SaturdayDarrin HenryPlus High Energy9/10/20228:30 PM8:40 PMSquares 2
13900SaturdayTom DavisA29/10/20228:30 PM9:00 PMAdvanced
14000SaturdayRein NabarMainstream9/10/20228:40 PM8:50 PMMain Hall
14100SaturdayJaye FitchPlus High Energy9/10/20228:40 PM8:50 PMSquares 2
14200SaturdayJoe GoinsMainstream9/10/20228:50 PM9:00 PMMain Hall
14300SaturdaySteve AveryPlus High Energy9/10/20228:50 PM9:00 PMSquares 2
14400SaturdayTravis CookPlus9/10/20229:00 PM9:10 PMMain Hall
14500SaturdayGreg HatmakerMainstream9/10/20229:00 PM9:10 PMSquares 2
14600SaturdayDarrin HenryA29/10/20229:00 PM9:30 PMAdvanced
14700SaturdayScott BrownPlus9/10/20229:10 PM9:20 PMMain Hall
14800SaturdayJarret WilhoitMainstream9/10/20229:10 PM9:20 PMSquares 2
14900SaturdayVictoria BundyPlus9/10/20229:20 PM9:30 PMMain Hall
15000SaturdayBill GarrisonMainstream9/10/20229:20 PM9:30 PMSquares 2
15100SaturdayTom DavisPlus9/10/20229:30 PM9:40 PMMain Hall
15200SaturdayTim LawhornMainstream9/10/20229:30 PM9:40 PMSquares 2
15300SaturdayTravis CookA29/10/20229:30 PM10:00 PMAdvanced
15400SaturdayKristy WilliamsPlus9/10/20229:40 PM9:50 PMMain Hall
15500SaturdayChuck WoodsMainstream9/10/20229:40 PM9:50 PMSquares 2
15600SaturdayDarrin HenryPlus9/10/20229:50 PM10:00 PMMain Hall
15700SaturdayDoug ClineMainstream9/10/20229:50 PM10:00 PMSquares 2
15800SaturdayScott Brown, Shawn Brown, Lisa MintonMainstream9/10/202210:00 PM10:10 PMMain Hall
15900SaturdayKristy Williams, Chuck Woods, Travis Cook, Wes FentonMainstream9/10/202210:10 PM10:20 PMMain Hall
16000SaturdayFinale - All StaffMainstream9/10/202210:30 PM10:40 PMMain Hall

2022 Tennessee State Convention

37002-FriMarty NorthrupExperienced Plus DBD8/5/202210:00 AM10:20 AMBallroom A
38002-FriKen DiesburgMS High Energy8/5/202210:00 AM10:10 AMBallroom C
39002-FriTom DavisSSD8/5/202210:00 AM10:10 AMBallroom D
40002-FriDan CampbellPlus8/5/202210:00 AM10:10 AMMills Auditorium
41002-FriKen BurkeAdvanced8/5/202210:00 AM10:20 AMMills Rooms 1 & 2
42002-FriAlan HallMS High Energy8/5/202210:10 AM10:20 AMBallroom C
43002-FriTravis CookSSD8/5/202210:10 AM10:20 AMBallroom D
44002-FriRonnie LangleyPlus8/5/202210:10 AM10:20 AMMills Auditorium
45002-FriTom MillerExperienced Plus DBD8/5/202210:20 AM10:40 AMBallroom A
46002-FriPam CourtsMS High Energy8/5/202210:20 AM10:30 AMBallroom C
47002-FriJohn MillerSSD8/5/202210:20 AM10:30 AMBallroom D
48002-FriEdward PabstPlus8/5/202210:20 AM10:30 AMMills Auditorium
49002-FriDarrin HenryAdvanced8/5/202210:20 AM10:40 AMMills Rooms 1 & 2
50002-FriChris BurchfieldMS High Energy8/5/202210:30 AM10:40 AMBallroom C
51002-FriTed KennedySSD8/5/202210:30 AM10:40 AMBallroom D
52002-FriBill SalleyPlus8/5/202210:30 AM10:40 AMMills Auditorium
53002-FriKen PerkinsMS High Energy8/5/202210:40 AM10:50 AMBallroom C
54002-FriPaul HenzeSSD8/5/202210:40 AM10:50 AMBallroom D
55002-FriLarry BelcherPlus8/5/202210:40 AM10:50 AMMills Auditorium
56002-FriMike HooseExperienced Plus DBD8/5/202210:40 AM11:00 AMBallroom A
57002-FriTravis CookAdvanced8/5/202210:40 AM11:00 AMMills Rooms 1 & 2
58002-FriRod BarngroverMS High Energy8/5/202210:50 AM11:00 AMBallroom C
59002-FriKen BurkeSSD8/5/202210:50 AM11:00 AMBallroom D
60002-FriRobert FergusonPlus8/5/202210:50 AM11:00 AMMills Auditorium
61002-FriAmanda SkidmorePlus DBD Intro8/5/202211:00 AM11:20 AMMills Auditorium
62002-FriKristy WilliamsSingles Dance8/5/202211:00 AM11:15 AMBallroom A
63002-FriLines8/5/202211:00 AM12:00 PMBallroom C
64002-FriGreg HatmakerMainstream8/5/202211:00 AM11:10 AMBallroom D
65002-FriTed KennedyAdvanced8/5/202211:00 AM11:20 AMMills Rooms 1 & 2
66002-FriVictoria BundyMainstream8/5/202211:10 AM11:20 AMBallroom D
67002-FriAlan HallSingles Dance8/5/202211:15 AM11:30 AMBallroom A
68002-FriMarty NorthrupAdvanced8/5/202211:20 AM11:40 AMMills Rooms 1 & 2
69002-FriJaye FitchMainstream8/5/202211:20 AM11:30 AMBallroom D
70002-FriChris BurchfieldPlus DBD Intro8/5/202211:20 AM11:40 AMMills Auditorium
71002-FriTravis CookSingles Dance8/5/202211:30 AM11:45 AMBallroom A
72002-FriJoe GoinsMainstream8/5/202211:30 AM11:40 AMBallroom D
73002-FriTom DavisAdvanced8/5/202211:40 AM12:00 PMMills Rooms 1 & 2
74002-FriRobert FergusonMainstream8/5/202211:40 AM11:50 AMBallroom D
75002-FriKen BurkePlus DBD Intro8/5/202211:40 AM12:00 PMMills Auditorium
76002-FriPam CourtsSingles Dance8/5/202211:45 AM12:00 PMBallroom A
77002-FriChuck WoodsMainstream8/5/202211:50 AM12:00 PMBallroom D
78002-FriGary ShoemakePlus8/5/20221:00 PM1:10 PMBallroom A
79002-FriLines8/5/20221:00 PM2:00 PMBallroom C
80002-FriChuck WoodsMS Singing Call8/5/20221:00 PM1:10 PMBallroom D
81002-FriBill SalleyIntro to Hex8/5/20221:00 PM2:00 PMMills Auditorium
82002-FriRod BarngroverA18/5/20221:00 PM1:20 PMMills Rooms 1 & 2
83002-FriGreg HatmakerPlus8/5/20221:10 PM1:20 PMBallroom A
84002-FriRonnie Langley, Alan HallMS Singing Call8/5/20221:10 PM1:20 PMBallroom D
85002-FriSam RowanPlus8/5/20221:20 PM1:30 PMBallroom A
86002-FriRob BairdMS Singing Call8/5/20221:20 PM1:30 PMBallroom D
87002-FriJet RobertsA18/5/20221:20 PM1:40 PMMills Rooms 1 & 2
88002-FriVictoria BundyPlus8/5/20221:30 PM1:40 PMBallroom A
89002-FriKen DiesburgMS Singing Call8/5/20221:30 PM1:40 PMBallroom D
90002-FriDan NordbyePlus8/5/20221:40 PM1:50 PMBallroom A
91002-FriDan CampbellMS Singing Call8/5/20221:40 PM1:50 PMBallroom D
92002-FriDarrin HenryA18/5/20221:40 PM2:00 PMMills Rooms 1 & 2
93002-FriKen PerkinsPlus8/5/20221:50 PM2:00 PMBallroom A
94002-FriMS Singing Call8/5/20221:50 PM2:00 PMBallroom D
95002-FriJoe GoinsPlus8/5/20222:00 PM2:10 PMBallroom A
96002-FriJet RobertsHot Hash8/5/20222:00 PM2:10 PMBallroom C
97002-FriTravis CookSSD8/5/20222:00 PM2:10 PMBallroom D
98002-FriTom DavisExperienced Hex8/5/20222:00 PM2:30 PMMills Auditorium
99002-FriNick HartleyAdvanced8/5/20222:00 PM2:20 PMMills Rooms 1 & 2
100002-FriEdward PabstPlus8/5/20222:10 PM2:20 PMBallroom A
101002-FriPaul HenzeHot Hash8/5/20222:10 PM2:20 PMBallroom C
250003-SatYard Sales Set Up8/6/20228:45 AM9:00 AMMills Auditorium
102002-FriJohn MillerSSD8/5/20222:10 PM2:20 PMBallroom D
251003-SatYard Sale8/6/20229:00 AM10:00 AMMills Auditorium
103002-FriRobert FergusonPlus8/5/20222:20 PM2:30 PMBallroom A
252003-SatKristy WilliamsHot Hash8/6/202210:00 AM10:10 AMBallroom A
104002-FriChuck WoodsHot Hash8/5/20222:20 PM2:30 PMBallroom C
253003-SatSewing Clinic8/6/202210:00 AM10:45 AMBallroom C
105002-FriTed KennedySSD8/5/20222:20 PM2:30 PMBallroom D
254003-SatJohn MillerSSD8/6/202210:00 AM10:10 AMBallroom D
106002-FriTom MillerAdvanced8/5/20222:20 PM2:40 PMMills Rooms 1 & 2
255003-SatYard Sale Cleanup8/6/202210:00 AM10:45 AMMills Auditorium
107002-FriJaye FitchPlus8/5/20222:30 PM2:40 PMBallroom A
256003-SatMarty NorthrupAdvanced8/6/202210:00 AM10:20 AMMills Rooms 1 & 2
108002-FriMike HooseHot Hash8/5/20222:30 PM2:40 PMBallroom C
257003-SatPaul HenzeHot Hash8/6/202210:10 AM10:20 AMBallroom A
109002-FriAmanda Skidmore, Kristy WilliamsMainstream8/5/20222:30 PM2:40 PMBallroom D
258003-SatJustin RussellSSD8/6/202210:10 AM10:20 AMBallroom D
110002-FriBill SalleyExperienced Hex8/5/20222:30 PM3:00 PMMills Auditorium
259003-SatChris BurchfieldHot Hash8/6/202210:20 AM10:30 AMBallroom A
111002-FriChris BurchfieldPlus8/5/20222:40 PM2:50 PMBallroom A
260003-SatJet RobertsSSD8/6/202210:20 AM10:30 AMBallroom D
112002-FriNick HartleyHot Hash8/5/20222:40 PM2:50 PMBallroom C
261003-SatTravis CookAdvanced8/6/202210:20 AM10:40 AMMills Rooms 1 & 2
113002-FriJarret Wilhoit, Paul HenzeMainstream8/5/20222:40 PM2:50 PMBallroom D
262003-SatAlan HallHot Hash8/6/202210:30 AM10:40 AMBallroom A
114002-FriKen BurkeAdvanced8/5/20222:40 PM3:00 PMMills Rooms 1 & 2
263003-SatTom DavisSSD8/6/202210:30 AM10:40 AMBallroom D
115002-FriAlan HallPlus8/5/20222:50 PM3:00 PMBallroom A
264003-SatLarry BelcherHot Hash8/6/202210:40 AM10:50 AMBallroom A
116002-FriLarry BelcherHot Hash8/5/20222:50 PM3:00 PMBallroom C
265003-SatKen BurkeSSD8/6/202210:40 AM10:50 AMBallroom D
117002-FriDan NordbyeMainstream8/5/20222:50 PM3:00 PMBallroom D
266003-SatDarrin HenryAdvanced8/6/202210:40 AM11:00 AMMills Rooms 1 & 2
118002-FriRonnie LangleyEarthquake Shake, Grand Square Cloverleaf8/5/20223:00 PM3:20 PMBallroom A
267003-SatSewing Clinic Cleanup8/6/202210:45 AM11:00 AMBallroom C
119002-FriTravis CookC18/5/20223:00 PM3:30 PMBallroom C
268003-SatFashion Show Practice8/6/202210:45 AM11:00 AMMills Auditorium
120002-FriMike HooseMS Easy Plus Workshop8/5/20223:00 PM3:20 PMBallroom D
269003-SatRod BarngroverHot Hash8/6/202210:50 AM11:00 AMBallroom A
121002-FriVictoria BundyPlus8/5/20223:00 PM3:10 PMMills Auditorium
270003-SatPaul HenzeSSD8/6/202210:50 AM11:00 AMBallroom D
122002-FriTed KennedyAdvanced8/5/20223:00 PM3:20 PMMills Rooms 1 & 2
271003-SatTed Kennedy, Ken DiesburgPlus8/6/202211:00 AM11:10 AMBallroom A
123002-FriRod BarngroverPlus8/5/20223:10 PM3:20 PMMills Auditorium
272003-SatGreg HatmakerMS Singing Call8/6/202211:00 AM11:10 AMBallroom D
124002-FriKen BurkeProgressive Squares8/5/20223:20 PM3:40 PMBallroom A
273003-SatJet RobertsAdvanced8/6/202211:00 AM11:20 AMMills Rooms 1 & 2
125002-FriAmanda SkidmoreMS Easy Plus Workshop8/5/20223:20 PM3:40 PMBallroom D
274003-SatLines8/6/202211:00 AM12:00 PMBallroom C
126002-FriDarrin Henry, Nick HartleyPlus8/5/20223:20 PM3:30 PMMills Auditorium
275003-SatFashion Show8/6/202211:00 AM12:00 PMMills Auditorium
127002-FriJet RobertsAdvanced8/5/20223:20 PM3:40 PMMills Rooms 1 & 2
276003-SatMike HoosePlus8/6/202211:10 AM11:20 AMBallroom A
128002-FriTom DavisC18/5/20223:30 PM4:00 PMBallroom C
277003-SatJoe GoinsMS Singing Call8/6/202211:10 AM11:20 AMBallroom D
129002-FriRob BairdPlus8/5/20223:30 PM3:40 PMMills Auditorium
278003-SatMarty NorthrupPlus8/6/202211:20 AM11:30 AMBallroom A
130002-FriTom MillerArky Squares8/5/20223:40 PM4:00 PMBallroom A
279003-SatDan CampbellMS Singing Call8/6/202211:20 AM11:30 AMBallroom D
131002-FriPam CourtsMS Easy Plus Workshop8/5/20223:40 PM4:00 PMBallroom D
280003-SatTom MillerAdvanced8/6/202211:20 AM11:40 AMMills Rooms 1 & 2
132002-FriGreg HatmakerPlus8/5/20223:40 PM3:50 PMMills Auditorium
281003-SatAmanda SkidmorePlus8/6/202211:30 AM11:40 AMBallroom A
133002-FriMarty NorthrupAdvanced8/5/20223:40 PM4:00 PMMills Rooms 1 & 2
282003-SatVictoria BundyMS Singing Call8/6/202211:30 AM11:40 AMBallroom D
134002-FriEdward PabstHot Hash8/5/20224:00 PM4:10 PMBallroom A
283003-SatKen PerkinsPlus8/6/202211:40 AM11:50 AMBallroom A
135002-FriPhase II & III Rounds8/5/20224:00 PM5:00 PMBallroom C
284003-SatGary Shoemake, Rob BairdMS Singing Call8/6/202211:40 AM11:50 AMBallroom D
136002-FriPaul HenzeSSD Singing Call8/5/20224:00 PM4:10 PMBallroom D
285003-SatTed KennedyAdvanced8/6/202211:40 AM12:00 PMMills Rooms 1 & 2
137002-FriKen DiesburgPlus Workshop8/5/20224:00 PM4:20 PMMills Auditorium
286003-SatJet RobertsPlus8/6/202211:50 AM12:00 PMBallroom A
138002-FriDarrin HenryAdvanced8/5/20224:00 PM4:30 PMMills Rooms 1 & 2
287003-SatLarry BelcherMS Singing Call8/6/202211:50 AM12:00 PMBallroom D
139002-FriKristy WilliamsHot Hash8/5/20224:10 PM4:20 PMBallroom A
288003-SatTravis CookC18/6/20221:00 PM1:30 PMBallroom C
140002-FriKen BurkeSSD Singing Call8/5/20224:10 PM4:20 PMBallroom D
289003-SatSteve KopmanProgressive Squares8/6/20221:00 PM2:00 PMMills Auditorium
141002-FriTed KennedyHot Hash8/5/20224:20 PM4:30 PMBallroom A
290003-SatVictoria BundyPlus8/6/20221:00 PM1:10 PMBallroom A
142002-FriJohn MillerSSD Singing Call8/5/20224:20 PM4:30 PMBallroom D
291003-SatTed KennedySSD8/6/20221:00 PM1:10 PMBallroom D
143002-FriKen PerkinsPlus Workshop8/5/20224:20 PM4:40 PMMills Auditorium
292003-SatNick HartleyAdvanced8/6/20221:00 PM1:20 PMMills Rooms 1 & 2
144002-FriNick HartleyHot Hash8/5/20224:30 PM4:40 PMBallroom A
293003-SatChuck Woods, Darrin HenryPlus8/6/20221:10 PM1:20 PMBallroom A
145002-FriGary ShoemakeMS Singing Call8/5/20224:30 PM4:40 PMBallroom D
294003-SatPaul HenzeSSD8/6/20221:10 PM1:20 PMBallroom D
146002-FriTom MillerIntro to C18/5/20224:30 PM5:00 PMMills Rooms 1 & 2
295003-SatGary ShoemakePlus8/6/20221:20 PM1:30 PMBallroom A
147002-FriSam RowanHot Hash8/5/20224:40 PM4:50 PMBallroom A
296003-SatJohn MillerSSD8/6/20221:20 PM1:30 PMBallroom D
148002-FriJarret Wilhoit, Dan CampbellMS Singing Call8/5/20224:40 PM4:50 PMBallroom D
297003-SatKen BurkeAdvanced8/6/20221:20 PM1:40 PMMills Rooms 1 & 2
149002-FriRonnie LangleyPlus Workshop8/5/20224:40 PM5:00 PMMills Auditorium
298003-SatRob BairdPlus8/6/20221:30 PM1:40 PMBallroom A
150002-FriChris BurchfieldHot Hash8/5/20224:50 PM5:00 PMBallroom A
299003-SatTom MillerC18/6/20221:30 PM2:00 PMBallroom C
151002-FriJoe GoinsMS Singing Call8/5/20224:50 PM5:00 PMBallroom D
300003-SatBill SalleyMainstream8/6/20221:30 PM1:40 PMBallroom D
152002-FriOpening Ceremonies8/5/20226:45 PM7:00 PMMills Auditorium
301003-SatRonnie LangleyPlus8/6/20221:40 PM1:50 PMBallroom A
153002-FriDarrin Henry, Nick HartleyLive Band: Opening Tip8/5/20227:00 PM7:10 PMMills Auditorium
302003-SatDarrin HenryMainstream8/6/20221:40 PM1:50 PMBallroom D
154002-FriKen Diesburg, Dan CampbellLive Band: Mainstream, Mainstream8/5/20227:10 PM7:20 PMMills Auditorium
303003-SatJustin RussellAdvanced8/6/20221:40 PM2:00 PMMills Rooms 1 & 2
155002-FriPaul Henze, Chuck WoodsPlus8/5/20227:15 PM7:30 PMBallroom A
304003-SatPam CourtsPlus8/6/20221:50 PM2:00 PMBallroom A
156002-FriTom MillerC18/5/20227:15 PM7:40 PMBallroom C
305003-SatDan Campbell, Jarret WilhoitMainstream8/6/20221:50 PM2:00 PMBallroom D
157002-FriTed Kennedy, Travis CookSSD8/5/20227:15 PM7:30 PMBallroom D
306003-SatTed KennedyIntro to A8/6/20222:00 PM2:20 PMBallroom A
158002-FriJustin RussellAdvanced8/5/20227:15 PM7:30 PMMills Rooms 1 & 2
307003-SatRobert FergusonMainstream8/6/20222:00 PM2:10 PMBallroom D
159002-FriMike Hoose, Pam CourtsLive Band: Mainstream, Mainstream8/5/20227:20 PM7:30 PMMills Auditorium
308003-SatTom DavisExperienced Hex8/6/20222:00 PM3:00 PMBallroom C
160002-FriRounds8/5/20227:30 PM7:40 PMBallroom A
309003-SatEdward PabstHot Hash8/6/20222:00 PM2:10 PMMills Auditorium
161002-FriLines8/5/20227:30 PM7:40 PMBallroom D
310003-SatMarty NorthrupAdvanced8/6/20222:00 PM2:20 PMMills Rooms 1 & 2
162002-FriAmanda Skidmore, Ronnie LangleyLive Band: Mainstream, Mainstream8/5/20227:30 PM7:40 PMMills Auditorium
311003-SatKen DiesburgMainstream8/6/20222:10 PM2:20 PMBallroom D
163002-FriJet RobertsAdvanced8/5/20227:30 PM7:45 PMMills Rooms 1 & 2
312003-SatSteve KopmanHot Hash8/6/20222:10 PM2:20 PMMills Auditorium
164002-FriMarty Northrup, Rob BairdPlus8/5/20227:40 PM7:50 PMBallroom A
313003-SatJaye FitchMainstream8/6/20222:20 PM2:30 PMBallroom D
165002-FriTom DavisC18/5/20227:40 PM8:00 PMBallroom C
314003-SatNick HartleyIntro to A8/6/20222:20 PM2:40 PMBallroom A
166002-FriKen BurkeSSD8/5/20227:40 PM7:50 PMBallroom D
315003-SatSam RowanHot Hash8/6/20222:20 PM2:30 PMMills Auditorium
167002-FriJoe Goins, Greg HatmakerLive Band: Mainstream, Mainstream8/5/20227:40 PM7:50 PMMills Auditorium
316003-SatDarrin HenryAdvanced8/6/20222:20 PM2:40 PMMills Rooms 1 & 2
168002-FriTravis CookAdvanced8/5/20227:45 PM8:00 PMMills Rooms 1 & 2
317003-SatChris BurchfieldMainstream8/6/20222:30 PM2:40 PMBallroom D
169002-FriVictoria BundyPlus8/5/20227:50 PM8:00 PMBallroom A
318003-SatMike HooseHot Hash8/6/20222:30 PM2:40 PMMills Auditorium
170002-FriJohn MillerSSD8/5/20227:50 PM8:00 PMBallroom D
319003-SatJustin RussellIntro to A8/6/20222:40 PM3:00 PMBallroom A
171002-FriDarrin Henry, Justin RussellLive Band: Mainstream, Mainstream8/5/20227:50 PM8:00 PMMills Auditorium
320003-SatKen PerkinsMainstream8/6/20222:40 PM2:50 PMBallroom D
172002-FriRounds8/5/20228:00 PM8:10 PMBallroom A
321003-SatPam CourtsHot Hash8/6/20222:40 PM2:50 PMMills Auditorium
173002-FriLines8/5/20228:00 PM8:10 PMBallroom D
322003-SatSteve KopmanAdvanced8/6/20222:40 PM3:00 PMMills Rooms 1 & 2
174002-FriKristy Williams, Ted KennedyLive Band: Mainstream, Mainstream8/5/20228:00 PM8:10 PMMills Auditorium
323003-SatGreg HatmakerMainstream8/6/20222:50 PM3:00 PMBallroom D
175002-FriLines8/5/20228:00 PM10:00 PMBallroom C
324003-SatKen DiesburgHot Hash8/6/20222:50 PM3:00 PMMills Auditorium
176002-FriNick HartleyAdvanced8/5/20228:00 PM8:20 PMMills Rooms 1 & 2
325003-SatSam RowanPlus8/6/20223:00 PM3:10 PMBallroom A
177002-FriKen Perkins, Ken DiesburgPlus8/5/20228:10 PM8:20 PMBallroom A
326003-SatGary Chamberlain, Deanna PalumboIntro to Contra8/6/20223:00 PM5:00 PMBallroom C
178002-FriDan Campbell, Sam RowanMainstream8/5/20228:10 PM8:20 PMBallroom D
327003-SatJohn MillerSSD Singing Call8/6/20223:00 PM3:10 PMBallroom D
179002-FriTom Miller, Robert FergusonLive Band: Mainstream, Mainstream8/5/20228:10 PM8:20 PMMills Auditorium
328003-SatTravis CookRubberband Dancing8/6/20223:00 PM3:20 PMMills Auditorium
180002-FriJaye FitchPlus8/5/20228:20 PM8:30 PMBallroom A
329003-SatJet RobertsAdvanced8/6/20223:00 PM3:20 PMMills Rooms 1 & 2
1001-ThuKen Burke, Tom DavisPlus8/4/20228:00 PM8:10 PMMills Auditorium
181002-FriJarret WilhoitMainstream8/5/20228:20 PM8:30 PMBallroom D
330003-SatRobert FergusonPlus8/6/20223:10 PM3:20 PMBallroom A
2001-ThuMike Hoose, Pam CourtsMS Singing Call8/4/20228:00 PM8:10 PMBallroom C/D
182002-FriTravis Cook, Justin RussellLive Band: Mainstream, Mainstream8/5/20228:20 PM8:30 PMMills Auditorium
331003-SatTed KennedySSD Singing Call8/6/20223:10 PM3:20 PMBallroom D
3001-ThuJustin RussellPlus8/4/20228:10 PM8:20 PMMills Auditorium
183002-FriDan NordbyeAdvanced8/5/20228:20 PM8:40 PMMills Rooms 1 & 2
332003-SatKristy WilliamsPlus8/6/20223:20 PM3:30 PMBallroom A
4001-ThuTed Kennedy, Nick HartleyMS Singing Call8/4/20228:10 PM8:20 PMBallroom C/D
184002-FriRounds8/5/20228:30 PM8:40 PMBallroom A
333003-SatKen BurkeSSD Singing Call8/6/20223:20 PM3:30 PMBallroom D
5001-ThuVictoria BundyPlus8/4/20228:20 PM8:30 PMMills Auditorium
185002-FriLines8/5/20228:30 PM8:40 PMBallroom D
334003-SatDan CampbellRetro Calls8/6/20223:20 PM3:40 PMMills Auditorium
6001-ThuLines8/4/20228:20 PM8:30 PMBallroom C/D
186002-FriTom Davis, Ken BurkeLive Band: Mainstream, Mainstream8/5/20228:30 PM8:40 PMMills Auditorium
335003-SatTom DavisAdvanced8/6/20223:20 PM3:40 PMMills Rooms 1 & 2
7001-ThuAlan HallPlus8/4/20228:30 PM8:40 PMMills Auditorium
187002-FriChris Burchfield, Edward PabstPlus8/5/20228:40 PM8:50 PMBallroom A
336003-SatMike Hoose, Steve KopmanPlus8/6/20223:30 PM3:40 PMBallroom A
8001-ThuKen Diesburg, John Miller, Paul HenzeMS Singing Call8/4/20228:30 PM8:40 PMBallroom C/D
188002-FriBill SalleyMainstream8/5/20228:40 PM8:50 PMBallroom D
337003-SatRonnie LangleyMS Singing Call8/6/20223:30 PM3:40 PMBallroom D
9001-ThuJaye Fitch, Chris BurchfieldPlus8/4/20228:40 PM8:50 PMMills Auditorium
189002-FriAlan Hall, Jet RobertsLive Band: Mainstream, Mainstream8/5/20228:40 PM8:50 PMMills Auditorium
338003-SatRod BarngroverPlus8/6/20223:40 PM3:50 PMBallroom A
10001-ThuJoe Goins, Greg HatmakerMS Singing Call8/4/20228:40 PM8:50 PMBallroom C/D
190002-FriTed KennedyAdvanced8/5/20228:40 PM9:00 PMMills Rooms 1 & 2
339003-SatJarret WilhoitMS Singing Call8/6/20223:40 PM3:50 PMBallroom D
11001-ThuMike HoosePlus8/4/20228:50 PM9:00 PMMills Auditorium
191002-FriJoe Goins, Greg HatmakerPlus8/5/20228:50 PM9:00 PMBallroom A
340003-SatNick Hartley6 Couple Dancing8/6/20223:40 PM4:00 PMMills Auditorium
12001-ThuLines8/4/20228:50 PM9:00 PMBallroom C/D
192002-FriRob Baird, Rod BarngroverMainstream8/5/20228:50 PM9:00 PMBallroom D
341003-SatTom MillerAdvanced8/6/20223:40 PM4:00 PMMills Rooms 1 & 2
13001-ThuAmanda Skidmore, Marty NorthrupPlus8/4/20229:00 PM9:10 PMMills Auditorium
193002-FriKen Diesburg, Ronnie LangleyLive Band: Mainstream, Mainstream8/5/20228:50 PM9:00 PMMills Auditorium
342003-SatBill SalleyPlus8/6/20223:50 PM4:00 PMBallroom A
14001-ThuVictoria Bundy, Robert FergusonMS Singing Call8/4/20229:00 PM9:10 PMBallroom C/D
194002-FriRounds8/5/20229:00 PM9:10 PMBallroom A
343003-SatEdward PabstMS Singing Call8/6/20223:50 PM4:00 PMBallroom D
15001-ThuPaul HenzePlus8/4/20229:10 PM9:20 PMMills Auditorium
195002-FriLines8/5/20229:00 PM9:10 PMBallroom D
344003-SatLines8/6/20224:00 PM5:00 PMBallroom A
16001-ThuAlan Hall, Ronnie LangleyMS Singing Call8/4/20229:10 PM9:20 PMBallroom C/D
196002-FriMike Hoose, Tom MillerMainstream8/5/20229:00 PM9:20 PMMills Auditorium
345003-SatAmanda SkidmoreMainstream8/6/20224:00 PM4:10 PMBallroom D
17001-ThuJoe GoinsPlus8/4/20229:20 PM9:30 PMMills Auditorium
197002-FriTom DavisAdvanced8/5/20229:00 PM9:20 PMMills Rooms 1 & 2
346003-SatJoe GoinsPlus8/6/20224:00 PM4:10 PMMills Auditorium
18001-ThuLines8/4/20229:20 PM9:30 PMBallroom C/D
198002-FriDan Campbell, Larry BelcherPlus8/5/20229:10 PM9:20 PMBallroom A
347003-SatTravis CookAdvanced8/6/20224:00 PM4:20 PMMills Rooms 1 & 2
19001-ThuRod Barngrover, Nick HartleyPlus8/4/20229:30 PM9:40 PMMills Auditorium
199002-FriPaul HenzeSSD8/5/20229:10 PM9:20 PMBallroom D
348003-SatRob BairdMainstream8/6/20224:10 PM4:20 PMBallroom D
20001-ThuDan Nordbye, Mike HooseMS Singing Call8/4/20229:30 PM9:40 PMBallroom C/D
200002-FriRobert Ferguson, Jet RobertsLive Band: Plus, Plus8/5/20229:20 PM9:30 PMMills Auditorium
349003-SatLarry BelcherPlus8/6/20224:10 PM4:20 PMMills Auditorium
21001-ThuKen Perkins, Bill SalleyPlus8/4/20229:40 PM9:50 PMMills Auditorium
201002-FriKen BurkeAdvanced8/5/20229:20 PM9:40 PMMills Rooms 1 & 2
350003-SatJaye FitchMainstream8/6/20224:20 PM4:30 PMBallroom D
22001-ThuJaye Fitch, Dan CampbellMS Singing Call8/4/20229:40 PM9:50 PMBallroom C/D
202002-FriAmanda Skidmore, Ronnie LangleyPlus8/5/20229:20 PM9:30 PMBallroom A
351003-SatVictoria BundyPlus8/6/20224:20 PM4:30 PMMills Auditorium
23001-ThuRobert FergusonPlus8/4/20229:50 PM10:00 PMMills Auditorium
203002-FriJohn MillerSSD8/5/20229:20 PM9:30 PMBallroom D
352003-SatSteve KopmanAdvanced8/6/20224:20 PM4:40 PMMills Rooms 1 & 2
24001-ThuLines8/4/20229:50 PM10:00 PMBallroom C/D
204002-FriJoe Goins, Greg HatmakerLive Band: Plus, Plus8/5/20229:30 PM9:40 PMMills Auditorium
353003-SatRod BarngroverMainstream8/6/20224:30 PM4:40 PMBallroom D
25001-ThuGreg HatmakerPlus8/4/202210:00 PM10:10 PMMills Auditorium
205002-FriRounds8/5/20229:30 PM9:40 PMBallroom A
354003-SatEdward PabstPlus8/6/20224:30 PM4:40 PMMills Auditorium
26001-ThuTravis Cook, Justin RussellMS Singing Call8/4/202210:00 PM10:10 PMBallroom C/D
206002-FriLines8/5/20229:30 PM9:40 PMBallroom D
355003-SatGary ShoemakeMainstream8/6/20224:40 PM4:50 PMBallroom D
27001-ThuDan CampbellPlus8/4/202210:10 PM10:20 PMMills Auditorium
207002-FriPam Courts, Travis CookLive Band: Plus, Plus8/5/20229:40 PM9:50 PMMills Auditorium
356003-SatChris Burchfield, Justin RussellPlus8/6/20224:40 PM4:50 PMMills Auditorium
28001-ThuBill Salley, Marty NorthrupMS Singing Call8/4/202210:10 PM10:20 PMBallroom C/D
208002-FriMarty NorthrupAdvanced8/5/20229:40 PM10:00 PMMills Rooms 1 & 2
357003-SatKen BurkeAdvanced8/6/20224:40 PM5:00 PMMills Rooms 1 & 2
29001-ThuKen DiesburgPlus8/4/202210:20 PM10:30 PMMills Auditorium
209002-FriBill SalleyPlus8/5/20229:40 PM9:50 PMBallroom A
358003-SatAlan HallMainstream8/6/20224:50 PM5:00 PMBallroom D
30001-ThuLines8/4/202210:20 PM10:30 PMBallroom C/D
210002-FriTom DavisSSD8/5/20229:40 PM9:50 PMBallroom D
359003-SatDan CampbellPlus8/6/20224:50 PM5:00 PMMills Auditorium
31001-ThuRonnie LangleyPlus8/4/202210:30 PM10:40 PMMills Auditorium
211002-FriDarrin Henry, Mike HooseLive Band: Plus, Plus8/5/20229:50 PM10:00 PMMills Auditorium
360003-SatGrand March Line Up8/6/20226:50 PM7:00 PMMills Auditorium
32001-ThuKen Burke, Chris BurchfieldMS Singing Call8/4/202210:30 PM10:40 PMBallroom C/D
212002-FriRobert Ferguson, Larry BelcherPlus8/5/20229:50 PM10:00 PMBallroom A
361003-SatGrand March / Opening Ceremonies8/6/20227:00 PM7:30 PMMills Auditorium
33001-ThuTed Kennedy, Dan NordbyePlus8/4/202210:40 PM10:50 PMMills Auditorium
213002-FriJustin RussellSSD8/5/20229:50 PM10:00 PMBallroom D
362003-SatJoe Goins, Mike HooseLive Band: Opening Tip8/6/20227:30 PM7:40 PMMills Auditorium
34001-ThuRod Barngrover, Ken PerkinsMS Singing Call8/4/202210:40 PM10:50 PMBallroom C/D
214002-FriJet RobertsAdvanced8/5/202210:00 PM10:20 PMMills Rooms 1 & 2
363003-SatRod BarngroverPlus8/6/20227:40 PM7:50 PMBallroom A
35001-ThuPam Courts, Travis CookPlus8/4/202210:50 PM11:00 PMMills Auditorium
215002-FriKen Diesburg, Ken BurkeLive Band: Plus, Plus8/5/202210:00 PM10:10 PMMills Auditorium
364003-SatTom DavisC18/6/20227:40 PM8:00 PMBallroom C
36001-ThuTom Davis, Amanda SkidmoreMS Singing Call8/4/202210:50 PM11:00 PMBallroom C/D
216002-FriRounds8/5/202210:00 PM10:10 PMBallroom A
365003-SatPaul HenzeSSD8/6/20227:40 PM7:50 PMBallroom D
217002-FriRod BarngroverHot Hash8/5/202210:00 PM10:10 PMBallroom C
366003-SatRonnie Langley, Alan HallLive Band: Mainstream, Mainstream8/6/20227:40 PM7:50 PMMills Auditorium
218002-FriLines8/5/202210:00 PM10:10 PMBallroom D
367003-SatTed KennedyAdvanced8/6/20227:40 PM8:00 PMMills Rooms 1 & 2
219002-FriTom Miller, Kristy WilliamsLive Band: Plus, Plus8/5/202210:10 PM10:20 PMMills Auditorium
368003-SatPam Courts, Tom MillerPlus8/6/20227:50 PM8:00 PMBallroom A
220002-FriChuck Woods, Rob BairdPlus8/5/202210:10 PM10:20 PMBallroom A
369003-SatJet RobertsSSD8/6/20227:50 PM8:00 PMBallroom D
221002-FriKen PerkinsHot Hash8/5/202210:10 PM10:20 PMBallroom C
370003-SatDarrin Henry, Nick Hartley, Travis CookLive Band: Mainstream, Mainstream8/6/20227:50 PM8:00 PMMills Auditorium
222002-FriRonnie Langley, Alan HallMainstream8/5/202210:10 PM10:20 PMBallroom D
371003-SatRounds8/6/20228:00 PM8:10 PMBallroom A
223002-FriDarrin HenryAdvanced8/5/202210:20 PM10:40 PMMills Rooms 1 & 2
372003-SatSteve KopmanC18/6/20228:00 PM8:20 PMBallroom C
224002-FriJustin Russell, Amanda SkidmoreLive Band: Plus, Plus8/5/202210:20 PM10:30 PMMills Auditorium
373003-SatLines8/6/20228:00 PM8:10 PMBallroom D
225002-FriMarty Northrup, Greg HatmakerPlus8/5/202210:20 PM10:30 PMBallroom A
374003-SatJet RobertsAdvanced8/6/20228:00 PM8:20 PMMills Rooms 1 & 2
226002-FriSam RowanHot Hash8/5/202210:20 PM10:30 PMBallroom C
375003-SatJoe Goins, Greg HatmakerLive Band: Mainstream, Mainstream8/6/20228:00 PM8:10 PMMills Auditorium
227002-FriJarret WilhoitMainstream8/5/202210:20 PM10:30 PMBallroom D
376003-SatKen PerkinsPlus8/6/20228:10 PM8:20 PMBallroom A
228002-FriNick Hartley, Ted KennedyLive Band: Plus, Plus8/5/202210:30 PM10:40 PMMills Auditorium
377003-SatJustin RussellSSD8/6/20228:10 PM8:20 PMBallroom D
229002-FriRounds8/5/202210:30 PM10:40 PMBallroom A
378003-SatKen Diesburg, Robert FergusonLive Band: Mainstream, Mainstream8/6/20228:10 PM8:20 PMMills Auditorium
230002-FriPaul HenzeHot Hash8/5/202210:30 PM10:40 PMBallroom C
379003-SatAlan HallPlus8/6/20228:20 PM8:30 PMBallroom A
231002-FriLines8/5/202210:30 PM10:40 PMBallroom D
380003-SatGary ShoemakeDBD8/6/20228:20 PM8:40 PMBallroom C
232002-FriTom MillerAdvanced8/5/202210:40 PM11:00 PMMills Rooms 1 & 2
381003-SatKen BurkeSSD8/6/20228:20 PM8:30 PMBallroom D
233002-FriDan Campbell, Alan HallLive Band: Plus, Plus8/5/202210:40 PM10:50 PMMills Auditorium
382003-SatMarty NorthrupAdvanced8/6/20228:20 PM8:40 PMMills Rooms 1 & 2
234002-FriMike Hoose, Pam CourtsPlus8/5/202210:40 PM10:50 PMBallroom A
383003-SatPam Courts, Mike HooseLive Band: Mainstream, Mainstream8/6/20228:20 PM8:30 PMMills Auditorium
235002-FriLarry BelcherHot Hash8/5/202210:40 PM10:50 PMBallroom C
384003-SatRounds8/6/20228:30 PM8:40 PMBallroom A
236002-FriVictoria BundyMainstream8/5/202210:40 PM10:50 PMBallroom D
385003-SatLines8/6/20228:30 PM8:40 PMBallroom D
237002-FriTravis Cook, Tom DavisLive Band: Plus, Plus8/5/202210:50 PM11:00 PMMills Auditorium
386003-SatDan Campbell, Amanda SkidmoreLive Band: Mainstream, Mainstream8/6/20228:30 PM8:40 PMMills Auditorium
238002-FriKristy Williams, Chuck WoodsPlus8/5/202210:50 PM11:00 PMBallroom A
387003-SatTom Davis, Victoria BundyPlus8/6/20228:40 PM8:50 PMBallroom A
239002-FriChris BurchfieldHot Hash8/5/202210:50 PM11:00 PMBallroom C
388003-SatJustin RussellAdvanced8/6/20228:40 PM9:00 PMMills Rooms 1 & 2
240002-FriEdward Pabst, Sam RowanMainstream8/5/202210:50 PM11:00 PMBallroom D
389003-SatTravis CookDBD8/6/20228:40 PM9:00 PMBallroom C
241002-FriAfter Party8/5/202211:10 PM11:30 PMMills Auditorium
390003-SatJarret Wilhoit, Ronnie LangleyMainstream8/6/20228:40 PM8:50 PMBallroom D
391003-SatTed Kennedy, Kristy WilliamsLive Band: Mainstream, Mainstream8/6/20228:40 PM8:50 PMMills Auditorium
392003-SatKen Diesburg, Paul HenzePlus8/6/20228:50 PM9:00 PMBallroom A
393003-SatJaye FitchMainstream8/6/20228:50 PM9:00 PMBallroom D
394003-SatTom Miller, Darrin HenryLive Band: Mainstream, Mainstream8/6/20228:50 PM9:00 PMMills Auditorium
395003-SatRounds8/6/20229:00 PM9:10 PMBallroom A
396003-SatLines8/6/20229:00 PM9:40 PMBallroom C
397003-SatLines8/6/20229:00 PM9:10 PMBallroom D
398003-SatAlan HallMainstream8/6/20229:00 PM9:20 PMMills Auditorium
399003-SatSteve KopmanAdvanced8/6/20229:00 PM9:20 PMMills Rooms 1 & 2
400003-SatJoe Goins, Greg HatmakerPlus8/6/20229:10 PM9:20 PMBallroom A
401003-SatVictoria Bundy, Kristy WilliamsMainstream8/6/20229:10 PM9:20 PMBallroom D
402003-SatRobert Ferguson, Ronnie LangleyPlus8/6/20229:20 PM9:30 PMBallroom A
403003-SatNick Hartley, Amanda SkidmoreMainstream8/6/20229:20 PM9:30 PMBallroom D
404003-SatKen Burke, Justin RussellLive Band: Plus, Plus8/6/20229:20 PM9:30 PMMills Auditorium
405003-SatTom DavisAdvanced8/6/20229:20 PM9:40 PMMills Rooms 1 & 2
406003-SatRounds8/6/20229:30 PM9:40 PMBallroom A
407003-SatLines8/6/20229:30 PM9:40 PMBallroom D
408003-SatGary Shoemake, Ted KennedyLive Band: Plus, Plus8/6/20229:30 PM9:40 PMMills Auditorium
409003-SatRob BairdPlus8/6/20229:40 PM9:50 PMBallroom A
410003-SatLarry BelcherHot Hash8/6/20229:40 PM9:50 PMBallroom C
411003-SatPaul HenzeSSD8/6/20229:40 PM9:50 PMBallroom D
412003-SatJet Roberts, Ken DiesburgLive Band: Plus, Plus8/6/20229:40 PM9:50 PMMills Auditorium
413003-SatTravis CookAdvanced8/6/20229:40 PM10:00 PMMills Rooms 1 & 2
414003-SatMarty Northrup, Darrin HenryPlus8/6/20229:50 PM10:00 PMBallroom A
415003-SatSteve Kopman, Justin RussellLive Band: Plus, Plus8/6/20229:50 PM10:00 PMMills Auditorium
416003-SatChuck WoodsHot Hash8/6/20229:50 PM10:00 PMBallroom C
417003-SatKen BurkeSSD8/6/20229:50 PM10:00 PMBallroom D
418003-SatMike Hoose, Sam RowanPlus8/6/202210:00 PM10:10 PMBallroom A
419003-SatTom MillerAdvanced8/6/202210:00 PM10:20 PMMills Rooms 1 & 2
420003-SatNick HartleyHot Hash8/6/202210:00 PM10:10 PMBallroom C
421003-SatTed KennedySSD8/6/202210:00 PM10:10 PMBallroom D
422003-SatTom Davis, Jet Roberts, Chris BurchfieldLive Band: Plus, Plus8/6/202210:00 PM10:10 PMMills Auditorium
423003-SatRounds8/6/202210:10 PM10:20 PMBallroom A
424003-SatAmanda Skidmore, Tom DavisLive Band: Plus, Plus8/6/202210:10 PM10:20 PMMills Auditorium
425003-SatPaul HenzeHot Hash8/6/202210:10 PM10:20 PMBallroom C
426003-SatLines8/6/202210:10 PM10:20 PMBallroom D
427003-SatBill SalleyPlus8/6/202210:20 PM10:30 PMBallroom A
428003-SatAlan HallHot Hash8/6/202210:20 PM10:30 PMBallroom C
429003-SatKen BurkeMainstream8/6/202210:20 PM10:30 PMBallroom D
430003-SatRonnie Langley, Dan CampbellLive Band: Plus, Plus8/6/202210:20 PM10:30 PMMills Auditorium
431003-SatDarrin HenryAdvanced8/6/202210:20 PM10:35 PMMills Rooms 1 & 2
432003-SatChris BurchfieldPlus8/6/202210:30 PM10:40 PMBallroom A
433003-SatJet RobertsHot Hash8/6/202210:30 PM10:40 PMBallroom C
434003-SatEdward PabstMainstream8/6/202210:30 PM10:40 PMBallroom D
435003-SatTravis Cook, Kristy WilliamsLive Band: Plus, Plus8/6/202210:30 PM10:40 PMMills Auditorium
436003-SatNick HartleyAdvanced8/6/202210:35 PM10:50 PMMills Rooms 1 & 2
437003-SatChuck WoodsPlus8/6/202210:40 PM10:50 PMBallroom A
438003-SatKen DiesburgHot Hash8/6/202210:40 PM10:50 PMBallroom C
439003-SatGreg HatmakerMainstream8/6/202210:40 PM10:50 PMBallroom D
440003-SatMike Hoose, Gary ShoemakeLive Band: Plus, Plus8/6/202210:40 PM10:50 PMMills Auditorium
441003-SatSteve Kopman, Tom MillerLive Band: Plus, Plus8/6/202210:50 PM11:00 PMMills Auditorium
442003-SatGrand Finale Tip8/6/202211:10 PM11:30 PMMills Auditorium