Online Convention Schedules

Online schedules for your event can be easily be produced at no cost.

Because the schedules are embedded on a webpage, your dancers / leaders don’t need to download an app.  Thus, any mobile device that has a browser can view the schedule, no matter the operating system of the device.  Android, IOS, Windows . . . it doesn’t matter.  As long as their device can reach a web page, it will work.  The schedules are, of course, free of charge to use.

(Have we mentioned what a TREMENDOUS tool this is for your dance leaders to know where they’re supposed to be next?  Sure beats having to scan paper schedules to figure that out.)

At least SEVEN DAYS BEFORE YOUR CONVENTION, submit your schedule as a CSV file.  One row per event.  Include the following information on each row.


Day Of The Week

Leader Name

Dance Level

Start Time

End Time


If you are having a non-traditional convention (see the CALLERLAB example at the bottom of this page), I’ll be happy to work with you to come up with a different data structure than above.

2024 CALLERLAB Dallas

2024 WASCA

2023 Indiana Convention Callers Schedule

2023 Kentucky Convention Callers Schedule

2023 Tennessee Convention Callers Schedule

2023 Ohio Callers Schedule