Square Dance Tech and Ray have done a great job supporting the activity with innovation and further merging us into the electronic world. His vision in web site design goes beyond just posting a flyer. His web sites are interactive with schedules, online payment opportunities, information, archiving events through photography and video, and more. From the business aspect of being a square dance entertainer, he has provided me a tool for marketing and promoting to both the Square Dance population and non-dancing public. And now we’re working together to create an online presence for providing resources and education material for callers. Keep up the good work!!
When we originally started planning for the 59th Ohio State Convention we investigated websites and what we needed to do to start one up. Ray stepped in and offered his assistance. Let me tell you we couldn't have done it without him.
First, he built the website and continually updated it; sometimes on an hourly basis!
With his help we were able to offer online registration, online dance schedules, marketing email lists, real-time video feeds, and photo uploads.
Ray was a wonderful addition to our committee and a joy to work with. We gave him free rein and he came up with stuff we never thought was possible.
Ray has taken our club into the 21st Century with ecommerce. He updated our website so we can now accept on-line payments for membership dues and lessons. No need to print forms, write checks or find a stamp! We can accept credit card payments at a dance. With Ray's diligence, we have an account with Square (zero cost), a card reader, and our own dedicated smart phone to process payments. Payments are deposited into our club checking account the next day. No monthly fees, just a 2.75% transaction fee. It's great to work with someone who is getting us out of our box!!​
Wow! Look what we did! Thanks Ray, you made the process of designing our new website easy and seamless. I thought it would be a lot harder and take so much time. You made the process smooth and answered all my questions in understandable terms. We now have a modern beautiful website which will help us grow Square Dancing in our area. Thanks again Ray, I would recommend you to anyone!
Ray has done an amazing job helping the square dance community enter the world of 21st century technology. Not only in central Ohio but throughout the Tri-state area and beyond. We are now able to pay for dances online, as well as selling shirts and merchandise with the ease and convenience of merely going to the website and ordering - no cash or checks involved!​
Ray Owens is very knowledgeable with marketing, computers and ecommerce. It is nice to have someone so knowledgeable helping to promote our whole activity from Western, Traditional / Eastern, Line, Round & Contra. Ray has helped me promote my information as as a Square Dance Entertainer, helping dancers and non-dancers alike join me at events of interest to them.
Ray Owens has been a great asset to the Westerville Promenaders. He offered to update and modernize our website. Ray took many photos and videos at our dances and within a very short time had constructed a very attractive and informative site. We have received many compliments and are quite pleased with his efforts. We look forward to working with him in the future and highly recommend him.